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Beautiful, Astral
Citation:   dmt tripped. "Beautiful, Astral: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp97634)". May 8, 2018.

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT  
  T+ 3:00 5 mg IV 4-AcO-DMT (liquid)
  T+ 4:00 5 mg IV 4-AcO-DMT (liquid)
  T+ 4:10 20 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT  
  T+ 9:00 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
A Beautiful Astral Experience

I had an amazing day yesterday! Makes me wish I had gotten 100mg instead of only 50mg! I ended up taking a vacation day yesterday because it was such a beautiful day outside. I am trying to still collect my thoughts but I will try to summarize quickly what all went down so I can contribute my experience with the substance to everyone who is curious about this magical substance.

Run Down of Doses:

Around 2pm- approx 5mg Oral dose.
Around 5pm- approx 5mg IV dose.
Around 6pm- approx 5mg IV dose.
Around 6:10pm- approx 20mg oral dose.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
I started with a taste of only 5mg Oral dose. After the initial 5mg dose, about an hour later I felt a lot of euphoria and overall great feelings. I was just genuinely in a great mood with a tiny bit of visual distortion. The carpets were breathing and all of the paintings around my room were pulsating and very colorful. This is when I went outside and the grass seemed as if it was waving even as no wind was present. I decided then it was too nice of a day to be inside a hot nuclear plant vacuuming all day. I had already gotten ready for work and was on my drive there when I thought, 'Today is the perfect day to go deep on a psychedelic journey'. My mood was perfect, the weather was perfect, my mind was perfect and I had not a thing bothering me. Nothing but the fact that that I was heading into work... a place that made we unhappy. I was only minutes from work, so I called my supervisor and took the day off. He let me know that I would get paid for a vacation day and this made my mind and mood even more at ease. After hanging up a huge rush of joy engulfed my body. This is when I realized how powerful such small of a dose of this substance actually was.
I realized how powerful such small of a dose of this substance actually was.

I got home a short while later and started reading online. It was around 5pm and I decided to do some research on ROA for 4-ACO-DMT. I got very interested in the IV method, because as I read more and more reports, it seemed as if the effects were to take hold pretty much instantaneous. I would find out soon, that was a little bit of an understatement and boy were they right. I got a couple insulin syringes from the pharmacy right up the road from me and proceeded back home to try this out. I was a little bit nervous to say the least. I sat and calmed myself as I dissolved 5mg in 50cc of water. It dissolved almost instantly with little to no effort of mixing the solution and without heat. I prepared myself, filtered and drew up the solution. I have a history with injections so it took only second for me to find a vein. A hit on the first attempt and I took the plunge. Before releasing the tourniquet from my arm, I felt something very familiar crawling throughout my body. A cool breeze almost from within. Starting in my head and eyes, all the way down my body and finally to my toes. From the time I took the needle from my vein it only took bout 15 seconds for an enormous rush to engulf me. I immediately seen changes in the walls, carpets, lights, painting and staring at my hands, they looked slightly foreign to me. My body turned to rubber and I could feel my pupils grow in my eye sockets.

The rush and come up from an IV dose was a bit harsh. It is completely different than the rush I would get from injecting opiates. Completely different than injecting amphetamines/speed. A completely different rush that injecting MDMA. It is truly unique. While being on the brink of overwhelming, it felt amazingly beautiful. Though, as intense as the initial rush is, I don't think it is something that even a novice psychedelic user, or someone who has no experience with the rush associated with IV'ing any drug couldn't handle. It did come up with a little bit of uneasy feelings in my stomach and a tad bit of anxiety. Over the course of 3-5 minutes I had felt like I had eaten and was at the peak of maybe 2 grams of strong mushrooms. All within 3-5 minutes of the initial IV dose. It got even more pleasant after the initial rush and come up subsided. Then I was able to fully relax as I looked at my surroundings, looking closely at anything and everything I could in my immediate area of my bedroom.

The next hour consisted of me basically sitting in awe at the extremely similar opened eye visuals of a couple grams of mushrooms. All from just a tiny dusting of this magical substance.

Around 6 I decided to go for 5mg more via the IV route. This time there was not nearly as intense of a rush, although present, there was no uneasy feeling or anxiety. Just the pleasant feeling of getting deeper into a very mushroom-like trip. I was in the best mood I have been in for a long time. Everything had a glowing aura around it and seemed as if everything around me was pulsating and breathing. Everything had a character of it's own. Closely inspecting my body I felt a dissociation to my fingers, hands, arms and legs. While I fully aware they were attached to my body and belonged to me, they felt very foreign at the same time. This is when I realized how deeply I was mentally into the trip. It was amazing staring at my fluffy carpeting as it would take deep breathes along with me. The longer I stared at the carpet and zoned out, I could see patterns sprouting out and swirling around like mini vortexes engulfed with flower petals.

