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A Delve Into The Psychedelic River
Citation:   Candyman. "A Delve Into The Psychedelic River: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp97592)". Jul 29, 2013.

1 hit buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Having had my interest in recreational drug use piqued through a very positive experience smoking cannabis, when a friend offered me the 25-I-NBOMe compound, I had very little qualms with experimentation. The first time on this hallucinogen was an overwhelmingly positive experience. However, my first time simply cannot compare to what I experienced on my second attempt. This is a recount of my second experience with 2C-I-NBOMe.

Roughly a month after my first experience, I acquired more tabs off the same friend. Having much more knowledge under my belt about the compound and being in a more comfortable environment, I was fully prepared to embrace the psychedelic euphoria that I knew this tiny piece of paper had to offer.

Having an incredible hard-on for the counterculture and music of the sixties, the decision to try this drug during band practice was somewhat of a no-brainer. My best friend, Gil, was as equally as excited as me to trying this. Neither of us take prescription medication, nor had taken any other drugs at the time of this experience.

Following dinner, we headed downstairs to where we practice, and on the advice of the friend I bought from, we cleaned our gums and teeth and inserted the tabs between our gums and upper lips. I was familiar with the bitter taste of the tabs, however, Gil found it unpleasant. Trying to ignore this we resumed jamming with our other guitarist, Duke.

It is difficult to incorporate time stamps into this experience due to the rate at which the speed of time varies when on this compound. I did write notes periodically, and had a sound recorder going for a portion of the experience, but for the most part, it is difficult to determine what happened at what time.

Anyway, as time wore on, I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the music we were playing, and was more content to just sprawl the strings of my bass guitar. Approximately 45 minutes after we dropped, I had a strange feeling in my left arm. It was a tingling at first, but it became increasingly noticeable and off-putting. It wasn’t unpleasant, but rather ticklish. I tried to ignore it as we continued practicing. It took over 2 hours for me to feel anything the first time I’d tried 25-I, so I assumed that it was far too early to be feeling the effects. Regardless, I looked over at Gil, and we both exchange questioning glances, as if both of us said “Are you feeling this too, or is it just me?”

As I turned back to our other guitarist, Duke, I noticed that a skirting board at the other side of the room had a dark green tinge to its otherwise grey colour and was making a waving motion similar to the tide at the beach. I turned back to Gil who was very focused on making odd noises with his guitar. Duke hadn’t noticed yet and was still trying to explain a song to us. I began laughing when Duke asked me for my opinion on something, finding his complete seriousness very funny. An orgasm-like feeling began to creep along my chest which I later wrote as feeling like 'being hit it the chest by a psychedelic bowling ball' and “like butterflies having sex on my stomach”. Gil had begun to laugh with me and we ridiculed Duke for still focusing on the music. I recall laughing for a good ten minutes at him.

Duke proceeded to show us recordings of his most recent riffs, whilst Gil and I began to experience visual hallucinations. This was completely new to me, as my prior drug experience was smoking cannabis twice and ingesting this once before, albeit with a lack of visualisations. We could both see auras around things, and what we described as “the energies of the universe”. We became more sociable, giddy, euphoric and more child-like in a way. Duke increasingly felt out of place.

The sense of euphoria was often overbearing but would always result in uncontrollable laughter. This sensation developed further in the trip to produce somewhat of an aphrodisiac effect which was interesting. Gil and I decided to act upon our love for the 60’s by putting the album ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ by Jefferson Airplane on my cd player. Writhing on the floor, the way in which the music could stimulate us, make us feel or see things was a feeling that I still cannot relate to any other earthly sensation. I had many cd cases around and the lights from the ceiling reflecting off these and back onto the ceiling made the most incredible patterns and again was a source for much laughter for Gil and I. The walls continued to 'breathe' and we progressed on to discussing philosophical ideas concerning human existence. Duke was most enthusiastic about this and the collective concentration span between Gil and I was poor. We would generally trail off on what we were discussing. At several stages I was forgetting things that I was thinking about seconds previously, only for it to return to me in a few minutes time, seemingly out of nowhere. This became frustrating as I tried to discuss things with Duke, who was becoming increasingly withdrawn because of this.

