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Back To Nature
Citation:   Dr. Psychonaut. "Back To Nature: An Experience with DXM (exp9768)". Oct 7, 2001.

T+ 0:00
470 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 7:30   oral Alcohol (liquid)
I went down south with a group of people for a drugs & alcohol weekend. The place is a small holiday town with about 18 houses & a general store. It is situated in a forrest with lots of emus, kangaroos & rabbits roaming free as well as parrots & other birdlife. There is a river nearby & at this time of year everything is lush & green.

Late morning on saturday, we drove the 60km trip to the nearest town to get some food & drink supplies. It was at that point i decided to get some DXM. The main reason was that we had planned to go mushroom picking (and the weather had been perfect; light rain the night before) - yet everyone else was too lazy to go for abit of a look. So i dropped in at the chemist & bought a bottle.

When we got back to the town (we stayed in 2 houses) i took 400mg of DXM on an empty stomach (hadn't eaten since breakfast & that was only a bowl of cereal) which would have been around 1:00pm. It took me about 1/2 an hour to drink it all & by the time i had the last capful the effects were starting to hit. i played a little mind game with 2 friends (who were straight at the time), whereby no-one is allowed to speak for 10 minutes. Uncomfortable silences can make for some great humour.

We then went across to the other house where most of the other people were staying. We sat in chairs on the balcony which overlooks a small valley. At this stage i was well into the 1st plateau & felt a sense of alertness - wanting to take part in the conversations going on around me. (i am often quiet & reserved even when straight)

Sometime between 2:00pm - 3:00pm i walked with 2 others over to the tv room. Although the walk is only about 600 metres, you have to go down into the valley then up the other side. Once there, i played pool which i found rather easy to do. After 1 game i decided that it was enough, so i found myself a chair & watched tv for awhile. I found that a couldn't concentrate on the tv, my mind kept wandering & thinking about other things.

For instance i thought about how when i was young i used to go down to a nearby stream & play in it for hours at a time, sometimes catching tadpoles, sometimes building dams or whatever. Another thought was about a road trip i did with my sister two years ago. We drove 3000km down to Perth staying in backpackers places along the way. At night lots of people would be gathered in the tv/games room. The tv room that i was in now had a feel about it that it resembled some of the others that i had been at on the road trip.

I was now feeling the trip coming on heavier & i thought that it may be dangerous to stay away from the comfort of the house in a state like this for too long (especially as i knew that the effects would only increase), so i made the journey back to the house on my own. I stood up & walked to the door of the tv room, but my walking was somewhat impaired. My movements were robotic like & i would take couple of steps, pause, think about the next few movements i would have to take, then take acouple more steps (aka 'robo-walk').

[note - after the trip, when talking to a few people, they said that they all noticed me walk out weirdly & how i bumped into the doorframe - yet i can't remember hitting it or feeling hitting it anyway]

The walk back was an experience in itself. When i had made it into the middle of the valley, i stopped & pondered as to where i was & where i was headed. I only had to walk a straight line, yet i was puzzled as to which direction to go. If i had of been straight i would have used my eyes & realized that i could see the house from where i was. I eventually made it back & when i made it out of the valley i had a big sense of achievement as if i had just completed something major & felt really proud of myself.
I found myself a chair on the balcony & took a seat.

It would have now been around 4pm, when i entered the 2nd plateau. There were emus that were pecking at birdseed that we had thrown onto the balcony. It was at this stage i got a huge euthoric rush. The pecking sounds were intensified 100 fold & it sounded like magic to the ears. The birds were chirping as well, which added to the euphoria.

Around 4:30pm - 5:00pm i walked back to the other house with two people. Once there, i drank the last of the DXM that i had (70mg). I grabbed a bottle of bourbon & an apple then headed back to the main house. Walking was getting to be abit of a challenge - was half staggering & couldn't walk in a straight line - thank goodness i had sober people with me, otherwise the walk would have taken well over 1/2 an hour.

[note - i suffered slight memory loss around this point. I remember leaving the main house, going down the steps; next i remember downing the DXM; then i remember the walk back; then sitting down eating the apple. i could only remember exactly what happened about 12 hours after the trip.]

When i got back to the main house, i sat on the balcony eating the apple. i wasn't very hungry but thought that i should at least eat something. The apple tasted rather plain, but the juice was nice & soothing since i had started to develop a dry mouth.

After the apple, i then walked/wobbled my way inside, to the lounge room. There was some music on in the background; chill-out music from groups such as air (long beats, soft, sort of trancey). The lights in the room were turned off, with only a small lamp on over near the fireplace. It all really set the scene for an enjoyable, relaxing trip.

I found myself a seat on the lounge, but couldn't get comfortable. Sitting on the lounge felt so foreign & i remember that when i looked at the chair, it didn't really look like a chair at all. I eventually took off my shoes & sat cross-legged. aah much better; this feels right. Other people were playing cards - but i was too gone for that, so i just watched.

