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Worm Olympics 2012 in the Dirt
by Buttnut
Citation:   Buttnut. "Worm Olympics 2012 in the Dirt: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp97365)". Feb 19, 2013.

  repeated smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)


This is one of those special occasions when things turn out a lot different than you expected, in an engrossingly out of hand and spiritual way in a sense. I am 19 years old, and I have done many mind alternating drugs in my high school summers. I am still quite soft though compared to many, probably because I live in one of the most anti drug countries on the planet (I’ll give you a hint, it is on the Asian side of the planet.) This happened just about 24 hours ago so I still have a semi clear sense of what had happened to my mind and body.

JWH-018 also known as spice is the compound that could completely turn your mind upside down.

I’ve done the spice many times before because it is next to impossible to get pot in this anonymous country, until this year when I got a really good pot connection. The spice itself has always given me this mellow feeling close to pot, but it doesn’t last that long. I was ripping it out of a bong yesterday with my two buds in a 90s benz (one being the dealer, who was out of pot at the moment.) I completely underestimated the power of this great synthetic product, and even though the dude warned me, I took the giant rips regardless. I remember I was already feeling it after the first giant hit. Everything was already getting shifty about two minutes in, I don’t actually remember if I took more rips, I’m pretty sure I did though.

The high went from highest to worse. One moment I was laughing at how much spice I was smoking and how much of a synthetic high it gave me, the next moment I was in a completely different realm. I have gotten ego death. “I” wasn’t the proper noun to use in that phrase because there was no longer “I”. I was stuck in a completely different dimension where time and everything that existed didn’t. I was literally trapped in this video loop of friend 'a' getting in the car and telling friend 'b' he got his keys, and asking if I was okay.

“hey *friend b’s name*, I got your keys.”
“hey *my name*, are you alright?”

And the 15 second video loop just starts over, over and over again for almost an eternity. I actually thought I was dead at the point, and even though I’m not exactly religious or anything. I thought that a greater being put me into that void for all the bad things I’ve done. Now, I’m not exactly that bad of a kid. But I was CONVINCED that something grand like that was happening, at that time, I didn’t ever remember smoking the spice or even existing. I thought I was going to be trapped in that video limbo for eternity, death felt like it was way better. In that realm, I completely forgot that I was human or even a living being or anything that ever existed. I describe that feeling like an x10 salvia extract trip. But the thing was, I was totally not expecting anything like that just from doing bong rips of spice. After an eternity of the video loop. I spoke to my friend later that night and he said I was completely still and my eyes were open the entire time.

After the vortex, I fell into what I could only describe as an adventure trip. I remember having team mates fighting specific enemies where I had to go assist them in the fight with my “wolverine claws” It was a good fight for all I can remember. I remember during the fight, an image pops in from time to time of my friend b trying to talk to me outside on the street. It felt like a de ja vu, I thought it was just a scrambled up memory I had from before, but it turned out that him talking to me was actually happening in the normal three dimensional world. I was later teleported back to the real world, but I completely believed that the whole hero fight thing was still going on, I completely did. I wasn’t myself either, I was some tall dude with long hair with wolverine claws. I was trying to get back to the fight, and the area I was in seemed familiar to where that fight was going on ( which was something like a mall, for all I can remember.) I was running all over the place, and I could distinctively remember seeing myself in third person perspective while I was running from block to block.

I started to panic really hard because I believed that these ‘teammates’ really needed my help or else they’d get their ass kicked by the evil regime or something. I also remember trying to teleport back to the battle ground which I failed to do so. So I ran and ran and ran, and according to my friend, I jumped over some fence at some apartment complex, which I could only vividly remember. I couldn’t remember much after I jumped over the fence and lose my friend’s tail. I just remember ending up at a park near by, I really could not recall how I got there, and I laid face down into the grass. The hero fight delusion most likely dissolved by that time, that was about 30 minutes after I ripped it but I can’t be sure.

Crazy shit happened while I laid my face in the dirt. I think I saw a worm or a turtle or something. And there was some sort of worm Olympics I think that was happening in the grass. And I was able to control one of the worms on my will to be the worm Olympics competitor. I was fucking out of my mind. It was like an arcade video game on the fucking dirt. I remember games like snake, street fighter references, and many other arcade shit was going on ant IT WAS ALL UNDER MY CONTROL. My worm was the champion, I was surprised too, because I was stoned off my ass. But to think about it, the whole worm Olympics shit don’t just simply happen.

Later there was some kinda worm video montage commercial, THAT WAS CRAZY. I could barely explain it in words. Like all the worms represent a country and they get armor upgrades and gets laid by all the chicks and stuff. And I remember every time these visuals appear in the grass, my worm laughs hysterically like he was completely stoned or something, and I laugh too because of the worm’s laugh. Maybe it was just me laughing instead of the worm, but the voice sounded a lot deeper. Later my phone rang because my buds were trying to call me, and it followed with the craziest throw up fit I ever had. I literally threw up for maybe 10 minutes straight. I could even taste my lunch coffee for god sakes and all of this crazy shit happened at mid night. After my endless bazooka vomit, I finally started to sober up a little bit, and I realized that the dealer left and my dear friend 'a' came to save my balls. I could finally kinda get a grip at reality at the time but I was still very discorridenated (I walked like a complete drunkard) but I was glad at the time that I didn’t throw up all over my shirt.

Sound and vision was still a bit distorted after my grand trip, and it kinda felt like how the trip started out (that really high feeling.) We later went to the convient store and got ourselves some milk tea, and chilled out a little bit. (I’m pretty glad he was there or I couldn’t been ran over my a car earlier or worse.) When we finally ended up home, we started to watch fight club and I drifted straight to sleep. I still feel a little bit strange ever after 24 hours at the moment. I mean its not like I see fucking worm Olympics or anything, but something just feels a little off. I get the clings when I yawn like what happens after a night of a DXM binge.

The overall experience actually wasn’t that bad, but I really wasn’t expecting it so it scared the hell out of me. I wish I’d feel better when I have a full rest today, and I really gotta say. The natural herbs always beats the synthetic, unless you’re looking for a crazy ass trip like mine, anyway thanks for readying and sorry about the bad grammar, I frankly don’t give a damn and I’m off to sleep. PEACE

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97365
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Feb 19, 2013Views: 5,625
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JWH-018 (483) : Difficult Experiences (5), Overdose (29), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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