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A visit from the Spirit Beings
Methylone & LSD
Citation:   Folley. "A visit from the Spirit Beings: An Experience with Methylone & LSD (exp97193)". Erowid.org. Mar 30, 2017. erowid.org/exp/97193

  repeated oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
    oral LSD (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
    oral Alcohol - Hard  
Epicness had been planned. I had bought “Molly”, but it was obvious it was Methylone. The look, the price, the dosage and reagent tests were consistent with that. Still, I had a bit over a half gram, and since it had been 3 or so months since my last roll… I said fuck it, might as well give it a shot, right?

I loaded a 180mg cap for myself, and a 120mg cap for my friend. We drop at my house mixing it up on Virtual DJ… soon after I bring my sub upstairs and we build a fire in the fireplace as we come up (HR note – don’t use an ax while intoxicated..). After we get it going, the rushes start to come on and the heat from the fire feels AMAZING on my skin. I can’t help but dance to the music in my living room, I practically force my friend to do the same… but apparently he hates dancing or something and after a sad attempt, sits back down. We’re smoking some fat hash and DANK weed bowls… but it’s obvious that Methylone is going to be a bit of a disappointment for me... so I go downstairs and drop another +/-100mg to kick shit up. After that things start to pick up, and we move the party downstairs.

Back to mixing with the lights off and a multi color laser/Disco light going… things are definitely starting to get a bit better. This is when I start up the massage chair….


It’s on full blast and speed with a heater in the cushion… and it’s like a fucking full body orgasm. Like straight up, I felt like cum was spurting out of my midsection at alarming rates. My eyes were rolling and rolling ALL the way back lol, it was very close to an MDMA roll… but still missing any kind of substantial magic. More of just that cheesy serotonin love.

After an intense couple of minutes of full body tingles and an extremely sexual feeling pleasure, I turn to my friend (who has basically just been quietly chilling happily enjoying his smaller dose) and say “Duuddee…. I think I just fucking came like 3 times.” After a quick check for reassurance, he sits down and basically goes through the same thing as I did, albeit to a lesser degree.

Well, shortly after this his lame ass has to go back home… apparently his parents don’t let him have fun! So we smoke some more bowls before he goes… and that’s when I really decide to make today a good day… even if I have to use my AK.

So, 1ML of water is sucked into a syringe and put into my vial that once contained 100 doses of LSD, and repeat one more time.. there was maybe a drop or two left in the bottle.. in retrospect, there might have been a bit more than that though.

So, about 3 hours into my experience, I’m on 300mg Methylone and I had just dosed a LOT.

I dose 200mg methylone right after that, and I’m glad I did!!

The next half hour is all waiting… I started feeling the effects in 15 minutes, but convinced myself that’s not soon enough to come up… but the feelings kept increasing over the next half hour…. Next thing I know I’m in the kitchen and the floor tiles are 3D and swirling around my feet.

“Damn… maybe I shouldn’t have done this….” Well it was sure too late then! After this, it’s all a blur. The visuals are fucking insane at this point, they are tangible, I could reach out and grab them. I literally can’t see the wall on the other side of the room there are so many visuals. Everything is surreal, I feel like I’m in another world… and I feel like I should be scared.

But I’m not, at ALL. That’s where the methylone really came in handy! Any normal anxiety is gone, and I’m completely open to what is about to happen next… or so I think.

I snort a last 75mg or so line (everything before was oral) and soon after I have little to no grasp on the simplest workings of the world.. I cannot function past a feeling of EPIC. So I grab my sub and set my speakers so that I’m basically in the corner with the speaker pointed at me and the sub in my lap. Shit’s going full blast and is vibrating like crazy… and my body is matching the vibrations… and so are my eyes. I start melting into the music… into the universe… and a presence makes its self known to me. Well, a few actually.

I can’t say what they are. Some have called them aliens, some angels. Me, I think it’s something of both. Whatever they are, they are not people. They are beings of pure karmic energy, and they have come to help me. This is not my first ++++…. But this one… it’s not like the others. Before, I needed headphones and meditation to be able to feel their presence in my mind… they were there, but I could really only feel them in my mind.

