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Time Travel, Wormholes and Such
Salvia divinorum
by ryecatcher
Citation:   ryecatcher. "Time Travel, Wormholes and Such: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp9739)". Oct 7, 2001.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (plant material)


I had read much about Salvia and ordered a quantity of dried leaves, which sat in my closet for a good many months. I was intrigued by the plant, but hesitant and, yes, a bit scared of trying it due to the vast numbers of completely bizarre reality melting trip reports I had read. After coming to a peace with it, I decided it was time.

First time. Set and setting was home, in the entertainment room, with my wife and our various animals (two dogs two cats), peaceful familiar domesticity, calm thoughts, with a little of that “I’m about to go on a rollercoaster” anticipation. One of her favorite CDs, Pure Moods (I can’t remember whether it was I or II) was playing softly in the background. A quantity of finely crushed leaves was set aside in a bowl, and another bowl set aside for the remains. A medium water pipe with –very- cold water and ice would be used to ingest the smoked Salvia and lessen the harsh effects I had read about. I prayed to God for protection and discernment, a must before any chemical exploration as far as I am concerned. This first time, we both smoked at the same time, alternating bowls. We both smoked about three bowls each before we went “sideways”.

Almost immediately after the first bowl, a tingle began in the back of my head and proceeded to the sides. This was accompanied by a vibration, somewhat unpleasant, which felt like a low level A/C electrical field. If you ever stuck a coat hanger in the electrical outlet when you were a kid, you’ll know what I’m talking about, although not nearly as “shocking.” I felt myself pulled inexorably towards the left, like a wormhole had opened up and was sucking us in. My wife was feeling it too, like a river of energy flowing across the floor. She lifted her legs off the floor so as not to get pulled in. At the same time, I was conscious of the room, which was largely unchanged. I tried to relax as much as possible, which was not easy for me due to the dogs and cats prowling around. I did not want to be in hyperspace and have an animal jump on me. In retrospect, this limited my voyage somewhat. Nevertheless, I crossed my legs, and let go.

My head and neck felt like they craned to the side, like my neck was going to snap, and then my consciousness came out of the top of my body and sort of “looked around.” In this dual state of being, I realized my body would take care of itself and be there waiting for me when I returned. I (my soul, my true being) went off to explore. I felt my body again, only this time I felt sand. Through closed eyes, I saw the sun overhead. I felt its warm rays, and the warmth of the sand. I “looked” around with every sense but my sight, and I knew I was outside, in a desert (though my real body was in the middle of suburbia in a subtropical swamp). The feeling was utterly convincing, though my analytical mind knew that it was not “real”. I felt a presence there, too, a large American Indian man who was just outside of my range of “vision.” The sun began to pulse, as if there were giant fan blades in front of it. I was coming down. As I looked up, I saw the fan in my own house.

I realized then that there were no lights on, so the brightness and warmth of the sun must have been in a different (place, reality, dimension). I also noticed that the song that was playing had a native American theme to it. I felt sleepy, but excited that this stuff actually worked (and its legal!). My wife was less successful. She definitely felt it, but was reluctant to let go. She was also not very verbal about her trip. I asked her if she saw the Indian and the sun and the desert, and she just chuckled, telling me she didn’t get “sucked into the stream.” The aftereffects were pleasant, with very sedated and tired-feelings.

Second time. Set and setting was neighbor’s house, who both share similar interests. He was blasting something or other on the stereo, a live concert, not bad, but not my bag either. He was eager to try the Salvia, not believing that it worked. It should be mentioned that a completely psychotic –large- dog that I did not fully trust was present with us. This time, I felt the same pulling, but wanted more of “myself” to remain behind in case of dog attack, etc. I got lost in the music, and pictured myself at the concert. I felt melancholia at the thought of doing nothing but going to concerts, getting chemically “enhanced” and generally living out that lifestyle. I was in this recursive loop for what felt like weeks. It was a sort of loop that was pleasant, but, ultimately, not fulfilling, to be stuck in. I came back pretty quickly (real time). All present (first time with Salvia, though experienced with all manner of goods in the pharmacopoeia) had trouble letting go, and were surprised by the power and rapid onset of the leaf.

Third time’s the charm. Set was a deep yearning to go a mystical voyage, not having done any chemical alterations in a good long while (months). I had also began a fast (less than a day), and had come back from church after a powerful (for me) worship session. I had tried previously in the day to take Salvia orally using the quid method, eager for a longer voyage. I got nothing but a mild “stoned” feeling, and general repulsion at the sickly soapy taste of the leaves.

I had, I should mentioned, also ingested three hours prior a small quantity of “cactus crud” from previous San Pedro journey. It was a sub-threshold dose that teased me all day, but it did nothing but pleasantly relax me. Setting was with my wife in our quiet bedroom, no dogs or cats, phones off, everything electrical off, windows open on a beautiful day. We took turns tripping this time, since the trips were so short. I smoked one and a half bowls before I got pulled. I asked my wife not to smoke until I got back and to watch over me. I closed my eyes, and I was seven years old again in Miami. I felt the familiar feelings, smells, sounds, coming back from so long ago.

My mind switched to Spanish. The innocence of that age was astounding, and it painted a giant grin on my face. I generally felt ecstatic at my life, and how it had wound its way to this perfect point in time now that I was simultaneously sharing with my wife. I thanked the Lord over and over for these feelings, and for that so-real journey into my past. As I got more integrated into “reality”, I realized that part of what I was hearing in my Salvia dream was a neighbor’s t.v. from far away. It was crystal clear during the Salvia dream, but barely audible now.

From the outside looking in: My wife smoked one and a half bowls, I took the pipe from her and cleared the bed, and she leaned back and shut her eyes. She didn’t want me “staring at her” so I leaned back and closed my own eyes, still reveling in the trip in time I had taken. If felt the elements of fear, childhood fears and more demonic fears, attempting to worm their way into the space.

I knew that the prayer was keeping them at bay, so the experience continued to be pleasant. She was back up in about two or three minutes, asking how long she had been gone for. At first I thought it hadn’t worked. Apparently, it must have felt like hours, because she was very surprised at the length of time. She was again hesitant to let completely go. She felt that there were childhood memories from her past that she did not want to come to such close contact with as I had done. For her, Salvia had been and still is “interesting” but disconcerting and not altogether pleasant. Truth be told, this was my first pleasant experience with it. My previous ones were on the “interesting, but what just happened?” side.

Some observations:

Be careful out there, physically, psychically, and spiritually. Peace.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9739
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 7, 2001Views: 27,500
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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