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Tasmanian Takes a 4Way Trip1972
by Tassie
Citation:   Tassie. "Tasmanian Takes a 4Way Trip1972: An Experience with LSD (exp97785)". Mar 29, 2018.

4 hits oral LSD (pill / tablet)


Background: when I was 17, I hitched hiked around Australia and stayed at the infamous Hippie House in Darwin (top of Australia) which was the last outpost of the famous Hippie Trail and it became a temporary home to hundreds of freaks and heads from every part of the world. Prior to this trip, I had only smoked a bit of cannabis. I will use the language of the time, as we spoke it.

I had only just settled into the Hippie House in McMinn Street and a young slick American head, reeking of patchouli turned up one night and asked me if I wanted to a buy a 4Way Acid microdot to be cut with a razor if I wanted to share.

I had a great desire to use Acid because I had heard so much about it and felt like a virgin in a whorehouse, without any preparation or forethought I swallowed the tab with a swig of coca cola and thought – how bad can it be? I then went into the kitchen to play chess with my friend Jacque the Frenchman, he was stoned and I told him I had just swallowed a 4Way Trip and asked him what to expect.

He asked me if I had tripped before, I said “no”, he looked at me as if to say “you’re fucked”, but laughed it off and told me to relax and enjoy the ride. I started to feel a sense of intense anxiety in the pit of my stomach, so I went outside to get some air.

When Father Spillane-my childhood parish priest- suddenly appeared in a sharp hallucinatory form, wagging his critical finger at me as I sat on the back steps, I knew I was in for a rough time. I needed to start walking to calm the rising panic that began to well up. I thought if I went to the local shop that would calm me down.

Everyone in the house appeared to be tripping or stoned, so off I set, as the trip gained intensity I began crossing a busy main road, it was around dusk and the world looked very, very strange, the anxiety in my gut and the feeling of an absolute impending doom, struck me half way across the road, I felt the heat of the car lights on my skin and I knew I was going to die.

I looked at the road culvert and planned to run for the safety of the roadside, but the concrete roadside gutter rose up in the air about 15 to 20 feet high as I began to move towards it. My own fear was perfectly projected onto reality, I froze solid in the middle of the road, I could not move, even though some part of me knew these were my own projections the fear was just too strong.

The heat of the car lights, now car horns were upon me, in my knowledge and acceptance of my horrible but inevitable death, I suddenly remembered (or appeared to remember) how I had died in the distant past, by drowning; the images of some people pulling my body out of the ocean were as clear as any ‘normal ‘ reality.

As I waited for the first car to slam into my paralyzed body an angel suddenly appeared, grabbing me by the arms and pulling me off the road. It was my friend Wolfgang the young German guy from Berlin. He spoke gently “Are you alright? It’s alright. It’s alright. You freaked out on the road man, not cool, not cool!” I suddenly dropped into near normal perception and thanked him for saving my life (which was exactly how it appeared to me).

There were a bunch of us now in various states of mind alteration walking, ahead of me was earth mother Sue I had only spoken to her a few times previously, but a strange phenomenon started to happen, in the distance massive black clouds were building which was normal for the tropical wet season and lightning flashes would occur, after each flash I would feel a buzz of electricity enter my bare feet and tingle through the body.

I asked earth mother Sue if she felt this too, she said yes, and immediately we were bonded, each sentence she spoke seemed to hold great wisdom, great insight, in all my life I had never heard such profundity. She told me I was already high and was seeking to be grounded, that was my spirit quest, she however was too much grounded and wanted to get high, always higher, this was her frustration and spirit quest. Looking back she may have been talking complete crap but to me it was the ultimate insightful wisdom.

I started to relax as earth mother Sue talked me down in soothing tones, and suddenly everything was fine, ecstatic in fact. When we got back to the house, loud music was playing it could have been the Moody Blues Knights in White Satin or perhaps Jethro Tull singing Mother Goose from the album Aqualung; whatever it was, it was riveting, penetrating my nervous system with joyous powerful surges, strawberry incense was burning and as I smelt it, it was liquid love, taking me into deeper ecstasy until I couldn't see anything except brilliant white light and the world would come and go in it.

Later someone said that acid was a truth serum, I found that to be the case, because the longer the trip lasted the more I felt isolated and separate form all beings, I thought, this mental construct, summed it totally “ The empty hallways of life.”

There was no meaning to be had anywhere, this insight stuck with me and was not depressing but rather in its obvious and irrevocable truth, it was liberating.

Postscript: I never took acid again, it was a once and only experience for me, too harsh and in my case awakened too much 'truth” you may say, I like this quote, it stands the test of time: “LSD without a doubt, without a shadow of a doubt, whatever else you will say about it, will change completely a person’s world view, forever; it will never be the same again, whether the experience was positive or negative”- Dr. Ralph Metzler

Exp Year: 1972ExpID: 97785
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Mar 29, 2018Views: 1,507
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Various (28)

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