While the trip to this point was absolutely fantastic I wanted to see how far another oral dose would take me.

Around 6:15 I put approx 20mg in an empty vitamin capsule and took it down with a full bottle of water. My stomach was empty as I hadn't eaten anything for close to 24 hours. I ate nothing all day, nor the night beforehand besides dinner around 6:00pm. I went outside for a walk and I felt as if i were in love with everything around me and every minute of time itself. The clouds were so interesting looking as they swam through the blue sky, as well as the trees and all of the leaves. I felt like everything was waving at me and even smiling. Everything had a feeling of a warmth glow that was visible to me. If I took a second to zone out and not concentrate on anything in-particular, I would start to see lines, grids and highway like patterns. If I zoned off long enough with my eyes open, I would see bright, colorful patterns swirling over my vision to the point that I felt as if I had gone somewhere else, as if I wasn't outside anymore. This place felt extremely familiar and it would give off an overwhelming comforting feeling. That is when I sat under a tree and actually closed my eyes for a long period of time, for the first time since I started the trip hours ago. Wow. Absolutely wow. The swirling patterns, the tubes, the roller coaster like grids and bright mutli-colored tunnels were breathtaking. Everything was moving so fast past me, it was as if I were actually inside the patterns and grids themselves. It's near impossible to explain but I wasn't just seeing them in front of my eyes, but as 3-dimensional objects far away, yet close. Every individual piece of the patterns were in front of me, to my sides and behind me all at the same time. At a moment when I briefly opened my eyes to make sure I was still grounded, sitting under the tree, I realized that I had earlier prepared my MP3 player and was in my pocket, with my ear-buds around my neck. I put the ear-buds into my ears and turned on my MP3 player which had Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' loaded up from the day before, as I had planned for this very moment.

I quickly collected my thoughts and hurried back to my house, which was only about 100 yards away. I went straight to my bedroom, covered my window with a thick dark blanket, shut my door, shut off all my lights and I laid in bed and cranked up my music. Before starting this journey earlier in the day, I had even covered all the LED, computer and plug lights with electric tape. This is where I think the final 20mg started to hit it's peak as I lost pretty much all concepts of life I had ever known. All concept of time was gone and the space I have been inhabiting for the last 28 years of my life was gone. All of my material belongings and possessions seemed to be meaningless at that very moment. The patterns and colored tubes were the most beautiful things I have ever seen while tripping. They were the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life for that matter. The speed at which they came swirling and flying past my vision synced perfectly with the tempo of every song that played. There were 3-dimensional ladders all throughout the pipes/tubes/tunnels that were bright and glowing that I found myself climbing through. It was amazing. At that point I don't know if my eyes were open, or closed the majority of the time, as it was as dark as can possibly be in my bedroom. I was the most euphoric and blissful feeling I have ever felt from any substance I have ever taken. I realized that I literally had a giant smile on my face the whole time. Every 15 minutes or so I would snap out of it for a few seconds, sit up and think to myself this was the best feeling that I could ever have, ever. Period.

In my head, as I laid there, I remember walking throughout my entire house, got a Popsicle out of the freezer, ate it and just floated around above everything. It was detail by detail picture perfect, but all inside of my own head. I don't know if, nor claim that this was the true form of Astral Projection that people talk about, but I can see where this is a very real thing for some.

Overall I mostly just remember being so overwhelmed with joy and love that it was indescribable. With a permanent grin on my face, at some points I could almost feel tears welling up in my eyes. It was an absolute amazing experience and one that I will never, ever forget.

I am now a HUGE fan on 4-aco-dmt.

Around 11pm I kind of snapped out of it and was able to sit up, turn on a lamp, smoke a cigarette and try to collect some of my thoughts. I could still see a slight, dying breath from everything around me but I was definitely coming down now. Though, I still felt really, really good. That's when I realized again that I hadn't eaten all day, so I went down the road and got some food and ate as much as I could. I wasn't very hungry but I knew my stomach was beyond empty and did not want to feel like shit the following day.

Today I feel very refreshed and alert as if I have had a nice reset of what had started to turn into, my boring life.
Today I feel very refreshed and alert as if I have had a nice reset of what had started to turn into, my boring life.
I have a slight headache but I think that is more contributed to not drinking much water yesterday besides a huge monster energy drink on my way to work, which I normally never drink.

Till next time & thanks again to my new favorite psychedelic, 4-ACO-DMT for the great experience.

Peace & Love

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97634
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: May 8, 2018Views: 3,188
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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