Performance Art
Salvia divinorum & 5-MeO-DMT
Citation:   Marshall Lewis. "Performance Art: An Experience with Salvia divinorum & 5-MeO-DMT (exp9731)". Oct 1, 2001.

25 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
Experience Report
Salvia + 5MEO-DMT
October 1, 2001

--- Introduction ---

I had previously considered combining salvia and 5MEO but there was a practical difficulty. The extracts of salvia required three large hits in quick succession; it would be difficult, if not impossible, to then negotiate a hit of 5MEO. (Obviously, since 5MEO kicks in almost immediately, nothing time-consuming can be taken afterward.) But then a few months ago I discovered the sale of 25mg doses of salvia that contained 1mg of salvinorin. I?ve tried these as single doses with good results. With such a dose of salvia it would now be feasible to combine salvia and 5MEO.

My technique involves melting the 5MEO on top of the salvia, vaporizing and inhaling the 5MEO, and, as quickly as possible, burning and inhaling the salvia. There was a good chance, I supposed, that the 5MEO will kick in before I finish the hit of salvia. It might at least start to. The goal is one long, slow inhalation until the vapor is inhaled, then lower the flame for the salvia.

I emptied the bong of water, placed a 25mg dose of salvia on the screen, enhanced with 1mg salvinorin - according to the provider - onto the screen, and on top of this I sprinkled the grains of 5MEO - about 10mg, but, to be accurate, this could be as little as 5mg and as great as 15mg. (by the way, I weigh 225lbs).

I had some nervous excitement, so I wrote a bit before dosing to capture my ?set.? Most of my experiences take place in front of my computer so I can take notes as soon as I am able. From here onward I will present my typed notes; any commentary as I prepare this report will be in [brackets].

--- Real-time Notes ---


previous 5MEO trips were totally uncontrollable for the first minute or so, and all i?d be able to think is ?don?t even try.? i?m thinking now of using that as a mantra.

but I want to set my intention.

why am I having this experience?
because I can, because it is both possible and often facinating
when I am able to type i?ll try to capture some of it, and perhaps respond to the same old questions

what is important
what ought one do with the opportunity to exist

I did a rehearsal of the dose
imagined melting, then vaporizing then burning, then putting everything down, then leaning back

my goal is to live a genuine life
what does that mean?
leveraging who I am and what I do for some useful purpose?
the essence of who I am; living true to ones self
following one?s bliss

I am asking the universe for assistance
I am asking my brain for assistance
the molecules I am introducing into my nervous system change the character of thought and self and consciousness - not better, or worse, but distinctly different; another place from which to consider these questions

2:07pm ok?

[After this timestamp I followed the technique described above, and probably completed the dose by 2:09pm. I do this right at the keyboard with the intention to capturing thoughts as soon as possible. I?ve left my keyboard rambling, but that may not be of particular interestl; jump down to my summary if you wish.]

[I didn?t timstamp before trying to type, but it was about 2:11pm, so I was ?out there? for about two minutes - an amazing two minutes]






hor ab



2:12 PM

2:12 PM

just able to focus
keep t2:13 PM
2:13 PM

[when in doubt I would simply timestamp]

2:13 PM

2:13 PM



now way

consensus reality [dintinctly returning to consensus reality]


fight ing it

sss [state specific science, considering the state from within the state]


pos?. [shorthand for a very positive feeling, euphoric]




[text on the screen was melting - I had not experienced open-eye visuals for years, since shrooms]

[at this point I clicked on the ?new file? icon in Word; I was typing in my journal and I was afraid i?d hit a sequence of keystrokes that would cause damage]

2:16 PM

don t wat to ficj uip[ my journal
not worryin g about missing letters
jyst trying top capture

this is great

2:17 PM
50% back
and still wild

2:17 PM
most of the way back

man, no way to describe how [meant ?hope?] I captured some.

