Understanding Loops
by Austin
Citation:   Austin. "Understanding Loops: An Experience with LSD (exp97314)". Erowid.org. Mar 18, 2018. erowid.org/exp/97314

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


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Let me start off by saying this was for 2nd experience with LSD. I am extremely fond of the drug, and knew alot about most well known psychedelics, and many less well known ones. I had been very interested in LSD in perticular, and seeked it out for over a year before this experience(yes, I know whats your thinking,'You at least found it, and with only a year of search').

When I was able to obtain it, my only source was extremely reliable and I feel to be the only person that I have ever heard say that they know app. How much LSD they took. My source obtained blotters and other forms of acid directly from huge European suppliers, so all of my doses were lab tested in places where it is legal to do so. Most doses I had averaged at app 110mcg.

Also, please dont think about my age, age is no indication of maturity, and I had used pot heavily for app 1 year and a half before even learning about any psychedelics, which in itself had brought me into the path of enlightenment. I spent alot of freetime researching chemisty and psychology at the time, and later became more interested in philosophy too.

I bought 10 lsd tablets. 3 of which were Albert Hofmann 100th aniversery blotters(Also refered to as Bicycle Day blotters), 1 Ganesha blotter, 1 random liquid drop that happened to be dropped on thick paper but not blotter, and 5 liquid dropped sour patch kid candies. All contained +/- 110mcg, the one liquid drop or hofmanns being the strongest and the ganesha being the weakest.

Now to get to the experience. It was New Years Eve. There wasn't much planning but this was when I first started to use psychedelics so I wasn't that mentally prepared for what it really was, and not just what I read about. I was to take 2 Hofmann blotters at app. 8 o clock p.m, Saturday, take a shower and masturbate, trip out all night in my room, and go to sleep in the morning for a few hours before I went to a family cook out.

Its also important that my first time ever taking lsd was exactly 4 days before, on tuesday night. I had taken the one ganesha blotter and had an uplifting and euphoric experience, but not any sort of psychedelic experience really. More like just taking a stimulant with wierd body sensations and some slight visual and mental differences. I would presume that the blotter had app. 85mcg. In reality, it was just getting high on another substance.

T0.00- Sitting in my room in the dark (hoping to not damage the LSD), I take out my little drug box from the bottom drawer of my dresser, where I keep all drug related items. I set the box on my computer desk and open it to see a few little empty baggies, a small plastic case containing about a gram of 99.8% pure molly, and one bag containing a small piece of tin foil containing small paper squares. I take out the blotters from the bag and foil and set them on my desk. I pick one up and stare at it for a while, thinking about what to expect. I had very little expectations at all, for the entire week since the last experience I couldn't tell if I even had felt anything on tuesday night. I have to note that I had extreme fear at this time. I was seriously pushing myself to eat the blotters. I had much excitement to take them, but I was also very afraid of the outcome. I had no idea what to expect from taking twice the dose I had taken last time, and just under the dosage that was popular in the 60s. I put the blotters on my tounge and immediately notice a stronge bitter taste, which I was warned to avoid. I almost instantly spit out the now clump of wet paper due to panic that it might be ridiculously strong or contain some sort of other substance, but instead I take one of the blotters out of the clump and rip it in half. I watch the ripped piece of wet blotter sitting on my computer desk. I think about whether I am wasting the half of blotter or not by letting it sit in air while the LSD is dissolved in my saliva, and I throw it back in my mouth. I told myself at this point there is no going back, that blotter was already in the situation. After the blotters are officially being chewed and sucked on, I turn my light on and pop call of duty Modern Warfare 2 in my xbox 360 to pass time while I wait for it to come on. The time is app. 8:30pm. I swallowed the papers about 15 minutes into chewing them. I spent the next hour paying little attention to the online matches I was playing and alot of attention on whether I would be ridiculously fucked up or not. I was really worried, being New Years Eve, that one of my family members, particulary my mother, would walk in on me laying on my bed staring at my ceiling and talking to myself with huge pupils.

There was also an intense fear of a bad trip, since I had never actually fully tripped on the drug before, I had no idea what to expect, plus the night before had been terrible. I had gotten into a fight with my father which ended up with me and him in tears and me fearing he would commit suicide. I had gone home from his house and the last time I had talked to him was on the phone after he left, in which I told him I was worried about him and was appologizing. This hadn't come up in my mind again untill after I had taken the one drug rumored to give a person who experienced something like that recently with no resolution the worst fear ever imagined. I have to say during my anticipation, I was extremely worried, and was no longer anticipating a good trip, which made it worse because I kept thinking about how I couldnt change anything that happens in the past.
(Let me note that this was the worst experience of the night, before the drug even took effect.)

