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Unfiltered Mind
by Ink
Citation:   Ink. "Unfiltered Mind: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp97180)". Jan 3, 2013.

T+ 0:00
600 ug sublingual 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00 250 mg oral Vitamins - Niacin  
  T+ 8:30 50 mg oral Diphenhydramine  
T-0:10 (10:20 PM)
I am about to take a single 600 microgram tab of HPBCD-complexed 25C-NBOMe sublingually, which I have ordered online. I am a 20 year old male and my only experience in psychedelics is with Hawaiian baby woodrose (which were wonderful, but not worth the side effects). I took 200 mg of caffeine 12 hours ago, 10 mg of Lexapro 48 hours ago, and I will take 250 mg of time-delayed niacin along with the 25c to reduce vasoconstriction. I had a small meal around 4 hours ago. I will be tripping alone, at night, in my clean bedroom, but I do have people online to talk to if things go south (including F, who I chatted with many times during the trip, and W). I'm a bit apprehensive, but I do feel confident I can handle this drug and I'm mostly content with my life.

The day before I gathered up some music, movies and trip toys, (wrongly) assuming I would need ways of amusing myself like on woodrose.

T+ 0:00 (10:30 PM)
Took a single tab and placed it under my tongue. It tastes...electric, like a battery. It's not unpleasant. The tip of my tongue feels a bit numb.

T+0:10 (10:40 PM)
I feel a rush of energy and a mild headache. Is it the niacin? Is it a placebo? Did I accidentally swallow the blotter? The background static in my vision is getting more noticeable. The aftertaste is starting to remind me of woodrose - disgustingly bitter.

T+0:20 (10:50 PM)
I can feel it. I don't feel great but I can feel it. Purple blotches are showing up in my vision. The outside of my eyes are flashing, which always signaled the beginning of a woodrose trip for me. My lamp is pulsing and I can see odd regular patters on it. In fact, everything looks more 3D, as in I can see the bumps and surfaces of everything more clearly. My hair feels really good to rub.

I thought, wrongly, that the effects were plateauing and swallowed the tab around this point. Luckily, I was smart enough not to take another tab. At this point, the effects were mostly changes in my visual perception - mental changes would come a bit later.

T+0:30 (11:00 PM)
Unchanged, except for a bit of nausea. I remember a bit of advice from my sober self: smile! I can see strange and majestic rainbow-color patterns slightly overlaying my normal vision. Depth is exaggerated like my eyes are slightly farther apart. My monitor's starting to wave. Cool. I'm starting to see insects in my monitor - not cool. Or are they tunnels. Eyes? It comes and goes in waves, all of this, but mentally I am completely lucid. The more I smile, the more visuals I see and the happier I become. I know that sounds weird, but right now smiling feels liquid and amazing. I can ride this trip if I smile!

T+0:40 (11:10 PM)
I put on some music. There's none of the objective 'physical' enhancement of music like on weed but emotionally I feel so connected to it. Text is warping in a way that's hard to ignore, I'm feeling waves of euphoria, colors are brighter, patterns everywhere. Sorry, but this is like trying to move a camera as fast as you can trying to get everything. My screen's warping a lot. A lot right now. My depth cues are being messed with. Euphoria is strong. Listening to music and writing this down is spoiling my fun. Bye!

Oooh, my wall's melting. Not dripping it? The impurities in the wallpaper are making it look that way. No, it's rippling, and it looks rather majestic. Vibrating in tune to a MGMT track, 'Siberian Breaks'. My wallpaper looks like a carpet under a microscope.

Red dots on my wallpaper are jiggling and vibrating along with everything else. I talked to my good friend F and told him that I loved him. He's being extremely kind. It's weird, but different parts of this song are causing colors to change.

I had a glass of milk. It's tastey. Tastey looks better than 'tasty'.

My thoughts were racing and the changes to my perception were coming so quickly that I hardly had time to type them. I felt a tiny amount of nausea, but otherwise I felt normal physically.

T+1:10 (11:40 PM)
I see 'stereotypical' visuals overlaying everything. Oh, I swallowed the blotter like 40 minutes ago. Has it really been 40 minutes? I don't want it to be over! I can ignore the experience temporarily, but why would I? This visuals are incredible, my friends are incredible.

I have the urge to tilt my head 45 degrees sideways. I don't know if this is the vasoconstriction or what, no, it's just due to me wearing headphones. I like the wavelike states of the visuals, they give me a chance to take a breath before diving back into the undersea wonderland. I closed my eyes, saw tunnels, fractals and all that.

The trip had peaked at around this point, at a ++.

Around midnight I turned off the lights, went to bed and attempted to listen to some music. I kept narrating everything I was doing as if I was writing the trip report, even having brief thought loops about whether I should mention I'm having thought loops. A friend called me and before I realized what was going on I was in a Skype chatroom. The resulting conversation went a bit like this:

Me: Who are you? Who's calling me?
W: It's W, you should know my name by now!
Me: I...I can't talk right now. Bye.

The call was so unexpected that it took my altered mind a couple of minutes to realize what had happened and that I really did want to talk to someone. F invited me back into the Skype call and euphemistically told everyone else I was 'on an adventure'. I was able to have a coherent conversation with some effort and no one would have been able to guess that I was tripping balls. Although the call cut out at certain points, which left me very confused.