2:18 afraid the timstamping will fuckup



still about 50% whatever that means
of course, no way to describe, which is why this capture is so important : )

the fingers work faster sometimes

that was quite a ride marshall
mindblowing, nothing like it


guess i?ll just keep going and timetamping

fuck spelling
manual timestapem though

captuiing thje state
a new interface for capturing the state
larfger keys
have fun interprexseint this [interpreting]

[this next section talks of ?interface? and ?instrument? and requires some explanation. my profession is ?interactive instructional multimedia design? but I am perhaps more interested in this medium as an art form and as a tool for studying consciousness. I had previously thought of using the induction of ecstatic consciousness as part of a performance piece, and this idea came back to me during this session. similar in concept to biofeedback, this technique, of entering these states while at the keyboard, is more like ?psychofeedback?]

its an instrument [the kyeboard, that is]
tlakio while you type [I tried talking as I typed]
enjoyng this
big time


have fun analyzuingf this one marshall [a challenge to myself]

what are you goiung to do with it

its all part of what you dfo?

focus on that - what you do
this is it
so how is it, was it
still there


I love playing with the state
with where I am in consensus reality
fucki spelling don?t worry about it
short hand
and an instrument
playing with consciousness
for its okwen sake
that?all all
because it?s wild to
it?s amazing world of consciousness
it?s our medioum
it?s your medium
it?s an instrument to be played
in realtime

fucking hell
an instrument
a performance
playing conscioisness
could it be
could this be something i?m looking for


almost too bizarre
but it?s what you?ve been tal;king about
rtealtime performance with asc [asc = alternate states of consciousness]
what else is there
its reality
at it?s e3xtremes
but still reality
real life
its you
no faking


75% I guess

so the idea is : ) [the smile was a challenge to be coherent]
performance based on the performance
p[laying with consciouisness states
form and content
there is no content
that?s amazing

[what?s amazing? i?m thinking here of the psycho-feedback idea. i?m sitting here typing thinking about the impact of the state on my typing. form and content are the same, which struck me at the time as facinating.]

this is it?s own logic
it?s own world
independent of people, love, worries, all of it


human consciousness as a medium
playing it

I feel like I should just keep tiemstamping
and always worried about spelling
fuck it
just hit the keys
talk abs you type if you want
a performance environement

I think I found an amazing combination [that is, salvia + 5MEO]

sit back and relax a bit?

wondering when I took the hit
a minute after ?ok?

so assume 2:08
it?s now 2:30
alright now try to capture cohenrently : )
about 85% down
had a blast
truly amazing

relax now?

novelty is so much
novelty is the absence of pattern recognition
it there is a pattern imprint for future use
so the pleasure I feel with novelty is the establishment of a new pattern
and that feels good
which reinforces the desire and the behavior

this was, perhaps, my best trip ever


timestamping is fundamental

looking forward to engaging Emily
need to take advantage of time together

90% down


wouldn?t want to drive but fairly straight


getting up
gonna have some lunch
feel great

[end realtime report]

--- Discussion and Summary ---


I feel great. I was tired and dosed off watching a movie with my daughter. I feel very clear. that was an amazing experience and it felt, at times, like it was the kind of experience I had been looking for.

my main activity was just to test my ability to capture thoughts using the keyboard, and, as indicated in my notes, I was playing with the idea of such an activity as a form of performance. depending on who you are, that either is an obvious idea or an absurd one. the point - at least one point - is that alternate states of consciousness are not integrated into modern life; such states are demonized, which is, well, a real waste and a real shame.

so my idea is to use legal substances as part of a performance - a public display - toward the goal of un-demonizing them. legal substances are key to this - you need to be able to talk about the value of asc without the issue of law-breaking. I believe that the best way to eventually end the war on drugs is to teach people that experiencing profoundly altered consciousness is not a ?bad? thing, that asc can be useful and positive.

what did I learn, if anything, from this experience:

-- I learned that the combination of salvia and 5MEO is a powerful combination, yielding a kind of experience that I find fascinating and useful.

-- I will learn from the content that I captured, but that is less relevant to someone reading this.

since I intend to submit this online, I guess I should conclude with some of the obvious reminders:

-- I don?t recommend my path to anyone; find your own
-- do your homework and know what you are doing, unless you don?t care to live
-- drug induced asc is fascinating but not a toy - if you enjoy these substances, please try to derive some benefit from the experiences
-- please be safe

That's all for now.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9731
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 1, 2001Views: 6,084
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