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A Little Of Everything
Buprenorphine, Clonazepam & 2C-B
Citation:   Solid Snake. "A Little Of Everything: An Experience with Buprenorphine, Clonazepam & 2C-B (exp97559)". Jan 28, 2013.

T+ 0:00
0.4 ml oral Pharms - Buprenorphine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 0.5 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:10 0.5 bowls smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:45     Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 1:00 8 mg oral 2C-B  
  T+ 1:55 0.5 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:00 2 mg oral 2C-B  
  T+ 4:15 0.4 ml oral Pharms - Buprenorphine (liquid)
  T+ 4:15 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
My friend and I had been waiting for 5 months to go see an electronic music concert at an Opera House. The DJ is Amon Tobin who features a huge set of giant white cubes stacked in different shapes and forms. The images are projected from four gigantic projectors and the result is absolute sensory overload. Being that we have extensive experience with a variety of substances, we wanted to create a combination that would be appropriate for the setting (i.e. a formal opera house with assigned seating and people of all ages). Our final agreement was a combination that would hopefully seriously chill us out while giving almost an ecstasy euphoria coupled with very mild LSD-like visuals. The following is our experience.

7:45pm: Meet up at my friends house. We both last ate 3-4 hours prior. Discuss the nights plans, etc. We decided to take the light rail as a safe means of transportation and had to leave by 8:25pm to reach it in time.

8:15pm: We both take .4 mL of pure liquid buprenorphine subliminally. We both have experience with a range of opiates, however no high tolerances to opiates or prior addictions. We both take one .5mg Klonopin at this time too.

8:25pm: Split one bowl of sativa-dominate hybrid Lambs Bread MMJ. Aside from the immediate head rush from the MMJ and slight onset of the buprenorphine we are sober. We are both extremely experienced smokers, although not all day every day pot heads.

8:50pm: Arrive at the light rail station. I buy my round trip ticket. At this point the Klonipin is making it's appearance. I have prior experience with Klonopin however no tolerance. Feeling very relaxed with a good head buzz from the buprenorphine and energetic/anxious from the MMJ.

9:00pm: Arrive at the opera house. It's a complete mishmash of people young and old and everything in between. Feeling slightly anxious and decide to go in and grab a beer.

9:15pm: I bust open my 20mg cap of 2CB which I acquired from a reputable source and am confident of it's purity and weight. We split most of it, approx. 8mg each and save the rest for later. We decided on 8 mg to get us slightly past threshold without a full blown trip in the middle of a crowded opera house.

9:45pm: Opening act comes on, a mix of mind-blowing bass and calm and collected ambient music. We both find the music extremely relaxing. The beer has amplified the effects of the buprenorphine and the Klonopin and the mix of all three in combination with the MMJ leaves us giddy and talkative while also extremely relaxed, almost melting into the seat.

10:10pm: The 2CB makes it's first appearance. Everything seems louder, the opening DJ's ambient music coupled with hundreds of people's voices echoing against the tall ceilings of the opera house seem to blend together. When turning around to view the crowd the bright lights seems to cast a haze over the whole theater. At this time I pop another .5 mg Klonopin in anticipation of the mind-blowing set that was to come.

10:45pm: The headliner comes on in full force. Mind-blowing bass that rattles the very core of my body is coupled with absolutely insane visual interpretations that are forever changing from the set that takes up the entire opera house stage. The 2CB has kicked in full force and the music leaves us both with the urge to dance and sway with the music. The lights from the visual set are 10x brighter than they would be under sober conditions, everything seems to have a purpose to the music and we both feel that we are reading into exactly what the set was created to portray. The buprenorphine keeps my breathing long and steady and the Klonopin has me not caring about anything in the world.

11:15pm: The set is going full force now. We are completely raging in our seats. Some ladies behind us ask if we have 'anything' to which my friend tells them we are 'all out'. They promptly leave. I guess we look like we are having such a good time some of the people around us start to get into the set as well. Every bass drop feels like it's hitting me in your face and exploding my body into a million pieces. Very hard to describe the rest of this set. It feels like we are rolling, slightly tripping, extremely relaxed to the point of melting into the seat and smiling uncontrollably for at least two hours. Perfection. The MMJ has worn off, as has the beer, and all the is left is a potent combination of chemicals all reacting in sync with each other but not one more than the other, which I attribute to our precises doses and the spacing between the dosing. During the set at some point we did finish the remaining portion on the 2CB.

12:00am: The set finishes after two encores and we are left wondering what in the world just happened. Still completely euphoric, everything is extremely bright, and we are both still really really relaxed. We ride the light rail back to the station while talking about what an awesome experience we just had and both agreeing that we took the perfect cocktail.

1:00am: Back at my friends apartments we both bask in the afterglow of the 2CB and decide to take another .4 mL each of liquid buprenorphine to come down on. We smoke 2 more bowls of the MMJ and fall asleep around 1:45am.

Next morning: Still slightly out of it but wake up feeling fine, I drive home, do some laundry, get ready for work, and experience absolutely no hangover or negative after effects.

For anyone looking for a cocktail of substances to take in moderation, this is the way to do it. Too much alcohol with the bupe and Klonopin would have lead to blacking out, too much bupe with the Klonopin can be extremely dangerous, too much of the 2CB in that kind of a seated public setting could have led to all kinds of bad trips, etc. I do realize that some of these substances are difficult to come by (especially pure liquid buprenorphine and 2CB) and please test out the 2CB sometime prior to taking it in a combination like we did. 2CB from an untrusted source is liable to be anything and dosing is extremely sensitive (5mg is completely different from 10mg). If you plan on mixing chemicals of this nature it is highly recommended that you do your research, know how they each interact with each other, and don't over do one or the other. It is preferred to space out the substances in the matter that we did in order to feel every substance individually and not overwhelm yourself from the onset. Overall I highly recommend this combination, not to be done in excess, and reserved for a special occasion.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97559
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jan 28, 2013Views: 12,585
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Pharms - Buprenorphine (265), Pharms - Clonazepam (125), 2C-B (52) : Combinations (3), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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