T+0:55- I first notice alerts. I had no idea what was going to happen at first, but when it did I definetly noticed. My vision began to flash, like a stobe light. I turned and looked at my wall, which was doing it too. I leaned up from my laying on stomach gaming position and the mind effects suddenly hit me. Everything that I had been thinking about suddenly vanished, it was like the effects of the drug was the only thing that I was focusing on. That in no way describes what I had experienced at the time. I sat down at my computer desk and looked around my room. Everything was colliding with each other in this strange kaliedoscopic swirling pattern. It was like there was a 360 degree rainbow in my vision, with different layers on everything. My mind was racing in all directions at this point, and I kept trying to almost decribe to myself what was going on. Its was like I was watching everything happen, then over and over and over would watch the same thing happen. It felt like deja vu, like I had this experience many times before and knew exactly was going on. I kept repeating to myself,' THIS is what its like, I understand now. I understand. I understand.' Everything seemed to be going in loops. When I moved it felt like I only had to use effort for the first movement and then it became a symmetrical and repeating process. I still felt entirely in control of myself. I felt like I was more in control than ever. I felt like I was more a human being than ever. I would sit there and stare at things for hours, look at my phone, and the minute hadnt even changed. Everything was happening so fast pace, yet everything was going so slow. I moved my arm to pick up something(at the time I cant remember what it was because I never ended up picking it up) and noticed trailing images following the movement of my arm. I stared with amaze. I suddenly remembered a report of a government test on an artist who was given a total of 110mcg of lsd. In the report it said for a while he layed down on his bed and seemed to become strangly fascinated with something above him, and was moving his arms around in the air. This brought back the thought of understanding. To understand how others feel, what they were thinking about, what others perceptions were at the moment that they were thinking and feeling. This had all been within about 20 minutes.

T+1:30- At this point I definetly felt like I could handle the drug easily and not act like an idiot, so I went up stairs to take a shower. I walked past my mom in our living room, luckily there was a huge christmas tree taking up most of her vision, but I felt as if everyone I had seen felt exactly how I felt at the moment, being able to see all, feel all, understand all. I perticularly felt like I was watching the world move and progress. I made it up stairs into the bathroom with a towel. I looked at myself in the mirror, at my pupils, and noticed they were HUGE. Because I was tripping I felt like they kept getting bigger and bigger like an outward progressing spiral. This made me laugh, I'm not entirely sure why. I turn the shower on and undress. I feel like I'm being watched from everywhere. This feeling is easy to bypass because it is obviously not true, and the universe doesnt care if I'm naked.

I step into the shower/bath combo. The water is very hot and steamy, but comfortable. It really got my trip going more, the walls of the shower were developing small app. Half inch size tiles which were then morphing into hexagons and swirling. I felt extremely euphoric, but also a little unnerving. I figured since I had the opportunity, I will masturbate to see what sex feel slike on acid. There was a wierd auditory effect which made it seem like every sound was at the same pitch, so people would be able to hear the slight tapping sound over the roaring over the water. This was more challenging to bypass, because the feeling kept following me all night, in which I purposely tried to keep my speaking and noise making to a minimun to reduce the chance of seeing someone and having to act sober around them. During the deed, I noticed touch almost felt like numbness, but not like dxm in which it actually was numbness, but like normal sense is replaced with this oversense of everything thats there. Like I could feel my skin, and my skin within my skin. Impossible to describe, but it was a very great feeling. Definetly made masturbation over the top amazing. During the 'peak experience'(not Leary's peak experience lmao) if felt like I lost reality. I fell to my knees in the shower because I was no longer in existence and didnt know how to control my body because everything was a big swirl for a single moment. I came out of it as quick as I went in but it felt like forever at the time. Imediately after my mind dwindled on whether people in my house would hear that and be like,'Wtf did this kid just slip or something?' During part of the shower I started thinking about my father. After feeling depressed for what seemed like a long time but was probably only a few minutes, I came to realize that what happened had only brought us closer. I can't explain it but everything bad that happened had changed us both for the better. This gave me the feeling that I had lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders.