Probably around 5:30pm - 6:00pm i entered the transitional zone / 3rd plateau. It all felt very dreamy; i would alternate between having my eyes open & closed. It would often feel as if i had separated from my physical body (that's why DXM is called a disassociative :) & i would let myself be taken away with the music.

At one point a remix of a song by enya came on; i had my eyes closed & i imagined myself in a rainforest. There was just me surrounded by all these beautiful green plants & trees. Sunlight broke through the canopy of the tall trees; it shone down to a clearing. I followed the light to the clearing where once i was there, all these animals; horses, kangaroos, rabbits, birds, koalas; came out and stood near me. I wasn't afraid of them, i stood there, held my hands up towards the sky & had a great big joyous smile on my face.

[note - i did have acouple of other 'visions' but that was my main one & the one that has had the most effect on me after the trip.]

When i came out of my 'trance like' state & back down to the 2nd plateau - i watched other people play cards. I felt a slight bit of confusion as to where i was, but that passed rather quickly. One of the guys that was playing cards got up & left, so they were short one person; thus they asked me to join in. Getting up & moving to a seat closer to the table took alot of effort & i almost fell over; co-ordination wasn't quite all there. I managed to play rather well - we played asshole - my brain seemed to understand what was going on & could comprehend everything that was happening. After probably 20 minutes i was getting bored & needed to find something to challenge my mind. So i went for a walk back to the house i was staying in.

On the way back, i found i could walk easier & noticed abit of a speedy effect - infact i was 'almost' running by the time i got to the house. Once there, i rushed through the lounge room to the kitchen. There were two people in the lounge room, i said something to them but when i spoke, i was speaking too fast & the words came out in a jumbled mess that they didn't understand.

I felt hungry so i pulled a steak out of the fridge & chucked it on the hotplate. It seemed to take forever to cook. In the meantime, i couldn't stand still; i kept pacing around & talking out-loud. I can't remember what i was saying, but i can remember that my mouth just couldn't move fast enough & the words ran together. Once it was cooked, i managed to eat it all within 1/2 a minute. With my hunger satisfied, i then went back to the main house.

There were three people who wanted to go across to the tv room, so i joined them for the walk. On the way, we stopped off at the playground; had lots of fun here. There was a maypole type swing - & when playing on that, i had small euphoric waves come over me. After awhile, we headed on to the tv room.

[note - it would have been around here that the 2nd plateau gently subsided away]

We watched tv for abit - the last of a football game. I ended up getting bored, so i got up & walked back. The walk was interesting to say the least. When i had gotten down into the middle of the valley, i felt alittle lost. It seemed as if i was in the middle of the bush, absolutely in the middle of nowhere. I could then hear people laughing & talking so i walked towards the sounds. Then the lights from the house could be seen; it was truely magical.

I was now back at the main house & the 1st plateau effects had largely worn off, but still lingered around. I reckon that the time would have been around 8:30pm. I now began to drink; i didn't drink before because alcohol doesn't mix well with psychedelics, it seems to work against the effects of them.

Nothing eventful happened between 8:30pm & 10:30pm - except that i drank about 2/5 of a bottle of bourbon. At one stage when we went outside to get some wood from the woodpile, we spotted some mushrooms; unfortunately they were of the wrong type. With the image of mushrooms on my mind, when walking back to the house i saw all these tiny white mushrooms on the ground. It turned out that they were white flowers; but to me i swear they looked like mushrooms.

Between 10:30pm & 1:30am i kept entertaining my mind. I would have my eyes closed & play with the light from the fire that reached my eyes. I would see geometric shapes & patterns. One nice little shape is similar to - if you were to drop a pebble into a pond, it makes a ripple effect - i would see this & it would pulsate, expanding out & contracting back in.

At 1:30am i went to bed - quite content with what the night's experience had provided me with - but there was still alittle surprise left instore. I couldn't get to sleep, my brain was so active that i couldn't simply switch it off. I was getting quite intense closed eye visuals.
Probably the most major of these was of big jigsaw pieces. On them were different images; such as complex maths equations (i had been doing some maths homework the day before i came down south), images from my childhood, of a horse that i used to own, of my car & stereo, & many other images. The jigsaw pieces then all came together to form one big image. If a piece didn't fit, then it would morth into a shape that did.
Shortly after this i fell asleep.

I then woke up at 9:30am to the sound of birds chirping. There was no hangover at all (from DXM or alcohol) & i felt refreshed. I laid in bed for about an hour listening to the various sounds coming from outside. I then got up, had a shower & something to eat.

[note - over the length of the trip i noticed that DXM greatly effected time. It slowed things down; thus what seemed like 10 minutes to me was actually 1 minute.]

The whole trip down south has had a profound effect on me; not just the DXM side of things, but also getting away from the city & getting back in touch with nature. It is something that i will surely remember for a long time to come.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9768
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 7, 2001Views: 5,267
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DXM (22) : Various (28), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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