Creating Countless New Worlds
Citation:   Orwell. "Creating Countless New Worlds: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp97714)". Oct 5, 2012.

T+ 0:00
750 ug buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:40 750 ug buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:10 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
750ug 25i-NBOMe HCl trip report - 09/20/12 10:30PM

10:35 PM
Dose taken. 750ug tab placed in between upper lip and gum. Started watching a video.

11:15 PM
Body is starting to feel very light and euphoric. Things are starting to be funny even when they're not.

11:35 PM
Body is starting to feel really weird and jittery. Swallowed tab. Looking in the mirror is really weird, image is distorted. Go back to watching video.

11:55 PM
Starting to laugh a lot more now, the random bursts of uncontrollable laughter are starting to hit. Still no visuals, though.

12:15 AM
Visuals are finally starting to kick in. Walls look like they are moving or breathing. Shadows grow and shrink.

12:45 AM
CEVs of shapes and colors are starting to appear whenever I close my eyes.

[Post-trip edit]: The shapes and colors were really random; at times I could see the full rainbow spectrum of colors just swirling into itself in square shapes.

01:00 AM
Started playing DnB, dimmed the computer screen to the dimmest it can go, and peered into the darkness. Reality starts 'kaleidoscoping' in front of me. Body feels very twitchy, but it might just be cold.

01:10 AM
When I look up at my ceiling in my darkened room, it starts to seem distant, and shapes start forming. Other than that, nothing too intense seems to be happening. I am now seriously considering doing the other 750ug tab. I think that's exactly what I will do.

01:15 AM
Placed second tab in between upper lip and gum. Stopped the music, started a documentary.

01:30 AM
I'm watching this documentary, and a number of things are happening. I am finding it difficult to focus in some parts, in other parts I find I am very easily moved to tears by certain scenes, words, phrases, or images.

[Post-trip edit]: It was like I was actually there in that scene, personally feeling the pain and suffering of each person depicted. Very interesting, because I used to be highly empathetic as a child, but it kind of went away as I grew older.

02:00 AM
I am having random outbursts of uncontrollable laughter again. My whole body feels light, walking feels like each step is really flying. Lights and colors are a lot brighter.

[Post-trip edit]: It felt like I had to be really careful with my steps, because each step felt like I was about to take off and shoot into space.

02:15 AM
Still laughing in random outbursts, and at the most odd times. Swallowed tab. I am seeing visual trails of some sort. OEVs.

[Post-trip edit]: Things started to slightly trail in front of my eyes; when I would wave my hands around, I could see light trails following them. The light trails were the same color as the things that were moving.

02:30 AM
I am starting to see OEVs, for sure. Even just staring at a screen in a well-lit room, the images on the screen are moving and 'breathing.'

[Post-trip edit]: I was trying to take a picture of my bud on top of my grinder, but it was hard to focus both my eyes and the camera lens, so it was taking a while to successfully shoot the photo. During that time, the picture on the screen of my camera started to shift around and morph and I could see somewhat of a face in the bud.

02:45 AM
I decided to load a bowl and smoke it. I am doing that now. I am still laughing uncontrollably at very random times. Looked outside my window. The ground is looking very psychedelic right now. I can't even describe it in words. It's just psychedelic.

[Post-trip edit]: The pavement seemed a lot closer to me than usual, and it was 'breathing,' moving up and down in some areas, and the cracks in the pavement were a lot more pronounced and looked as if they were about to split completely open.

03:15 AM
I am starting to hear things and see things that aren't supposed to be there, or something like that. It is also getting harder for me to type this right now…and now I'm laughing uncontrollably again.

[Post-trip edit]: I could hear conversations going on around me, even though I was the only one awake in my house and no one seemed to be outside my window. I heard my name being called from a distance a couple of times. I could hear sirens going off right next to my ear. I saw a few shadows darting past me from the corner of my eyes. Even with eyes open, I am seeing this 'grid' superimposed over everything; it's like a bunch of light blue circles in a pattern and within each circle was more circles and dots. Everywhere I looked, the grid was there.

03:30 AM
Whoa. Everything is starting to take on patterns and spirals and stuff like that. Everything. It's all just spiraling and spiraling and spiraling forever. Colors are showing up where they normally wouldn't be. Whoa, I just had the weirdest thing happen just now. I went into this weird sub dimension or something where everything was spiraling and feeding into this pattern or whatever. I am beginning to have extreme difficulty typing this, and I am wondering why I am even bothering to type this out right now. Ok, colors and sounds are definitely showing up when they're not supposed to be. Whatever that means. I just went into a whole 'nother world. I keep wanting to just close my eyes and go with the swirliness of it all. Just go with the flow. Oh my god I totally just saw….well, you will know when you go over the audio recording of this session. Very disturbing questions arose that might have 'killed the mood' or something. Because now I am experiencing a complete want to hang on to this physical plane of existence. NO! Back to reality.

[Post-trip edit]: The first sub-dimension thing I went into was weird; it was like I got sucked into this new place and everything was just gray and dull but things were still spiraling and it was like everything was getting sucked into itself, if that makes any sense. The colors showing up randomly were more OEVs, blue, yellow, and green were the most common colors. They would appear as streaks in the air, as if someone had just used a paintbrush to lay down a stroke of color on a canvas. At this point, I decided to record the audio of the session because it was becoming too hard for me to type everything out. As I listen to the recording now, certain things are worth mentioning.

