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What the Hell is Going On?
Citation:   LAIZE. "What the Hell is Going On?: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp9774)". Oct 3, 2001.

25 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
It was the night of LUV2k+1 Valentine rave. Me and my friend came across 50mg 2CT7 and we're very excited but yet very concerned being our first time doing the substance.

about 12:00am : we both consumed our 25mg doses and went our seperate ways for the time being. Withinh 5 min. my vision started getting blurry and wobbily,lights became brighter and I began to feel the music more sensitive.

12:20AM : I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could straight to the stall. 5 min. later I noticed my 2ct7 partner n the stallnext to me.I remember him asking me if we we're going to be alright. I was vomiting pretty accurately to the toilet bowl. I was hating the burning and the siccness but at the same time I was loving the visuals. Leaning over the toilet with my binki swinging back and forth providing at least 10-15 binkis tacing it.

12:45am : We decided we we're ready to join the party. As we left the restroom, it was very hard to keep my balance as the floor was waving like waves in the ocean. I was seeing geometric like paterns everywere. Again my friend was still trippin bad asking me if I was O.K. I told him that it was all part of the process to be feeling like shit for at least an hour.Just relax kid.

1:00am : We decided to go outside for a ciggarete. The throwing up stage and burning of the nose was really close to an end for me and I was loving the very,very intense visuals I was getting. My friend still telling me he needed to go to a hospital and that he thought he was about to die. I grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him up a little bit. RELAX! I told him its all in your head, just enjoy it quit thinking about it so much I told him. Outside there was snow on the ground making us think as if we we're on the moon. Every step I took felt as if there we're no gravity and instead of a step it became a leap giving me a feeling that I could almost fly if I wanted to. The great Salt Lake was surrounding the back side of the building. As I was looking off in the distance I saw a title wave quickly approaching the mountain to the side of us. It must of been 150-200ft tall. As it hit the mountain I could hear the crashing sound of the gigantic wave as it strangely vanished into thin air. Shit was a trip. Still scared from what I just saw I tried to think more happy thoughts and began seeing dolphins jumping in and out of the water right next to me. It looked so real that I wanted to jump out in the water and swim with them.

1:45am : We are still outside still amazed by this crazy ass 2CT7. Knowing that unless someone else at this rave was on 'LUCKY 7' we were the most fucked up people at that party. Still smoking ciggs like a train. We gave each other light shows with lit ciggaretes in the dark. It was amazing. We were getting like 1-2 min. tracers. I began to give my friend a show, and after a minute or so I walked past him heading to go back inside the building. After he watched me pass him, he looked back to were I was standing before and even though I was already back inside dancing he was still seeing me in the same spot giving him the same light show as before. Then my body tracer quickly caught up with me. CRAZY ASS SHIT MAN!

We both had baby siters (highly recomended for this substance). All through the night people would try and talk to me but it wasn't really getting though to me and It was pretty hard for me to respond to anyone. I was out of my mind, I mean literely I lost all my marbles and was loving every minute of it. After we left the rave, I was starting to come down on the visuals but still there remaind a very strong body high similar to a very strong MDMA high. This lasted another 3-4 hours. So we ended this spectacular night in my friends hottub with a couple fine ass breezies butt naked(J/K) It was a cool ass night though. The most fun Ive had in my life in one single night.

PLEASE note that it is not smart to eyeball doses of 2CT7. You could easily kill yourself or someone you know by doing so.It is also a must to have a babysitter to assist you or help you if needed. Please know your substance before doing it. P.L.U.R.R.
PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY. One Luv to my party people.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9774
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 3, 2001Views: 6,993
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2C-T-7 (54) : Rave / Dance Event (18), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5)

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