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A Sleight of Hand-Head Trip
Citation:   moe.ron. "A Sleight of Hand-Head Trip: An Experience with 2C-E (exp97320)". Erowid.org. Apr 5, 2018. erowid.org/exp/97320

T+ 0:00
  repeated smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:00     Diphenhydramine
  T+ 0:00 15 mg oral 2C-E
  T+ 5:00 15 mg smoked DMT
  T+ 8:30 35 mg insufflated Methoxetamine
Chemical: 2c-e, dmt, mxe, cannabis
Dose: 15 mg, 15 mg, 35 mg, repeated

3:00 am Restless from an uneasy sleep. I am called to begin the day tripping. For some reason, somehow 2C-E had worked its way back into my rosters, despite schedulings as of late.

Note: It was its close cousin 2c-p, which about a year and half ago gave me such a life shattering trip, that seemed to initiate months of HPPD afterwords I have been quite scared away from phenthylamines. However symptoms seem to have dissipated within the last 6 months and I have been tripping fine since, but the lesson was learned.

False start. I may try to smoke a bowl then go back to bed or I may weigh 14 mg of 2c-e into a capsule.

5:00 AM Well I went back to sleep for an hour or so but the time is now. Might have some food and benzos still in my stomach from the night before, so I am expecting somewhat of a toxic come up, and throwing up inevitable. Its been about 2 years since my initial trials with 2c-e. Nervous and excited. Going to watch some Cosmos’s to pass time by during the come up. Really, really not looking forward to it, but this mind frame is just building and perpetuating anxieties and bad vibes. Took a benadryl an hour ago, well see if that helps with the nausea; I've had mixed results in the past.

15 mg of 2c-e taken orally. Will smoke a bowl to soothe per trip jitters.

5:15 Some tension, stretching, burping, and other hints that this things is digesting in my body. Mood is positive but this may be from my nostalgia brought together by watching and re-watching this always continuously awes inspiring and humbling mini series of Carl Sagan.

5:25 I feel my consciousness slipping away as an alien anxiety and energy begin to manifest. It is getting harder to focus on TV, but just hardly so. Things seem to just be getting started. Everything else in me is a still, a calm before the storm perhaps. Stomach already turning.

5:55 Some nausea but really that is the only bad effect, except for the fact that all the other effects are certainly manifesting. But the st ill the come up is only getting started and it's all in it's infancy. Energy is filling me though, no doubt about it.

6:00 Stretching and yawning but everything still to vague to say, its really under way. The current episode of Cosmos is winding up, might try to watch the next episode assuming I am not to intoxicated to do so. This nausea isn’t bad but it just sits there in my stomach as if it was saying “I'm not doing anywhere unless its back up your mouth.”

6:05 Color saturation and some mild tracers from the beginning stages of the visual part of this. I feel altered in my mind as well but its just too abstract to put my finger on. Certainly the gaba depressants and antihistamines in my system might be a little role, or this trip just might take longer to get going then I remember it. No bad vibes but I am anxious to get this trip under way. Carl Sagan serving as an excellent guide to lifting pre trip anxiety away, and leading me into a realm where everything is possible and nothing is. whether he subconsciously knew it knew it or not that the final product of Cosmos would be of such value to trippers, who knows. To leave you pondering about what the fuck is going on here?

6:15 About to smoke a bowl, will probably be my last for the hour.

6:30 After just a few hits the trips is amplified in almost every way.

6:45 Time dilation apparent, visual activity growing as well, not quite yet forming lines of sacred geometry. But higher still I go. visual hues get darker, lights and reflections, brighter, Tracers are still pretty mum but wow. It feels gentle bust strong at his dose, like things could get ominous, but I don't detect bad vibes anywhere when I stop to look.

650: Body high is beginning to envelope me. It becomes harder to hold onto thoughts. Visually nothing spectacular and I have to go looking for them at this point.

6:55 This feels good in a way, but I don't know what to do with it, difficult indeed. A lot of energy in me but I can't spend it productively at this level of nausea. Significant analytical up boost but my mind is much to high to even hit a pipe.

7:10m I find myself falling into a psychedelic stupor more and more so every second. I don't think I will throw up. I am thirsty but but I will hold off on the water until my stomach settles a bit more. Visuals are very very pretty, color manipulation and psychedelics swirls making soup out of eye sight. Closed eyes reveal a networking of lines intermingling made of strange lean colors. Music is connecting more and more with me, but I can't feel the groove if I try dancing. Find its most comfortable to ball up and feel good stretching all over everything in every part of my body.

7:20 I guess I recall from my previous experiments with 2c-e a 3 hour or longer come up, because I do feel like I am still “coming up”, but not all the way there yet. Or did I just under dose? My stomach has been somewhat more bothersome then I like from a substance, but otherwise the trip is a pretty one, the mind set analytically psychedelic. I never feel confused or lost but always at one with this foreign agent in my body. The dose was low but it was still taking control of the wheels and gears of my brain as best it could.

7:40 So I probably took a cautiously low dose and for good reason, no need to jump head first back into things. My phenthylamine use over the years have taught me a harsh but profound lesson repeatedly; if you don't respect us you will get burned.

But 15 mg was as 15 mg should be, for me I imagine, so maybe another 4 mg next time I am look for a full immense experience type trip. Nausea finally eases away, leaving me with this buzz and a want to dance I can now satisfy. I also feel quite a bit more like I'm coming out of the peak and I can tell the residual roles of my last nights consumptions of phenazepam and phenibut had played. Is keeping the annals of my mind quite a bit more laid back and positive then otherwise they might be.

8:15 Been a a minute since my last check up. Trip finally let go of its nausea So I've been dancing to SCI and smoking herb ever since. Visuals are only light-medium at this dose but very noticeable. Closed eye imagery seems to take off into a realm of imagery imaging then actually seeing things unfold.

8:40 I keep drinking water, slowly. Must admit visuals are quite amazing. Particularly the ones forming geometry on my ceiling and walls. My vision is vibrating so hard, I almost have double vision in some cases, but its all just icing on the psychedelic soup.

9:40 Shortly after last check in trip seemed to explode into full plus +++

10:00 2C-E has proven a formidable ally. I remember smoking 15 mg pf dmt, it added wonderfully to the trip and had quite a strange vision indeed, I can recall it clearly, but to attempt to put into words, I'll spare you. I remember as I transitioning back from dmt land into 2c-e worlds what it is about these chemical that produce such fleeting magic in the brain, yet it felt like the drugs were playing a slight of hand trick on me. I missed the message, maybe next time.

10:15 Turn on an episode of psychonautica.

11:00 trip plateaued into a ++ bordering +++ but just coming off in waves. Feel exhausted so I imagine the checks ins will be much less frequent and long winded variety. Time to pick up the pieces.

11:30 Eating easy and Delicious.

1:30 Trip was still just hanging around so I inhale 35 mg of mxe

Post Script: That was the last note taken. The drugs combined wonderfully and I just melted into my couch with fantastic music for an hour or so as it bathed me in bliss. When I came out of stupor, the 2c-e continued fading into the night. And that's all that there is to be said.

Experience Date: Early July?, 2012

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97320
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 5, 2018Views: 2,045
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2C-E (137) : General (1), Alone (16)

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