First, at the very beginning, I was repeating over and over 'what? oh god no. no! no! stop!' I cannot recall what it was I was saying that about, though. Then, shortly after that, I explain why it is I'm recording (because it's too hard to type), but I also explain that it's hard for me to articulate it into spoken words as well, and I am finding it hard to put forth the effort to speak about my experience. I explained this as being due to the fact that it's 'Me,' so I don't have to write it down or say it, because on a consciousness level I will always know what happened, so I really don't have to record anything down, because I will be able to access that memory anytime I want. The whole time, I am laughing after saying certain things.

Then I proceed to question reality and the truthfulness of this physical existence. I ask the questions 'What is reality? Why am I so attached to this physical plane?' At this point, my eyes are closed, and suddenly I am transported to this other plane, this empty space. Everything is dark, until I think that I need some light. Things light up immediately. This makes me realize exactly what is happening; I am creating things through the immediate manifestation of my thoughts. I begin to create all of these new worlds, just spinning a whole new world one after the other. Interesting how the worlds are created in a spinning motion. I am laughing throughout this creation process, and I question reality again. I specifically say that I can choose to be in any one of those worlds that I created and make that into my reality.

04:00 AM
I am still spinning off into my own little worlds of existence, with every second another spin cycle in this life. Everything is just of such a spinning and twirly nature. I started to get scared of this trip but I understood its implications. Visuals are hella crazy right now. Severe disconnect with 'reality.' What is, 'reality,' anyway? That moment when all you can do is laugh at the simplicity of it all.

[Post-trip edit]: Still listening to the recording, I now start to repeatedly ask 'What?' over and over again. Everything is spinning, and I am asking 'What just happened?' as I open my eyes and return to the 'real' world. My Ramune bottle is 'alive' and speaking to me, though I cannot hear anything audible coming from it. I ask 'Why are you alive? Why are you talking to me?' and then I again keep asking 'What?' Eventually I keep laughing again, and I ask myself 'Why do I keep asking What?' Then I say 'That's why I'm laughing,' referring to me feeling like I have just discovered the secret of life and reality, and it's so simple that all you can do is laugh at it. I am creating and manifesting things purely out of my thoughts. I just think it, and it is there. New worlds are still being created by me, and I keep wanting to get sucked into these worlds. I keep asking 'What?' again, and then after a while I ask 'Why is everything spiraling?' and I continue to laugh. I then say 'wow, wow, wow, there are no words for it, I cannot even explain. It's the Universe.'

04:15 AM
This is causing me to question reality and what it means. Very interesting, I feel like I am doing these weird 'quantum jumps' into other dimensions and other realities. God, what IS reality? WHat is REAL? It's so weird because its actually kinda hard to type all this out right now, and I totally lost where I was going with that. This is very intriguing to me. I mean, REALLY, aaaaaand I have no idea where I was going with that thought, either. Every time I lapse into 'unconsciousness,' fuck. I have no idea where I was going with that. Every time I lapse into 'unconsciousness,' I go into this completely new world with a brand new existence. I am wondering whose voices I am hearing right now. And there you have me questioning reality once more. I think I need to watch a video, like an episode of a tv show, to gain a grasp on the real physical world right now, Wish me luck.

[Post-trip edit]: The 'quantum jumps' I refer to here is this thing where my consciousness is spanning all of existence and all of history on all dimensions, and I am free to visit and 'jump' to any of these realities/dimensions at any time. It's like 'Sliders,' I suppose, because I'm really sliding along into these dimensions, not jumping. It causes me to question reality again and what is 'real.' Then the thought suddenly enters my mind that maybe this is how people go crazy, and it scares me, so I open my eyes in an attempt to try to regain footing in the 'real' world.

Everything is still wavy and floating. The fear of going crazy shocked me out of the trip, I guess. I make a conscious decision to sober up the session and try to regain my physical presence. I stop the recording and decide that I need to call my friend Dylan, because at this point I am still confused as to what 'reality' is, and Dylan is one of the few people who I trust in such a situation. I couldn't get a hold of Dylan, so I tried to call up a few more friends whom I trust in this sort of situation, but no one picked up. I start to freak out because I think I'm going crazy and I'll be lost forever, so I decide to watch an episode of a Japanese TV show to try to regain my grip on reality.

05:30 AM
Ok, that's what worked. Ironic how watching a TV show made me able to get a firm grip on reality. I am back to reality, for the most part, but every now and then I go into those modes where I get sucked into an alternate reality. And especially when I close my eyes, it's like I'm going into the unknown.

[Post-trip edit]: Things were still swirling around when I closed my eyes. I would occasionally get sucked back into an alternate reality when I close my eyes as well, but not with the same intensity as I did before.

08:00 AM
I fell asleep somewhere along the line, and I just woke up. Wow, what just happened last night? Now feeling aftereffects, a bit 'down.' I'd like to believe that I now have a much better understanding of this life and this physical plane and the role of consciousness in it all. I will certainly be using this substance again in the future.

[Post-trip edit]: I ended up falling asleep at around 5 PM, with the intent of waking up by 7 PM at the latest. I didn't wake up until 6:15 AM on Saturday morning, the 22nd.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97714
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Oct 5, 2012Views: 30,417
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