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Visions of Our Future
Citation:   cryptix420. "Visions of Our Future: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & DPT (exp97516)". Sep 16, 2012.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:30 50 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
I had been clean from cannabis for over 60 days at the time of this psychedelic voyage. It was the longest break I'd had from smoking since I started; 4 years of sweet, skunky, and often blueberry flavored bong hits (or should I say water pipe?).

In the present, I definitely consider myself a fairly hardcore drug addict. However, at the time of the trip, I wasn't fully aware of this somewhat monumental factoid. I had a stash of various psychotropics, namely some dipropyltryptamine [DPT] and four 1mg blotters of 25i-NBOMe. In my mind, it had been faaar too long since any altering of my conscious mind had taken place. I planned to trip just this once, just ONE last time, and leave it at that (LOL). I was really going to cross the line from a recreational drug 'abuser' to a recreational drug 'user'! I couldn't have been more wrong.

On to the trip. I took a single 1mg blotter sometime around 10pm. I was told they were ~1mg each, so I wanted to test their potency. It had been about 5 months since my last experience with psychedelics (excluding cannabis).

T + 1:00 - I realized that this was the first time I'd ever gone into a trip with a complete lack of THC in my bloodstream. It was then that I noticed a very uncomfortable body load coming on; this was somewhat frightening. I was laying down in bed with my door closed, as I lived with two roommates who weren't really down with the tripping scene (more the alcohol types). My visual field slowly began to come to life, and colors took on more vibrancy & richness. I also started to notice an itch-like, painful sensation all around my body, from my chest to my toes to the top of my head; I attributed it to the vasoconstriction that 25i is anecdotally reported to induce in many individuals. I pondered how much weed really must've blocked the negative physical sensations in my past tangles with Ms. Nbome. It is quite a jarring experience to go from being stoned all the time to being sober…..I noticed a lot of things in my body that had been perpetually masked by the fuzzy high of weed.

T + 1:30 - It was now time for the inevitable; the dreaded psychedelic trip to the bathroom. I snuck out of my room, fearing my huge pupils giving me away if I ran into my roomies. Once in the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and was greeted by surprisingly normal sized pupils. I thought it was rather odd to have a lack of mydriasis when tripping (though this is not the first time I've experienced this on 25i).

I had to pee, so while trying my best to avoid looking at all the pubic hairs around the rim and yellow crust on the floor that I hadn't noticed before, I lifted the lid and pulled my dick out (please excuse my french). This was the most bizarre experience I'd ever had with peeing; you see 25i lights up my brain's neural networks in very interesting ways. It makes me feel very 'aware' of all the processes and chemical communication happening to make being a conscious human being possible.

Once I released my muscles and tried to let the urine stream begin, nothing came out. It is probably worth mentioning that for some reason I had an erection, so peeing is naturally difficult in that state. In slow motion, I could feel my brain signaling to my penis to slowly open one trap door at a time (yes I am thinking of the titanic and it's many compartments), all the way to the tip, until sweet VICTORY!! If I remember correctly, your body shuts the pubes from the bladder when you are erect, to keep from pissing when having sex or sleeping (unless you're into that sort of thing). It was a fascinating if somewhat uncomfortable thing to have happen.

T + 2:00 - All of the basic elements of a trip on 2c-i-NBOMe were present; the random bouts of colors & shapes appearing in the air, feeling stimulated but still able to lay still, sense of heightened awareness/understand the world around and in me, fairly lucid thought processes (although definitely altered in an empathetic way), and notably not very enhanced appreciated of music (LSD takes the cake there in my opinion), but the trip was still lacking compared to what I'd had in mind when I dove into this adventure. I wasn't enjoying music that much, and was stuck in my bedroom wide awake for the next 8-10 hours.

