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Diamond Consciousness
Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis)
by Q
Citation:   Q. "Diamond Consciousness: An Experience with Ayahuasca (B. caapi & P. viridis) (exp9706)". Sep 30, 2001.

  oral Ayahuasca (tea)
Hello fellow dreamers!

I'll be trying to describe my first ayahuasca dream here, from preparation to consumption & effects. I feel this is just a small bit of experience/knowledge which should be shared, something to leave to people who are eager to learn. I myself thank a lot of friends I met online which helped me into it! Thanks, I really love the community feeling of it all. Well, let's get it on, I have a nice dream to share...

... after I recieved my first order of ayahuasca plants, I took the advise of many to use the Caapi/Viridis combo, to produce the real 'Vine of the Soul' experience. I decided on using somewhere around 50g Caapi and 36-40g Viridis.

The measures are rough. I broke a 100g Caapi stick into two. I divided 100g Viridis into 5.5 cups of roughly equal weight/volume and used 2 cups of it.
I put the Viridis in a blender, which didn't result a fine powder at all... the leaves were just broken down to really small peaces, an average of 1cm^2 I'd say. I let the leaves soak in 1liter of water with 1g of ground up Vitamin C added, for two days - shaking once in a while.

The Caapi was a little more rough ... I hammered it a little, just into 7-8 larger pieces and also let them sit in 1l of water with 1g of Vit C added - for one day. After that I took it out of the water and hammered it to A LOT of little fibres/strings, most of which I had to take by hand out of the little sticks. I put this back into the water/Vit.C solution to soak for another couple of hours.

Next, I put the Viridis/Caapi water/plant combos into two different pots, added 1g of Vitamin C to each and let them boil lightly for 3-4 hours, stiring once in a while. After this was finished, I ran into a problem of filtering the plant material. The Caapi went along fine, but the Viridis was a bit of a slow process. I had to squeeze out the water out of the plant material by hand... I don't know what I'll do for my second brew, but I'll need to recheck this one :) I stored both of the liquids in separate containers (a bottle and a jar) and the same went on for the plant matter.
Anyway, this was repeated twice more over the course of the two following nights, with around 0.5 liters of water added to each of the brewing combos, and more or less 0.5g of Vitamin C added (BTW, that's one 500mg pill). Stored the plant mater/liquid as previously.

I'll note that I had minor trouble with one of the stoves and sometimes the Caapi boiled a little more vigorously than needed and I ended up adding more water to it!

In the end, I was left with around a liter of Viridis liquid and around 1.5 liters of Caapi liquid. Again I separated the plants from the liquid and put these into the oven, with the door open on a low setting (less then 100 degrees, but not sure if they're Celsius?) - this just occured to me as a nice way of evoprating some of the water in the plants, because I plan to add them to my next two brews, as an addition.

As for the liquids, I put them twice on a moderate heat in order to boil them down to a managable drinking quantity.

This is more or less the way I brewed my Vine. The effects of this are next:

My room, 2:00am
I take a shower and feel sleepy ... all these events below are a recall of a dream I had that night. In my dream,..

I drank the Caapi cup... I left a little bit in, which was mostly a layer of mould.

T+20-30minutes: I can feel it coming... both on the stomach (which seems to come and go, doesn't like moving about) - and on my brain...

T+30: I puked only the Caapi. The vine alone is really powerful stuff... I can feel it STRONG. I think I have a constant buzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound around me ... I cannot find the source and suspect it to be the Vine. It scares me a little, making me cautious about my next step.

T+40m: Drank half of the Viridis.... after 10 minutes I puked it up ... felt way better. At this time I was really onsetting for a trip of my life... I realised a LOT (meaning quality, not quantity) about me & my life and how's it heading. I decided what I want/need to change in my life. I percieved all my beliefs and doings are on the right way, the one thing I needed to change BADLY was my active involvment in studies/real life things. I set that to be my next goal.

With my eyes closed and laying on my bed I had a few short surges of energy and I saw a blast of light, twice I think - this I percieved to be Yage showing itself to me. The CEVs were interesting, meaning I amused my mind with them, but couldn't make too much sense of them.

I must note here that I was experiencing audio hallucinations. Sound seemed faster, pitched up and more dry, but these were subtle changes. These gave the music an earthy feel. Come to think of it, everything had an earthy feeling to it. It had a definite signature to the experience, I feel it was the Vines doing. At this point, I thought most of the effects were Caapi and I was stunned by it's power. I wonder if P. Harmala would have any of these effects ?

This was the healing/teaching phase of my journey. I expected this to be all of it and I was really grateful for it, although feeling a little scared and taken back by the power of this stuff.

From this point ... it was getting really hard for me to track time.
I drank half of what was left of the Viridis (1/4 of the whole), hoping for some more intense stuff, visuals, Elves and what not. Of course, none of this was to follow. What I had was A LOT of teasing from Ayahuasca with the sound of The Future Sound of London - Lifeforms EP & LP soundtracking my experience. I had some OEV tracers for some time, but this was short lasting. The CEVs didn't make too much sense, but they were there doing their thing.