T+2:00- I finished taking the shower and am now back in my room. As I walked through the living room my mother told me that she was going to sleep because no one was around to have a party and watch the ball drop. This lifted another weight as now I had no worry about whether or not I was going to be with her for a decent amount of time.

The time was now app 10:30, and I felt like I had been tripping for days already. This didn't bother me at all, and I liked very much the feeling of having an endless amount of time. I spent most of the next hour or so moving around my room in and out of comfortable positions. I felt like everything kept repeating itself. I felt like I would read a txt, and a minute later get a txt and think that I had already read it. I was focusing alot on my visual field. It seemed that purples and blues were almost dominating, and that hexagons kept forming, moving towards me, then smaller ones would form and do the same thing. It was just like one of those psychedelic moving pictures that you see people have as tags to their forum profiles, where you are entering a coloring and symmetrical tunnel, but instead of being like what I now know is basically tripping on dmt, it was like a clear image of that over what I normally see. From about this point on, most of the experience was combined with different types of music from my ipod, include the beatles, alot of random music that I dont remember(Ipod was stolen long ago) and this one rave song that my friend that does e alot showed me. I first listened to the rave song and it was like my body rejected it. When I turned it on I felt like my ears were exploding and everything that was going on was losing its grip. It seemed like there was so much violence coming from the music. I ripped the headphones out of my ear and changed the song to Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles. This song proved a good choice, as I felt like I knew exactly how John Lennon felt. Back to Understanding thought loops.

T+3:25-I keep moving around on my bed because everywhere that I sit or lay is uncomfortable. Its not like it was ridiculously unbearing, and it didnt change my trip at all, at least that I noticed. I would just lay down, and after a minute realize that I was breathing strangly and start manually breathing. Inhale, exhale, it just became another pattern. I can only assume to everyone else that I could have possible seen, I would look like I was breathing extremely fast, because I would be thinking and enjoying my CEVs; which aren't very much different from the OEVs; and because time is going slow I try to breath at a 'normal' rate but in reality its probably alot faster. My vision is made up of living things, which yes it obviously is, but at the time I never thought about it before. There were floating letters and eyes and pyramids. In the center of my vision is a hexagon that keeps changing sizes and producing more hexagons, and in my peripherals it was mainly intense color and swirling circles that almost looked like diamonds. All of a sudden me moving around induces another Understanding thought loop. I think about how people end up in bad trips. This doesn't bring me down or anything but I keep thinking that I can easily see someone who isn't prepared for this go downhill real fast when it kicks in. This makes me wonder about why I didnt experience a bad trip. I was almost in the perfect set for a bad trip, and it completely reversed on me. I sit and wonder about why people even look at this drug negatively at all, and then am imediatly sucked back into what I had just thought about with how people end up in bad trips. One crazy thought loop, and it really smacked me in the face with a laugh because I had completely forgotten the conclusion I came to not 2 hours ago(two hours in my head, probably not even a minute).

T+3:30-(Its the New Year. Yayy. This moment actually had nothing to do with the bullshit time schedual, but is about a girl. Yes.)
I recieve a txt from MK, a girl that I was interested in for a short amount of time mabye back in august or something, I can't remember. We went out once but she lived extremely far away and I had very few methods of transportation. The text says,' Happy New Years'. I imediately comprehend this as some sort of sign. I'm was at the peak of the greatest experience of my life, and out of nowhere this person txts me(I didn't think about the fact that people send out txts to everybody saying 'Happy New Years').

I send some sort of reply that I can't remember, and we begin to have a conversation. I was amazed. I kept thinking,'What are the odds of her texting me now? Now. NOW. Now?'. I felt like we were having an extremely deep conversation. I hadn't talked to her in probably a few months now. I'm telling her about how I had taken acid and feel like I'm connecting with everything so deeply, about how acid is like a straight up intellectual shot that snaps you right into the most drastic and understanding state of mind. I feel like I feel everything. EVERYTHING. When there is any sort of altered energy you can feel it. Everything exists. And everything that exists is happening now. And it always will be happening now. She didn't and some other people she was with didn't believe me, so I sent them a picture of my eye. After that there was no argument. We continue talking for awhile, and she sends me a text telling me about a kid that is bothering her through text messages. This leads into a downward spiral conversation with me trying to change the subject and ending with her asking me to tell them to stop. Crash, horrible moment. This girl apparently knows nothing about LSD. I felt like she was asking me to go pick a fight with a few 19 years olds.

