Immersive, Challenging, Visionary Experience
Citation:   Superhands. "Immersive, Challenging, Visionary Experience: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT (exp97710)". Nov 21, 2012.

40 mg oral 4-HO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
I am beginning my documentation of this experience only 7 hours after it's initial administration, so my recollection will be fresh. I would like to begin with a preface of my previous psychedelic experience. I began my use of tryptamine psychedelics with this substance, and have had roughly 15 odd experiences with it prior to that referenced in this report. I, therefore, have a good deal of experience with it, at varying doses, so my write-up will serve as part-report, part-retrospective. I have observed a high level of consistency with this chemical, so most of what will be described below has been largely typical of all of my prior experiences.

I began this journey slightly on a whim, alone in my apartment at about 10:00 in the evening and in a fair mood, ingesting two 20mg gelcaps left over from a previously scheduled trip which never took place. As per usual with an oral dose of a freebase tryptamine ingested orally, it does take a little while to kick in, so I settled in on the couch with some interesting television and waited for the trip to begin. Roughly one half hour in, I felt the come-up commence, I felt slightly nervous, anxious, with a moderate amount of stomach discomfort. I also, at this time, became quite incredibly cold; I found myself running around closing windows, finding the mid-autumn night far too frigid to tolerate. This effect has been remarkably consistent throughout my many experiences with this chemical: one finds themselves compelled to pile on several blankets. I also experienced unexpected muscle spasms, unsure of whether they were as a reaction to the cold or caused by some other aspect of the chemical's action. Regardless, these effects gradually subsided as the full visual content of the experience settled in.

This compound, at this dosage, is HIGHLY visual in nature. It is visual in ways that I would not have believed possible had I not borne witness to it on multiple occasions. Firstly, there is an amplification of color, with an emphasis on salmon, light blue, and pale green hues. The incandescent light of my floor lamp shone like a spectrum with these hues, not just the pale yellow it normally produces, but distinct shades of, again, salmon and pale green. Afterimages of objects removed from view are dramatic, the original image replaced by a dizzying rainbow of color overlaid onto where the object was. Looking at the TV, and then away from it, caused a stunning alteration of color and form in my visual field for a good few seconds. The trails of moving objects are also dramatic, the “hand sweep” creates a fluid, translucent hand-shaped swath over my vision. But all of these effects are trivial compared to the patterns.

This substance has a characteristic pattern within it unlike anything I have ever seen, and I see it consistently every time I take it. On a semi-monochromatic, semi-textured surface, the small visual elements of texture are dramatically reorganized into these amazing, glyphic, mandalic, fractal, arrows-and-circles grid-patterns. On this occasion, they appeared to me most clearly on my kitchen floor. When I relaxed my eyes and somewhat defocused them, these patterns formed a mandala-grid across my floor, becoming more complex the more I looked at them. My floor became engulfed in a plasma membrane constructed of these tessellating grids of geometric/linguistic patterns, glowing gold and shifting, reorganizing, following the focus of my eyes. I felt the two-dimensional surface of my floor take on a kind of third dimension as well as a liquid property, and I found myself astonished that I could walk across the floor without destroying it.

I knew I was looking at something of great significance, perhaps the most complicated visual configuration I had ever borne witness to, and the more I looked, the more complex and “real” it became. These grids moved, reorganized, reformed, and appeared almost alive in their behavior... Truly an astonishing sight. They also seemed to have a kind of context, perhaps even a meaning, hence the “glyph” description; if only I had some means of deciphering them, perhaps they contain information? This meager description does not do these things justice. I do realize that I lack the vocabulary to describe them fully, but this is because these are aspects to these grids that are truly un-Englishable.

Once I had “locked in” these grid-patterns, I saw them on absolutely everything that had a visual texture: my countertops, my ceiling, the walls... The more finely grained the texture, the more intricate the patterns, but all following this same basic shape. I found myself almost assaulted by these patterns; they seemed so utterly challenging to my perception, I felt incapable of integrating them into my experience of reality. In closing my eyes, I found I saw these patterns there as well, but as the focus of my closed-eye visual field. They would fly at me, or center themselves in my vision, impossible to ignore. I found I much preferred to have my eyes open... With eyes closed, I felt perilously close to, well, let's call it an uncomfortable breakthrough.

It was during the peak of this experience that I felt myself at odds with it, with a slight fear of losing my grip on reality. The visuals had been so intense, and threatened to be so long-lived, I asked the classic question, “will I ever be coming down?”. I battled (coped?) with these visions, as well as the strange, distanced, ego-distanced headspace they brought about, for a couple of hours. I felt some fear, some anxiety and emotional discomfort, and thought some very hard thoughts. I found the world to be an incomprehensible infinitude, my place within it, the meaning of my life impossible to determine. I knew I was, in my life, building towards something, that my life would eventually take shape, but I felt weighed down with a considerable amount of uncertainty and worry. I felt preoccupied with regrets, both recent and distant. These feelings stirred me in a way which is, in sober life, repressed. I felt it necessary that I allow these feelings to come forth, and did not make any effort to deny them, regarding it as a healthy expectoration of long-repressed negativity and doubt. It was at this time that the comedown began.

I feel I should note that this substance, on this occasion as well as many others, the comedown comes with, for me, a degree of gastrointestinal discomfort. This is likely due to the fact that the intestines are highly innervated with 5-ht receptors, upon which this, and other tryptamines, act. I found myself beset with uncomfortable gas and nausea, which could not be resolved by a trip to the bathroom. In the past, I have found that these things generally recede with time, and to just be patient.

I would also like to note that this substance causes me acute muscle tension. On this occasion, as on others, I experienced quite severe tension in my neck, shoulders, and jaw area, requiring stretching and massage to deal with in the short term. The jaw pain can also cause toothaches, which can be somewhat distressing if you are uncertain of their cause (no one likes dental work). However, I have narrowed down the cause of the tooth pain to tension in the TMJ region. If you have a partner, I would suggest back rubs before, during, and after. I have also taken cyclobenzaprine with this substance in the past to avoid these symptoms, and it does help, with no apparent interactions, so this is highly advised.

Overall, as a tool for the kind of psychedelic exploration we seem to be looking for, it shows a high degree of promise. Visually, at high doses, it is very challenging, but also very rewarding. The headspace could be described as “psychotherapeutic”, and difficult as well as rewarding in its own right. Over my many experiences with it, I have yet to be disappointed; it delivers reliably and never fails to astonish. In my experience, 25mg is moderate, 40mg is challenging, and 60mg is probably a mistake, but if you're in a good state of mind and body, give it a go. I have also found that smoking, at the peak, an amount of this compound equivalent to about 1/2 of your original dose produces a kind of overwhelming rocketship effect that I am certain could be compared to a proportional amount of DMT. However, smoked on its own, the effects are muted; it is best to “prime the pump” with an oral dose.

Long story short, I recommend it, and I can see myself using it for the foreseeable future.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97710
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 21, 2012Views: 17,289
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