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I Feel That I've Learned Quite a Bit
Morning Glory
by John
Citation:   John. "I Feel That I've Learned Quite a Bit: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp97311)". Aug 13, 2020.

6.5 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  Repeated hits smoked Tobacco (plant material)


First Morning Glory Experience


We purchased 10 packs of Heavenly Blue variety Morning Glory seeds from Wal-mart. The total cost was about $5. We then took the seeds home, washed them with tap water in a strainer, dried the them on paper towels, and then stored them in an airtight plastic bag for use the next day. We also made sure to store them in a cool dark area because heat and light can destroy the LSA that the seeds contain.

The next day, we decided it would be best to fast ALL DAY so that we could avoid the nausea and / or puking that others seem to experience when consuming these seeds. When we were ready to begin, I began crushing the seeds up on a cutting board with my sharpest knife. This was difficult as the seeds would shoot in every direction when I broke them in half with the knife but overall it seemed to work alright. I would crush about 10 seeds at a time and once those 10 seeds were officially crushed into a very fine powder, I would put them into a cup filled half way with cool water. I then covered the cup with an empty seed packet. This would protect the LSA in the seed powder from being destroyed by oxygen and light. When I was done crushing all of them, I had determined that we had a total of about 290 seeds (13 grams.) The water in the cup had been absorbed by the seed powder, so only a thick paste remained. I took this thick paste and mixed it in with about 4 cups of warm (not hot) applesauce. E and I divided the applesauce into two servings and ate. I was starving since I hadn't eaten all day, and was surprised to find that the taste of the seeds were completely masked by the applesauce. It wasn't unpleasant at all.

The Experience

I obviously wasn't recording this during my trip, I was too busy enjoying it! The times are based on my best guess which is pretty dang accurate (also confirmed by E, the friend who joined me in this experience.)

10:45pm: We eat our psychedelic applesauce. In total, we had about 145 seeds each. We then set up the hookah with some pumpkin spice flavored shisha.

11:00pm: I'm starting to feel nauseous, but not feeling any mind altering effects. We continue to lay on the bed and surf the internet for funny pictures and videos while smoking the hookah.

11:10pm: I notice that E's eyes are dilated. I look in the mirror and find that mine are too.

11:30pm: Definitely feeling different at this point, but not sure if it's a placebo effect or something actually happening.

11:45pm: I feel more nauseous, but it's nothing I can't handle. The effects are starting to take hold and I feel slightly drunk. I decide to make some ginger root tea and suck on some ginger candy to ease the sick feeling. It seems to help.

12:15am: We go outside, lay in the grass, and stare at the stars. They look absolutely beautiful. I can feel the effects becoming stronger and everything seems to have a certain beauty that I didn't notice before. As we stare, E points out that each star is a sun and each one quite possibly has it's own solar system much like ours. I think about this amusing idea and play with the thought of intelligent life forms in these other solar systems. We then see a gorgeous shooting star streak across the sky. This wasn't an illusion, the visual effects hadn't yet started at this point. We each go on to see one more shooting star in the following minutes.

12:20am: This is when I start to realize some very minor visual effects. If I stare at one star in the sky I realize that I can see some white lines connecting it to other stars, forming some basic constellations.

12:22am: The mosquitoes get to us, so we decide to go back inside. E plays a video on YouTube called 'Drinking Out of Cups.' It's a recording of a guy tripping on LSD in a closet, and it's actually quite amusing. I still feel slightly drunk at this point but only in a physical way. I can still think clearly, and I notice some small things that I normally wouldn't pick up on. For example, I point out to E that the loading bar on YouTube tends to flicker up and down one or two pixels every few seconds. He sees it too and we ask our sober sitter S to confirm this. She sees it too, so we're not just seeing things. E and I then lay back and close our eyes for a while.

12:35am: The effects continue to grow stronger. As I'm laying back on the bed with my eyes closed, I see some vague colorful patterns that dance and twirl behind my eyes. I then think about when I looked at the moon earlier and my thoughts seem to jump around extremely fast. I think about how classy the moon is. It's pretty much the classiest thing I've ever seen. Almost instantly, my train of thought switches and I think about Indians (Native Americans.) I try to define what an Indian is, but only seem to come up with 'Indians are Indians...' I repeat this in my head a few times and then open my eyes. I see one of E's cats sitting on her cat tower to my right, and think about what it means to be a cat. What makes this cat different from me? Certainly, it has a different body, but that doesn't seem to matter. We are both alive and we are both conscious. I feel a certain connectedness to all living things at this point. This may all sound like I'm going crazy. I'm still in complete control of my body and mind at this point, but I feel all of these thoughts and knowledge wash over me. Certainly, all living things are more connected than I had previously thought.

