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Hit and Miss
Leonotis leonurus
by mefe
Citation:   mefe. "Hit and Miss: An Experience with Leonotis leonurus (exp97593)". Jul 31, 2019.

1 bowl vaporized Leonotis leonurus (dried)
  1 cig. smoked Leonotis leonurus  
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
    oral Tobacco - Cigarettes  


NOTE: I am an average size, quite fit young male with a decent level of knowledge and experience with altered state of consciousness and various substances. At the time of this experience I was not under the influence of any other substance, with the exception of the one beer and several cigarettes I had during the experience.

Wild Dagga is a funny one really - half the people who try it seem to say it works and everyone else says it doesn't Well, I decided to try for myself and see if there was anything to it. I ordered 25g of the orange petals and flowered heads from an online retailer for about 5. I was thinking, if this is as good as some say it is, then we're onto a winner here!

It came in the post a few days later and I managed to try it pretty soon thereafter. I had read that it is best to vaporise it as opposed to smoke it, so I decided to go with this method first. I sat down with a beer and packed a pretty decent sized pinch into my home-made vaporiser and lit it up. My mind set was relaxed and happy and I was mainly intrigued to see if this was going to be any good. Pretty soon a white vapour appeared and I sucked it up, held it for several seconds and exhaled, repeating this until all the goodness was gone from the material. I waited. I smoked a few cigarettes. I finished my beer. Nothing.
I smoked a few cigarettes. I finished my beer. Nothing.

A bit of a disappointment to be honest. I think I was expecting a lot more from it than it is capable of. Just to be sure I decided to roll a bigger amount into a spliff, on its own, and I lit that up, hoping that I'd get something from it. The smoke it produces is surprisingly smooth, as the smell made me think it might be a bit harsh, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth and it burns fast, so pretty soon the smoke got pretty hot and I couldn't smoke it beyond a certain distance. I had a drink to hand to wash away the bitter taste - it's not too bad, it's just not what I want.

Maybe I didn't do enough, maybe it's one of those things where you have do do loads before there is any effect, but either way - vaped or smoked, I didn't get a thing from it - in fact I got more of a mild head rush from the many cigarettes I chain smoked while waiting for the dagga to do something. In the end, I just gave up.

I wouldn't say don't try it, as I might be one of those people it just doesn't affect, I mean there are people out there, like a friend of mine, who don't get a thing from weed the first time they do it, but I don't think I'm going to be bothering with it again as it just doesn't seem worth it. It would be amazing if it did work, so try it, you might be one of the lucky few it affects, but I didn't seem to have any luck.

[Reported Dose: "1 bowl vaporised and 1 spliff total 0.75g"]

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97593
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 31, 2019Views: 1,166
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