The rate at which the body high varied, the visual hallucinations changed and my thought patterns seemed to jump is testament to the obscure, experimental nature of the drug. The only consistency I can mention is the vividness of colour (as if someone had upped the saturation of all hues in the world), the uncontrollable laughter, our incoherent thought patterns and speech, and the orgasm-like euphoric surges of energy that waxed and waned throughout our trip.

One concept we kept coming back to is how “at one” we felt with the world, how “in tune” this compound made us feel with the true nature of existence, and how dismaying the consumerist, commercialist, capitalist society in which we live, is. We hypothesised that doing this kind of thing every so often is good for the soul, being cleansing and cathartic. Sometimes you just have to forget about the world and catch up with yourself. This was deeply spiritual and to this day I try and adopt this viewpoint when analyzing the goings on of the world.

We listened to a further two albums, “A Saucerful of Secrets” by Pink Floyd, and “OK Computer” by Radiohead. Due to the profound experience I had whilst listening to these albums, every repeat listen prompts warm, joyous feelings of remembrance. Both again prompted visual hallucinations that seemed to accompany the music, as if we were listening to the albums the way they were meant to be heard.

Perhaps 2 hours after we had started feeling effects, I made the harrowing journey to the upper floor of my house to get some water, and had the misfortune of encountering my mother whilst I was tripping. I tried my best to be composed, although the visuals were still strong and I felt like my ceiling was nearly touching the roof. I threw her off by asking several mundane questions about the program on television. She said 'It doesn't sound like there's much practice going on down there'.

She was right.

I returned and this half of the trip was a lot quieter. Duke had essentially gone to bed, only responding to our disjointed jabber occasionally. We were less talkative, and simply observed the geometrical patterns, colours and shapes that flowed through everything. I rang 2 friends who wanted to know how our trip was and to one I described it as 'We're floating down a river that consists of psychedelic syrup, like Tom Sawyer'. During this conversation, I experienced the bizarre sensation of falling through the floor, as if I was being slowly absorbed by the carpet. It was not unlike the scene in Trainspotting when Renton overdoses on heroin, although I was still very much in control. I kept observing a continuous cycle of the same energies and shapes in the ceiling, which would repeat every 10 minutes or so (I think). When this cycle broke, to me it signified the end of the plateau.

My dad soon came downstairs to check on us. Duke was almost asleep and I told Gil to keep quiet so as not to blow our cover. We made very small conversation, trying not to expose what we were doing, and thankfully, Duke did the most talking. Dad gave us some blankets and pillows and left. I was surprised at how well I had handled my encounters with my parents, who were none the wiser after our experience. After this, we lit a candle. Its sweet scent reminded me of maple syrup and we sat and stared in silence at the candle for a long time. This was quite a contrast to the very talkative, ever-changing aspect of the first half of our trip. We were finally able to act composed and concentrate. This part of the trip felt more like a weed high, as I was very calm and just dwelled on a few thoughts as I gazed into the flame.

Following this, we just sat in the dark listening to Radiohead as we tried sleeping. When I closed my eyes, I could still see rainbow tracers and patterns that moved and pulsed to the music, which was odd because I could see no such thing with my eyes open. Regardless, this made sleep difficult. Gil and I then decided to play some soft acoustic stuff to try and use up whatever energy we had left.

I think I was finally able to get to sleep at about 4 AM, nearly 8 hours after the effect kicked in. By the end, I had grown tired of tripping. I just wanted to sleep. Feeling had returned to my body. I specify this because the whole time I wasn't sure if it was cold as I had no concept of, nor could I feel, the sensation of temperature. When I had come down, I realised that it actually was freezing and was somewhat amazed at how it had no effect on us whatsoever.

Overall, this was the most profound thing I had ever experienced. I was so excited when I saw the patterns and colours in everything, until then I had only thought that sort of thing existed on television or in movies. An overwhelmingly positive experience, 2C-I-NBOMe is one powerful hallucinogen, and perhaps what I enjoy most about it is how present I was during the experience. Nothing was overwhelming but everything was astounding; I couldn’t get lost in the compound, but I could certainly wander. It was the best I’ve felt, both physically and mentally in my life, and to have spent it with 2 of my best friends is very heartening.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97592
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jul 29, 2013Views: 6,186
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Glowing Experiences (4), Relationships (44), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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