Somewhere in the middle of this, holding the Viridis in my stomach longer than the first time, I felt a need to purge and went to the bathroom and did it. Felt way better, although shaken by the power of this stuff.

Around T+2h:00m:
Anyway, after feeling way better and heading back to baseline I started missing some of my 'hard-on-me' experience. So, I decided here goes nothing: I drank the rest (1/4) of my Viridis liquid. I think that I held this one the longest, without purging. I lay on the bed hardly moving and letting the nausea slip through. This worked (although I wasn't aware at the time)! Somehow letting go with the flow was really imporatant.
All of this brought back to life my previous experience. I just merged with it, trying to learn & accept it.

After some time, I felt the need to purge REALLY bad. After my release, I felt properly shaken and went on deciding it was over for the intense part.

Was I wrong!

After this, feeling really purified and easy, I just lay in my bed in darkness, listening to FSOL - Lifeforms. I began to slip into it... I re-found the joys of psychedelic enhanced music and started to let go with the flow. Slowly, but surely, wave after wave of extacy & joy filled me. I was melting, while my mind was racing. I opened my eyes and saw the wooden ceiling - it was magnificant, it seemed to be 2D yet smeared across infinity. I raised my hands in the air and while watching them I felt as if I was on a step from astral travelling. It felt as if my soul was rising slowly above the body, but something managed to keep it in me. I stood up and beheld a world of plastiq and gooey slowly floating material, while glancing through the window. Trees, buildings and light made a whacky dancing interesting world in front of my eyes. I opened the window, wanting to see how much the glass made an impact to this. Well, sure enough, even with a window open I was still seing in a crystal clear, sharp, 'Diamond Consciousness' type of way. It was like being able to see the curve in the space-time continuum show it's face in everything around. Everything looked novel and new, while at the same time being the same as before. The familiar feeling of 'I've been here, here is where I am and belong' was all over me. I had really nice OEVs which I couldn't believe were happening in front of my eyes (because I figured that all of the experience would be on the hardy side, especially because of my first meeting with Ayahuasca).
I couldn't believe how long this was happening... pure peace, love, joy and extacy. The only link with time was the music and I was amazed as to how time was slipping by. I was wondering around my room from time to time, laying and sitting and watching through the window. As usual, even I was really racing with my mind, I felt the pace to slow by and I wanted to do something to extend this. I decided I should eat something, because I was feeling really clean and easy and I knew that I wouldn't puke no more. I just realised how real it was that after you puke, then you really start to feel better. I also couldn't quite get it how I got this really cosmic experience. Was it from the 1/4 of the Viridis ? Was it buffered ? Was it the magic in the Vine - teaching and healing and then joy/extacy ? I decided I was just going to enjoy it.

I headed to grab something to eat and stood by to watch and touch the plants in my appartment. I felt really nice doing this ... realising that touching other beings is the only real physical link we have with them and how much it means to touch, embrace and show love. It reminded me of the painting of the Divine Moment of (Truth and) Creation of Adam, when God, in a cloud from Heaven, touches Adam, breathing life into him.

To shorten it up, I was still feeling cosmic, I went on and grabbed an apple and wondered on the balcony and stuff, enjoying the vividness of the colours of the flowers.

I'm not sure the apple did much for me, it could have prolonged the 'general high', but it did not bring back the Divine Moments of Truth, in which I percieved myself as being me right here & now and somehow felt/knew that I knew/felt the future and what ever comes along - and I was at peace with it. It didn't bring back to life the full peak of the 'Diamond Consciousness' I experienced before, but it didn't matter - I just felt great gratitude for all of what already happened.

This whole experience lasted about a hour and a half, with the peak spreading over around roughly 30 minutes, glancing back at the music. Afterwards, slowly I began to sink in to the normal reality and wandering about I decided it's the best time to write this report, feeling a need to do something constructive and creative at the moment. As I finish this report I know that there is a lot missing, a lot unsaid, things which I unintentionally left out and things I could never even put to words.

I will conclude that I really felt the magic of the Vine and when returning I felt that I was in union with God and the infinite while there. This, combined with the healing and teaching part of it made me REALLY appreciate it's might. It just ERASED my concept which was occuring from time to time before, that I really liked LSD better in terms of a psychedelic, no nausea, the inert alert (yet calm) and the eye & ear candy happening. This is powerful, really powerful. I gladly look forward to doing it again, despite all the effort and discomfort involved - I truly feel it pays off. I also see that this will not be in the too near future, I feel that I'll wait to dwell on the experience and do something I set my mind on doing, the things that Ayahuasca pointed me to at the begining of the journey.

I have to mention here that I feel what is written here is really messy, scrambled and poorly organized, but at the time it's the best I can do. As with every every dream, once you wake up, recollecting dream events is really hard to do. I feel what I've written here is but a glimpse of my dream. Hope it serves some good!

Dream Free!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9706
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 30, 2001Views: 19,578
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