T + 2:30 - I definitely had not originally planned to ingest any DPT on this night, considering it's haughty status as a sacrament for the Temple of the True Inner Light, and oft-referred to nickname 'The Flesh of Christ' (come to find out a very appropriate moniker). The sum of what I'd read led me to believe that DPT should not be taken unless one is seeking 'a PEAK experience' and we're talking a Himalayan, Mt. Everest-y kind of peak. This stuff just has a rap for being intense and decorated with spiritual/holy overtones. After trying it I would agree with all of these statements.

I took out my sacred box of psychotropics from it's nestle on my closet shelf, and removed the baggie labelled 'DPT ~100mg each'. On the top of my box of Rosetta Stone (which I fucking STILL haven't started, damn procrastination, I'll learn Spanish soon enough, just after this glass of wine), I emptied out half of one capsule; approximately 50mg, weighed on my friends milligram scale. This stuff has a very pungent tryptamine odor to it, very reminiscent of dimethyltryptamine. Before then, I'd never known a white powder to emit and odor with a strength close to that of cannabis! I knew I was in for some kind of a ride…I thrive on novelty, and so was enthusiastic if somewhat nervous to try a relatively unknown combination of drugs. I'd never even tried DPT on it's own, so I was particularly full of adrenaline for the newness that awaited.

My friend had warned me that the drip was pretty nasty; I'm not partial to insufflation, but it was the only way to go this time. There is no way in hell I will touch any needles (supposedly the most spiritual route of administration) and orally requires higher doses with a reportedly unpleasant and long duration. Intravenous drug use is about as bad and 'point-of-no-return' as it gets when it comes to drug use anyway. I lined up the powder, and while wearing my bulky over-ear headphones and pajamas, seeing by candlelight, rolled up a bill, crouched down and breathed in the line of chemical.

My friend's warning had been an understatement of epic proportions; the drip was absolutely, gut-wrenchingly disgusting. It made me cough up a lung as the taste was so caustic. I could tell this was almost a defense built into the drug; there is no way I could do that more than once in a great while. It made me think of what it would probably be like to crush up moth balls mixed with battery acid and ajax and snort that. It totally caked the back of my throat, instantly transforming it into sandpapery goodness. It's like enjoying a nice drywall sandwich. I then stumbled back into bed and awaited the mental fireworks.

T + 2:50 - This stuff came on quick. Real quick. 15 or so minutes after the initial insufflation, it was already apparent that I had stumbled onto something very special. A similar feeling to my first experiences with mushrooms and LSD. The trip had a distinct tryptamine flavor about it. [I used to hear people say things like this, saying that tryptamines and phenethylamines have two distinct mental aromas, and wonder what the hell they were talking about. I thought every drug was different and unique. While this is true, there are definitely similarities between drugs like the 2c's, NBOMe's, and MDMA vs. LSD, DMT, or mushrooms. Personally I prefer tryptamines; they just seem to work better with my body.]

I have only done DMT a handful of times, so I'm not used to a psychedelic kicking in such a rapid manner. The caustic chemical drip had begun to subside, and in it's stead waves or energy and color began to course through and around me. Then the impossible unfolded before my very eyeballs…Twizzler like strands of color started bursting out of the walls surrounding my bed. It's like in Donnie Darko, when the air bubbles come out of peoples' chests and Donnie can see peoples' trajectories in the universe; I could see the trajectory of these energy beams in similar fashion. They would wind down and down and down honing in directly onto my pupil. This was a serious breakdown of my visual field; I was understanding the visual processing center of my brain in a way I'd come close to with my first trip on 25i (but that took nearly 4mg of 25i to achieve).

