My Hand Melted Into My Forehead
Citation:   Caio Cezar. "My Hand Melted Into My Forehead: An Experience with LSD (exp97458)". Jul 16, 2017.

  repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral LSD  
I remember the first time this happened to me. It was a night of madness. We all ate the acid inside the house and waited for it to kick in. then we continued smoking marijuana like crazy, as we were doing before, the whole afternoon, and drinking beer, hanging out.

Man, it was the strongest trip everyone had ever had. As I was the most drug hungry, I took twice more than them. It was sometime at night already, and we were being very noisy with the music playing really loud and everyone screaming to talk to each other. The new sensations and thoughts we becoming more apparent and we perceived quickly that something was changing. We were all going mad. At some point I forgot I had taken the drug.

I went to the kitchen and became fascinated by Portuguese tiles on the wall! Oh my, were they beautiful! Patterns of interlocking rings of the most vivid blue, each one slowly turning, clockwise and counter-clockwise. My resting right hand melted against my forehead, and the Pink Floyd album playing on the background was my only reality. “What are these weird and exquisitely beautiful noises?!” I didn't even remember who they were, or that there was any way out of that sound. And that was just the first wave.

After that, my friend asked me to roll us a joint and I couldn't really recognize his face, only stare at it. It was so beautiful and expressive! Midway rolling the joint, I caught myself wondering where did that green thing come from and what was it for and why they were so eagerly waiting for it. I couldn't finish the joint and handed it away to my friend.

I felt the whole house we were in was alive. Everything breathed. I had no concept of me. I had no idea who I was. I tried at some point to hang on to the memories or places or duties that were familiar to me, whatever I thought would made me, me, because I was terrified. All in vain. I was gone.

When we all went out the backyard to have the smoke, one of my friends commented that soon it would be the break of dawn. Only then, I realized time was split into daylight time and nighttime. I didn't even remember that! Then, my friend handed me some bread and I just stared at it. He said: Eat it! Do you know how to do it?!” Haha! I got a kick from it, because indeed I had forgot we human beings eat! And that reminded me that we are all animals.

So much had been experienced that I was getting exhausted of everything and was wondering a way out of that. All that existence. I thought, “Maybe if I sleep, I’ll be able to rest from all this...” But then I realized there’s no way out. Sleeping wouldn't satiate my need. I needed a break from existence.

Then we heard the cops siren! Everyone went crazy. We all started running nonsense and they shouted from the outside: “Stop right there!” Man, that was the rush of my life! So I froze right there at the corridor, totally frozen, and waited. One of my friends went up the stairs and saw through the balcony a police car and two cops arresting a shirtless man on the street. On our street. He came back and told everybody it was going to be okay, that they weren’t raiding the house and we wouldn’t go to jail or get killed.

After that, we chilled a bit, and I came down very fast. The sun shone and two of my friends went to the bake house and bought us all some orange juice and freshly baked bread for breakfast.


Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 97458
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jul 16, 2017Views: 1,034
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LSD (2) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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