(I have been a passafist ever since I started smokin pot. Fighting is pointless and doesn't resolve anything but spontanious anger, and the pain you feel afterwards is alot worse than whatever the person did to make you fight them. I'm not talking about physical pain, thats easy to bypass, but the emotional distress that can't be suppressed. Smoking pot just makes me think about it more.)

I asked her what the issue is. Two kids that are 16 and 17 are texting this 13 year old girl asking for pictures of her naked. I laughed to myself, and following was my fear for what the world has become. I sent her a text back saying if she sends it to me ill tell them to stop(definetly was a joke, but also wasn't hoping for her to take it as one). Instantly I'm propelled into a theory creation. I see another simple pattern. Girl talks to boy, boy asks for naked picture, girl says no, boy bothers her more, girl seeks rescue only for the cycle to continue. Before she even replies I tell her my discovery in a text. When I recieve a text back it is replying to what I had first said, saying pretty much omg stopp thats exactly whats been happeniingggg. I send her a text saying Lol while I recieve the txt agreeing with my discovery. Now I'm thinking about how stupid this whole situation was to begin with. Everything thats going on now is. Soon after this I stop talking to Marykate because I couldnt feel the vibration of the phone over the vibration of the music I was listening to in the dark laying on my bed in my room. I feel like my chest is being sucked inward almost. The patterns in my vision or moving in kaliedoscopic rythmes to the music.

T+3:46-I decide now is a good time to go for a short walk to a park near my house. Since its 12:16 I don't have to worry about running into many people when I go out in public. I put my jacket on and place my ipod in the right hip pocket. I wait to put the headphones on untill I get outside so I can make sure I don't make alot of noise leaving. My mother doesn't care if I leave the house, but I don't want to wake anyone up in the middle of the night. Once I get outside I start to get really paranoid. Not 'OMG I'M IN THE DARK, A CREATURES GONNA EAT ME!', I just feel like I'm being watched from all angles. I walk as fast as I can because I feel like I'm moving extremely slow and everyone else will stare at me. I put the music on my ears as I walk up my driveway. Once I get to the top of my small hill, I hear something. I thought it was real at the time so it really freaked me out. I was into the music and lost in my mind and I'm suddenly snapped back to reality by this voice. I automatically whipped out the headphones and turned my head to see if anyone was around. Not a person in sight, no cars. I put my headphones back in. The song hadnt even progressed 2 lines. I was listening to some house music. Not quite as hardcore as the rave music, but it was extremely upbeat for just normal house instead of being like love and ecstasy. The video contained alot of strobe light images so it was definetly the music trippin me out into a much deeper state in which I started hearing things.

(The entire night I felt like I had been hearing things, now that I bring it up. I kept thinking I was hearing like echos, and could hear people conversations perfectly from 20 feet away behind a closed door. And I would think alot and alot and then randomly realize I've been speaking my thoughts out loud, but then I'm not sure if I was actually speaking my thoughts or not. There were times when I definetly had said something. I would be thinking deeply and forget where I am and then randomly snap back because I just began to speak out my thoughts. They were forming abstract sentences when I actually speaked them out. I can't think of an example but it was usually when I was thinking about like the Earths natural beauty, or about how other people were feeling at the moment.)

The walk is about 1/4 mile total. Strange, I didn't remember it taking this long to walk that distance. I feel like cars kept passing me, yet it still seemed like there was a huge gap of time between when the cars would pass. I have to walk up the street, turn left, walk up the street and up a small hill, and cross the street somewhere along the way. I get the sound effect 2 more times before I decide to not put the headphones in again. Its definetly a voice, although I don't understand what its saying, the way it talks sounds almost like entering a tunnel, if that even makes an actual sound other than a placebo from feeling enclosed. It isn't speaking english, but unlike what I hear about the 'mushroom voice' I can't make out what its trying to tell me. I feel like I keep leaning to the side as I walk. I also feel like I'm falling forward and backwards at the same time. Its like a repeating cycle of spiraling patterns, you can feel it and see it. I feel like everyone is in their windows watching me. Even though its pitch black out, it seems ridiculously bright to me. Not like everything is like daytime, but I feel like I can see things that I wouldn't be able to see if I was high at night. I also have no loss in direction, I remember how to get places, where I am and how to get home. I kept hearing stories from this hippy guy I know where people couldn't find there way home on acid. It might have been metaphorical I suppose, but he just seemed like a guy that would go out and do drugs and get fucked up, not like an actual 'hippy'.