I felt if I was able to stay in this state for long enough, I could solve some of the cosmos' most complex mysteries, such as traveling at the speed of light. There was no space around me, just waves of energy, constantly changing. The idea of human beings possessing some sort of sixth sense is admittedly a little farfetched sounding, but I believe in it none the less. I know what I have experienced. I only wish we could raise awareness as to the existence of energy, and how much an individual's aura and energy field affects those around them. Back to the DPT! I was now laying on my stomach, clutching a pillow underneath my arms and laying my head down, enjoying the Inception-like scene playing out before me. At this point, the intensity meter ramped up exponentially. The energy beams coming down from the ceiling began to penetrate my epidermis; really I no longer even had skin. I had become transparent, and all my blood vessels & arteries were shockingly apparent to my naked eye. The energy in the room turned blue and then connected & became one with my bloodstream; it was a freaky, chilling sensation. I am all about being in touch with the world around me, but I just felt so exposed without my skin. I had to look away from my arms, so I put my head in the pillow and closed my eyes. What followed was something so powerful I would go as far as to call it a possible 'vision'.

T + ??? - I lost track of time, time doesn't exist anyway. I slipped into a psychedelic trance. For some period of time, I had no recollection of being in/possessing a physical body, an ego, or even the fact that I had taken a drug (as there was no I). I had stepped into the realm of pure experience, truly living in the moment. [I find this to be one of the more beautiful aspects of altering one's mind with powerful psychoactives. I often think of dogs when it comes to an example of living in the here and now. I don't know of many dogs that hold grudges, or worry about what they are going to do tomorrow. Granted, their brains are the size of a hazelnut].

So, I'd left my body and was transported an alternate dimension; an infinitely large black space, with our planet Earth in the middle of the 'room' [it felt almost like a theater, more 3D though. It was as if I was observing the Earth from the Moon. In the blink of an eye, the Earth transformed. No longer were there rich ocean blue, patches of vibrant green, sandy brown, and little patches of white clouds - now it was replaced by a casing of silver metal. It reminded me of the matrix when they first break Neo out of the Matrix. Neo takes the pill and then starts to become taken over by liquid metal, before he essentially goes through a death and rebirth. The whole vision had a feel very reminiscent of Terminator. Out of the silver metal, massive robotic arms shot out of the planet, and began waging war on the humans. I could hear horrifying sounds as if far off in the distance; people screaming, bomb blasts & explosions, a lot of tears and grief, just a general sense of mass chaos and loss on the planet. It seemed that something very, very bad had happened on the Earth. All the systems that people had come to depend on had failed in a catastrophic way. People were in a frenzied panic, only wanting to be with the ones they loved.

I remember exploding out of the trance-like state, jerking my head up, and being left with a string of intense emotions. Suffering. Loss. Hardship. Agony. Growth or extinction? I was utterly terrified and couldn't (and still barely can) make heads or tails of what I felt I'd just been shown. I took out my journal, and in massive text on the front page I scribbled in all caps, 'TECHNOLOGY IS OUR DOWNFALL'.

T + 4:30 - The DPT had mostly worn off at this point, and I spent the rest of the night riding out the remaining visuals and trippyness. The combo had been very satisfactory; I felt that the 25i elevated my awareness and understanding of my sensory inputs, which in turn allowed the DPT to flesh out much more and reach every last atom of my existence. Residual mental stimulation lasted for a solid 12-14 hours (probably a bit longer than normal due to the synergistic stimulation). I jotted down some self-improvement notes in my journal, such as 'eat Earth's food, not manmade', 'meditate & stretch daily', and 'stop biting fingernails'. I am doing well in all areas save the meditation, a bit more self-discipline needed there.

That's about all I remember about the trip itself, but there are a few other things I want to close with. This 'one last time' trip turned into a 4 month hardcore binge on various psychedelics/dissociatives. Abuse as they call it. I do not regret this, as both good and bad came from it. The good - a lot of mental material to work on integrating to improve my quality of life and the relationships I have with people, new perspectives on energy and how the world/universe works in general, spiritual conviction, and countless good times I will always remember and hold dear to my heart. The bad - drug induced psychosis resulting in severed ties with my mom, grandma, best friend/tripping buddy, as well as my lover of 7 years, depleted neurotransmitters, and perhaps worst of all a lifelong addiction to drugs, with which I am currently struggling.

Safe tripping, peace, and Love be with all of you.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97516
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 16, 2012Views: 14,614
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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