W: Are you [garbled speech]?
Me: Am I...geocaching?
F: Are you geocaching?
Me: Um...yes?
F: *laughs*

During the call, I cuddled my stuffed bear and enjoyed the visuals dancing around my ceiling. There appeared to be two types: one type was a extremely amped-up version of the visuals you see when you close your eyes and rub them, crystalline, vaguely 'Aztec' rainbow patterns overlaying my vision, transforming into diamonds and bears and snakes and ropes and faces, rearranging themselves every few seconds. The other kind mostly affected my sense of depth. My wallpaper turned into a rippling 3D ocean with the red dots on it floating on top of it, and I could see intricate 3D lattices within it, like a living Magic Eye. They morphed my vision, but were otherwise invisible. 'Tracers' were mild but present - it looked rather like the cheap motion blur simulation used in old video games, where I could see transparent freeze-frame objects overlaying my vision. The visuals weren't overwhelming but peaceful - I became entranced by this mental theater knowing that I could ignore it if I really wanted to. They came and went in waves and once in a while I felt like I was suddenly sober but after waiting a minute the euphoria and visuals came back. I left the call about half an hour later - as much as I loved the company, I wanted to spend more time exploring my tripping mind.

T+2:30 (1:00 AM)
In the interests of science, I went to the bathroom and checked my pupils. The trip there felt long, and I had a small amount of difficulty keeping balance. They were dilated, to the point where it covered 3/4th of my iris, but not as much as woodrose. My face seemed significantly uglier but I wasn't too freaked out about it.

The visuals can be very pronounced - if I let myself get immersed in them. For instance, I was looking at myself in the mirror, and instead of thinking 'OH MY GOD MY FACE IS GONE', I though 'oh, I'm imagining my face vanishing. Cool!' It's kind of like having a controllable blind spot in the eye.

That's what my mind's like actually. My consciousness is zooming down endless tunnels of thought only to snap back and go down another one. I have mental tunnel vision.

T+(4:00) (2:30 AM)
I looked at some of F's paintings online, taking in all the colors. Color didn't actually feel any brighter or more saturated, but they were so much more enjoyable to look at. The cartoonish artwork appeared to wobble and morph and characters looked a bit like cardboard cutouts.

The trick on this is to change the game. If you don't like how your trip is going, change it. But I was actually going to write something else entirely: Have fun. No. Not that. Everything is interesting. Everything. I don't have to amuse my tripping mind like on HBWR because everything is interesting. This font even. Surprisingly, optical illusions are unchanged. They're a good glimpse into the mind of a tripper, though.

Planning out a sentence feels really weird. Having to wait several seconds to finish a thought is unbearable.

T+(4:30) (3:00 AM)
At this point, the euphoria began to subside. I searched for ways to entertain myself, but I was too overwhelmed by my surroundings to plan anything out - I would find some music but then the deluge of song titles flooding my screen confused me. Each new bit of information - an ant on my desk, something F said on IRC, the way my hands look - crowded out all my other thoughts, often leaving me unable to finish a sentence. I felt slightly helpless trying to absorb everything I was seeing. I told F about how amazing this trip was and how good it felt to feel so young, and thankfully he humored me and kept my trip positive. I regained focus long enough to grab some crayons and try doodling the visuals I saw.

T+5:30(4:00 AM)
OEVs are less distinct, but still noticeable. Still getting lost in thoughts, but not nearly to the same degree as before. Doodling feels good. I'm past the point where everything is interesting, but I feel content. A bit thirsty. There were a few times where I felt this anxiety. But as long as I did something to change the course of the trip, it turned out fine. Nausea is present, and got worse after I drank water. Acid trance is surprisingly pleasing.

T+6:00(4:30 AM)
I drew a bunch of smiley faces. I can't really decide if my favorite color's green or purple. They don't go so well together. The trip's still going, I think I'm just lonely. I keep seeing multiple ants when there's just one.

What has changed is the attitude. I feel comfortable, but not peaking. It's a + at this point. I only see CEVs.

After writing the above, I went to bed and attempted a solo sexual encounter. Achieving an orgasm took significantly longer than it would sober, but subjectively only felt slightly better. At this point, I was impatiently waiting to get to baseline, and I spent my time pacing around my room and browsing the internet.

T+8:00(6:30 AM)
I tried to sleep, but couldn't do so without seeing wild animals or marching helixes, so I did some housework and enjoyed the sunrise. I can see fractals embedded in the ground and non-human faces in the trees.

I took 50 mg of diphenhydramine around 7:00 AM, browsed the internet for about an hour than finally went to bed at 8:00 AM, only slightly above baseline. Dreams didn't seem out of the ordinary. I spent the next day feeling pretty upset, mostly hating how stupid I was for being so open and childish to people but now (2 days after the trip) I'm feeling no aftereffects.

25c-NBOMe is an intriguing psychedelic. It's both visual and euphoric and not too speedy for me and while it did affect my mind (unlike woodrose, where I felt euphoric but otherwise sober mentally), I did not feel any weakening of the ego or a religious/mystical experience. I did, however, feel as if I had regressed into a small child and saw the world with brand new eyes. I have a huge list of things I want to try on my next trip and hopefully I will be able to navigate these psychedelic waters without getting sensory overload. My only regret is not tripping a couple of hours earlier since then I could have come down from the trip with my friends around or a couple of hours later so I could have enjoyed the sunrise while peaking.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97180
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jan 3, 2013Views: 7,610
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25C-NBOMe (540) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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