This time, they were here. In my room. I could see the pure energy hanging in the air… and just being in their presence taught my things about the universe.

The walls are melting, I am melting… Euphoria is off the chart, and I’m not even on this earth. For an hour or more, I’m in the cosmos with these beings…. There is NOTHING else, only understanding compassion… I feel like I am home, this is where I belong.

But, like all good things, it must come to an end… unfortunately :(. Slowly I realize where I am, and what has happened… I get up from my corner and try and get my sense of reality back… I’m not even 100% sure I’m still on this planet really. More hash is smoked… FAT hits in the gravity bong are fucking me up and relaxing me out. I’m still tripping HARD, but I’m really trying to decipher WTF just happened to me!

I don’t really remember what happened over the next hour or two… other events of the night have covered it up. My guess is trying to get back to the place I had been before lol

I remember setting the vibrating massage cushion on my bed and practically fucking it.... No shame.

Soon I get the idea that I NEED some gum. I really just want to go out… so I decide to take a nice scenic walk through a cemetery to get there. Not that bad lol, it’s really well kept and they have a 2 story fountain and a lot of scenery around… not a bad place to trip at all. I stop and look at the fountain for a while, but it's a really sunny day and people are all over, so I keep moving.

Well, I get to 7/11, and after looking around, I fumble with my change for like 20 minutes trying to count how much I have… and fail completely. So I just grab two cheap things and try to get the fuck out of there! Shit’s getting weird. I get up to the counter and go to pay, pretty much just hand the dude my money and tell him to count it after one last feeble attempt lol…

He looks at me and says in a heavy accent“$1.48”
“ $1.48 for dis”
Points to the money “Dis $1.32, $1.48”
(Still not understanding) “Yeah $1.48...”

By now it seems like a minute or two has gone by and people in line are starting to notice and the acid is making it seem a LOT worse than I’m sure it was lol… it was obvious he knew I was high though… he looked at me with that “I know” glance and waved me away and I got the FUCK out of there with a feeling stupid as hell lol… I was WAYYYYY too high to be in a 7/11, won’t make that mistake again, or if I do, I’ll make sure to pay enough money!

Well I walk back home with my AMAZING tasting gum that made my whole mouth tingle (that made it sooo worth it!) and walked back through the cemetery to the woods behind my house… light up a bowl or two there and just chill with nature… the clouds are morphing like crazy… nothing natural to compare it too lol, just crazy ass manipulations and patterns everywhere.

Again, after that I don’t remember too much… too many other things happened lol. But maybe 10-12 hours after my first Methy dose I break out the vodka. Just some shots to bring things back, about 10 in a few hours. I’m trying to get back to that uncontrollable full body high I had before… but I’m really stuck at a ++ and a half at this point. I drink a lot in a short period of time, but it really just makes me nauseous and dizzy lol.. Not the best.

I had smoked maybe like a gram of weed and .3 of Bubble hash through out the day before this, so I roll another hash laced joint and take gravity bong hit after gravity bong hit after gravity bong hit after gravity bong hit. In an hour or two, I’ve blazed through another gram of dank and .4 of Bubble hash. I’m fucking STONED at this point, and I can almost never get high on weed after taking psychedelics/ecstasy!

The shots and copious amounts of weed really mellow me out, and the next hour or two is spent in peace just chilling… the vodka dulled down the trip, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing this late. Soon after I fall into a deep sleep for about 12 or so hours… wake up the next day feeling pretty shitty… but I guess it’s too be expected.

I went a little overboard with the methylone… 550+mg is just a bit too much lol ;). I regret nothing though. The day was AMAZING, might have been better if I dosed the acid sooner, but I think the way things turned out was actually perfect. Not sure what my friend would have done if he say me like that lmao….. body convulsing in euphoria.

Some weed and hydrocodone the next day makes me feel a LOT better, and by Monday I was going around telling people of my encounter with pure energy beings… some don’t believe me… some are jealous… some think I’m crazy.

All I know, is that I can melt my walls with my mind… but they will still be there 6 hours later.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 97193
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Mar 30, 2017Views: 2,010
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Methylone (255) : Various (28), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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