12:45am: EUPHORIA. I feel GREAT! My nausea only seems to come back when I think about it, so I find ways to keep my mind off of it. S, our sober sitter asks 'How is the world you guys?' I respond with a huge grin and a simple 'Awesome, you have no idea....' I feel a strong sense of love and happiness. I seem to think that everything is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, and love is just pouring out of me. I realize how much I care about everyone and everything, and think about how pointless anger is. This also leads to some self reflection. I feel like I'm in touch with my true, honest self. This true self tells me that I've been out of touch and straying slightly from the correct path, but that I'm mostly on the right track.
This true self tells me that I've been out of touch and straying slightly from the correct path, but that I'm mostly on the right track.
It tells me that if I'm more honest with myself and others, things will get much better in my life. E asks me If I can pack a new bowl of tobacco for the hookah. I say 'yes' and get up to pack a bowl of some Melon Blue and Sweet Melon flavored shisha.

1:00am: E begins looking at some memes on Facebook. He finds one that he likes (in this case, Art Student Owl) and begins browsing several pages of it. I close my eyes to try avoiding the mind poison of Facebook. I still see swirling colors behind my eyes and my nausea returns, so I decide to smoke some hookah and read the memes that E is browsing. The hookah seems to help with the nausea. As I read the memes, I feel as if I can sense the gender of the person that wrote each meme. Also, I feel that I can know the person's general attitude and what they're like. I lay back and close my eyes again, trying to focus on connecting to other spirits. I then feel a very ancient energy connect with me. I hold this connection for about 5 minutes. It seems to be sending a stream of love and kindness, but then says that I am not yet ready to meet with it. It fades away and I open my eyes to see E laying back in the bed again as well.

1:10am: I decide to pull up some videos of beautiful scenery on YouTube. We watch in awe as we fly through mountains, forests, and deserts. I'm aware that I'm watching a video but I still sense the wonder and amazement well up inside me. The world is such an amazing place! I love all of the people and animals that inhabit this beautiful planet!

1:15am: At this point, my nausea has completely faded so I decide to get up and start cooking spaghetti. I get the noodles boiling and the sauce started, and then look up to see E and S cuddling in the bed. I can't help but smile and feel an intense happiness. S eventually gets up and takes over the cooking so I go lay back down on the bed. Again, I feel a very strong and loving connectedness to my friends E and S.

1:20am: The beautiful scenery video ends, and I look for something else to watch in the sidebar on the right. A video called 'Aliens of the Deep' catches my eye so I click on that. It turns out, this is a full hour and thirty-five minute documentary by James Cameron where explorers go down into the ocean and explore areas of the ocean floor that no human has ever gone before. They also bring NASA explorers so that they can learn to replicate the exploration process when they decide to send probes to other planets. I won't ruin the video for you but suffice it to say it was THE MOST AMAZING MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN. I've never wanted to be a marine biologist more than I did when I was watching this movie. They found beautiful glowing fish, angelic unheard of forms of jellyfish, amazing cracks in the ocean floor that vent lava straight from the earth's core, and much more. But I will say no more about it.

2:30am: S announces that the food is ready. She brings us plates and for some reason I imagine that she is our magical witch mother who makes us our delicious magical food. She hands me a steaming hot plate of spaghetti. I take a bite and realize that this is in fact magical spaghetti straight from Narnia. My nausea is completely gone and I can't stop eating. I eat as much spaghetti as I deem healthy and then look for something else to eat. I find a peach and bite into it. THIS IS THE FRUIT OF LIFE. It is the most juicy and flavorful peach I've ever tasted. I tell E: 'Peaches are fucking amazing!' He's never really cared for peaches, but he asks to take a bite. I let him and he seems to agree with me because he immediately asks for a peach of his own. I give him one and he gets back on Facebook to browse the Art Student Owl memes again. I sit on the bed and watch as the trip comes to an end.

3:20am: E announces that he is now officially back from his spiritual realm of love, joy, magic, and awesomeness. I agree with him, the trip seems over for me too. My nausea seems to have been replaced by a very sight headache. E mentions that he has one too and I assume this is due to our pupils being dilated. We talk about our experiences for a while before going to bed.

Overall, I feel that I've learned quite a bit from this experience. I met my true self and corrected my life's path. I skimmed some sort of ancient spirit. I experienced an extreme sense of love for all living things. I realized how pointless anger is. I Tasted food from Narnia. I determined that Indians are Indians and that the moon is fuckin classy.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97311
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Aug 13, 2020Views: 1,268
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