After I take the turn I can see the park. It starts about halfway up the hill accross the street, but there is a grassy area accross the street all the way to the light, so I cross right away. I felt like I was gonna see a car coming towards me as I walked accross the street. I wasn't afraid of getting hit or anything, I just felt like I was in the road for so long that a car should have come.

I am across the road and start walking fast again. I would have been doing it the whole time but I forgot that I was going to. I walk by this tree/bush combination that is about 20 feet long and is between the road and where I'm walking. I feel some sort of reassurance that I'm away from peoples eyes.

As I'm walking up the hill, I look at the ground. It seems as if about 4 feet in front of me there is some sort of warped trench in the ground, and it moves forward as I move forward. Tripping outside and at night is truely amazing. Everything feels so calm and connecting. I am now walking across a soccer/Lacross field. The trench goes along with my feeling that I'm falling forward as I walk. I look up at the sky and see the most amazing scene I've ever experienced in my life. As I walked the sky created a multidimensional plain. It was filled with life and diamonds and gigantic pyramids. I couldn't help but get the feeling this is why pyramids popped up all over the world with no connection to each other.

I feel like its taking so long to get across this field. I'm only half way there so I'm gonna start running now. This area seems so open. Seems sketchy to me, as I feel like everyone can see me look like I'm falling forward. There is a snack shack and bathrooms up ahead. In the front of it they made a patio with a roof and a picnik table. There is an extremely bright light coming from the side of the building, but I feel like it reaches everywhere in the whole park. I feel people watching me. I run to the building and stand on a side with shade. I hardly feel comfortable, there is still plenty of light surrounding me. I think about what I would say if I ran into a cop, how it would be easy to lie my way out and walk home, but I wasn't sure if he would notice I was tripping. I know I look fine, but I feel like I don't. I move around the building and sit down at the table on the patio. I'm litterally standing in a bait spot. Its pitch black everywhere for miles and I'm sitting at a table under a light. I start getting extremely nervous. I can't escape the light no matter where I go. I get up and walk on to the parking lot, which is right in front of the patio. There is a large area to park to my left, and a small road leading to another area to park right in front of my. I keep walking in circles in the parking lot without realizing it. I keep walking to one side of the parking lot to see if it will be out of the light, and then I forget what I'm doing only a few feet ahead and stand in place. Then I turn around and walk towards the other side. I will look over at a darker area, and then jog to where it was.When I get there I panic because it is just as bright as before. I go over and sit on a guardrail next to the parking lot. It is just as bright as where I ran from.

(This whole walk is hard to describe in detail because it was really just the same thing happening over and over. Well, the whole trip really was just the same thing happening over and over but either way. I don't make it seem like it would have been that long of a time, but it definetly did feel like hours and hours. I shall move on.)

I look up at the sky to escape the fear I'm experiencing. Its the most amazing thing I've ever seen. The most amazing thing anyone could ever see. I start to tear at the pure bliss I feel. My mind is running extremely wild, and for the first time since I've been out, I think about the temperature. I don't feel cold at all, but I can feel the piercing wind. I look at my hands which have turned bright red. This alarms me, so I reach into my pocket to check the clock on my phone. What the hell its 1:46? I can't help but think how strange it is, not that its been an hour and a half, but that its been exactly an hour and a half. I feel like its telling me to leave this place. I walk across the small road to the buildings side and start crossing the field. I'm moving quickly, fast walking, because this park is making me more and more nervous as time goes on. There is the same pattern on the ground. Its still very strange but it was very cool to look at. I couldn't take the smile off my face.

I feel like its taking even longer to walk this field now. I check my phone again and its already been 7 minutes, the amount of time it takes me to walk a half mile normally. I'm extremely puzzled. I turn my head and look at the parking lot. I watch a police officer pull in to the parking lot of the park. Panicked, I lay in grass because I still feel like the light can reach me(even tho I'm 3/4s of a soccer field away and the light is facing the opposite direction). The car drives to the end of the parking lot, turns around, and exits. It drives up the road towards me, but I'm not near the road so it wasn't close enough to see me. I stand up and jog untill I get across the road. I cross earlier this time, so I'm on the other side of the street on the sidewalk as I walk past the bush/tree combo.

