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2C-P, Methoxetamine & GBL
by Me
Citation:   Me. "Mythical: An Experience with 2C-P, Methoxetamine & GBL (exp97859)". Oct 20, 2015.

  16 mg   2C-P
  55 mg   Methoxetamine
  2.7 ml   GBL


2C-P (~14 - 18 mg), MXE (55mg), GBL (2.7ml)

Friday night, came home from my local pub. Feeling a bit tipsy but in an absolute splendid mood and it was only around 2100h. I carefully measured a heroic does of 16mg of 2C-P (looked at my table this morning and saw spilled 2C-P, yeah carefully). Then I remembered that the coming up takes really long and would't it be some fun to kill that time with some MXE and while we are at it, I'll do some GBL as well….

My (trip) buddy just left and asked me about the coming up. I really had to think about this, but there was no coming up. After the GBL and MXE I was really tired and went to sleep (that's what I pieced together from a vague note on my whiteboard). A couple of hours later I 'awoke' at a mythical +NaN (Not a Number) experience. Remember the movie 'Being John Malkovich', where John at one point decides to go into his own mind, I was there in my own inside-out-twisted mind, actually I have no clue where I was.

Small disclaimer I absolutely do not believe in those mythical experience, god like divine things etc, etc. seems like a load of hippy bollocks to me. I was there, for +10 hours. This was an absolutely therapeutical experience not recreational at all and I'm glad that I have a somewhat strong mind that was able to cope with this. LSD in comparison to this experience was an easy walk in the park…. never thought I would say something like that about LSD, which I marked years ago as too heavy for my liking.

It was my trial. I was the subject, the prosecutor and the judge at once. I was standing there, stripped of my ego and all basic concepts, totally tabula rasa. Numbers, geometry, arithmetics, left-right, up-down, interactions, time, language and even firing up a cigarette were all open for discussion and maybe even a revised view about those things that we just take for granted as the basic concepts.

At first I was discussing the basic concepts like the value of number one with number one, but thought that having another discussion with number 2 would be kinda boring also there are lots of numbers so this would take a while.

After that for more then ten hours all my fears, traumas and bad feelings where standing in my room, in fully not 3-D but even more or maybe less dimensions. I was able to visualise those strange feelings into real entities. I was discussing with those entities that I got sick and tired of those bad, unknown things that subconsciously negatively influence my normal day to day operations…. small things like being a bit afraid in the dark, strange recurring nightmares, being left alone, strange embedded images, getting stressed, just the normal archetypical negative things, the stuff which I guess every healthy person also has to face in his daily life.

I went to every single instance of those feelings (remember, there were here, standing in full glory next to me, surrounding me) and discussed my issues to the fullest up to the point that we agreed that this one is solved and I can safely move on to the next issues… ten hours long. At one point being in a heavy discussion with one of those more persistent issues, I asked for a small time out, went to the kitchen, made me a sandwich, came back to my trial and continued. Slowly those visualised nagging and unwanted things would disappear one by one, marked as being solved.

I'm a rather experienced researcher, doing various things since 1995. Did everything also in huge quantities but always stayed away from the injecting or vaporising stuff. This was my most intense experience ever (this morning I thought only from this millennium) or I'm really getting old and my tolerance is fainting. This was the first time an experiment went from recreative to absolutely therapeutical and maybe even life-changing (have to see if those issues are really solved or if it was just another big mind fuck)…. Oh and I really do not believe in this hippy nonsense ;-)

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97859
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Oct 20, 2015Views: 2,151
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2C-P (305) : Combinations (3), Mystical Experiences (9), Alone (16)

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