I see the light from a car coming from behind me, and get nervous. I stop moving and pull out my phone, just in case I was walking crooked like I feel like I do, and to make it look like I had a reason to stand in place. All of a sudden I hear a voice. Not the same tunnel sounding voice I heard earlier, but a human, female voice. Its saying,'Hey.' I look next to me and am extremely startled to see a small car, mabye an older honda civic(I was really freaked out because no ones ever pulled over and asked me if I needed a ride before, and I'm on ACID, so I didn't have a chance to look at the car really. I appologize.), parked on the side of the road. A good looking girl of mabye age 19 is asking,' Do you need a ride?'.
'Ehh, No thanks I'm fine. I live right up hear.'I reply slow, I couldn't think of what to say. It felt like I was on the spot.
'Ok,' She drives on. I resume movement towards my house, even more eager to get home. At this point there is a very, very heavy thought that I am going to die if I don't get home soon. I can't feel the temperature difference, so have no idea if I'm in mid hypothermia. I start fast walking again.

I get around the corner and see my driveway. Just another few hundred feet. I put the headphones back in thinking that it will pass time quicker because I know I'll still be walking for a while. I start listening to a song, but am not enjoying it really, I take the headphones out and look down at my Ipod touch. I scroll through my songs to find one a want to listen to. My vision suddenly flashes red and blue, I look up to see a police car about 20 feet ahead driving towards me on the opposite side of the road with his lights flickering. He flicks them on, off, on, off within a second or so duration of time, and keeps driving forward. I feel frozen but can tell my legs are still moving. I keep walking forward and turn around to see if the cop went straight. There was no vehicle on the straight so he must have turned. I get probably one of the worst and scariest feelings I've ever felt(Very very funny and IRONIC that I get this feeling from our 'protectors'), and sprint full throttle towards my driveway. I run down my driveway and get to the stairs leading up to my door, when I hear a car coming. I look at the road and see the police car drive by going in the opposite direction. I sigh in relief and walk up to my door.

I walk through my living room and look at my christmas tree with lights. I stop and stare for moment, and then move towards my room. Once I get inside I turn my light on and crash onto my bed. I filled a void by making it back, but I still feel like I got hypothermia, My hands are not functioning well and are bright red. I run them under cold water in my bathroom for a few minutes. It took a little bit for me to reassure myself, but there is nothing wrong.

T+6:00- The next few hours after 2:30 were not very important to make many notes. I spent most of the time listening to music, and continuously moving around my room in circles. I searched the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles, and was blown away by how perfect of a description for LSD the song is. It may not have had the intent, but it is a vivid picture of a trip put into words. I had to have listened to it 10 times at the least.

T+8:40-I start to use my creative state to draw. I start to draw a few geometric images, forming strange structures resembling different crystal formations. It takes me about an hour to draw a larger hexagon shaped pattern, afterwards I am very proud of my image. I take a picture and send it to one of my friends, with a text saying,' Wait till you trip for the first time.'

T+11:00-I have significantly come down my this point. There is still a very strong sense of visual and physical differences, but its not anywhere near its full capacity. Everything has become dull, and I feel physically strained. I had been up for over 24 hours, and Was ready to pass out, but I was still having extreme difficulty falling asleep. I took out my one hitter and packed it. I took one pull, and imediately brought back some power to the trip, altho not anything spectacular. It gave the trip a less desirable effect, to say the least. I felt more out of control. When I closed my eyes I could see vivid images of what I was thinking of. Its not like I was actually seeing it, but more like my already strong visual sense of memory was heightened. I couldn't control my thoughts as much, and they were leading into a much more negative cycle. I saw abstract images of blood stained walls and felt the pain of everyone.

T+14:40(10:10)-It took me a while but I managed to fall asleep. I still had slight visual alterations. I wasn't still tripping, but I felt like my mind was stretched behond exhaustion.

T+20:00- I am now at the party. Mental effects still linger, and I only got at the most 4 and a half hours of sleep, so I am ready for a full day of rest. I can't decide what to make of my experience. It was definetly a grand one, but I am very afraid to go back into that state of mind any time soon. I feel like I have no desire to take LSD again at all.

(Less than a week later, I dosed about 165mcg in the car on my way to a resort in The Berkshires. After I had time to rest I was eager to make another leap of faith.)

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97314
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Mar 18, 2018Views: 1,694
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LSD (2) : General (1), Various (28)

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