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A Beautiful Day by the Sea
by kontrol
Citation:   kontrol. "A Beautiful Day by the Sea: An Experience with MBDB (exp9790)". Erowid.org. Oct 3, 2001. erowid.org/exp/9790

180 mg oral MBDB (capsule)


This was the first time I or my friend knowingly tried MBDB. Both have more or less extensive experience with some closely related substances, however.


Date: 18.8.2001
My dose: MBDB 180 mg (capsule) (c. 3.15 mg/kg)
My friend's dose: MBDB 185 mg (capsule) (c. 2,45 mg/kg)
Both absolute and relative doses are accurate.

I got about seven hours of sleep last night, did not sleep all that well. I ate a lot of pasta at about 12.30 to have enough sustenance until the evening. I think my mental set is quite ok, I've been looking forward to this for a while now. The setting should be fine too, a perfectly sunny day on an 18–19th century island fortress just 20 minutes away from the city by ferry.

I meant to ingest on or about 14.00 but unfortunately my friend had stayed up rather late last night and consumed enough intoxicants (alcohol, E, hash) to have lost his keys. I had suggested he should abstain from using anything immediately prior to the experience but these things happen. Still, we decided not to postpone the date.

Ingestion: 14.40
Quite unbelievably, the first effects seem to materialize in a mere 10 minutes! The kind of slight feeling of something having changed, which often precedes an experience for me. Additional minor effects seem to appear during the next ten minutes. About 25 - 30 minutes after ingestion, I notice my blood pressure has increased noticeably. We listen to some music and discuss sundry things. We both think we can feel something already but we also repeatedly express our disbelief at the possibility of such rapid onset, especially as the material was ingested in a capsule to avoid the taste.

We leave the apartment. The 'effects' seem to have weakened or disappeared. We mean to go to a shop to get necessary stuff for the day but suddenly realize we went past the intended shop a couple of blocks ago. We pick another one. Can't make it without something to drink and something to chew on. =) We walk by a central park on our way to the docks and it is a very pleasing day indeed. I realize that there must be some effect after all as I am enjoying my surroundings way too much to be in my typical goal-oriented state of mind. Everything is very nice and relaxed but it has already been an hour since we dropped the caps and there hasn't really been all that much of an effect. My friend's hangover seems to have disappeared and we joke about major markets for the substance as a miracle cure for hangover, even if no other effects take place. We also joke about how this was probably it and we will soon start to come down. We arrive at the docks, it is a very, very beautiful day, I enjoy watching the waves, there are lots of people about and everything is just perfect.

Just before the ferry arrives, I feel a peculiar sort of sensation, quite hard to describe but probably best captured by the word 'rush'. =) Like a cool flame. It starts from my legs and soon spreads around my entire body. Energy, euphoria, wonderful, wonderful. I stride the steps to the upper deck of the ferry. A warm late-summer day, a cloudless blue sky and this feeling; I couldn't wish for more. We talk a bit during the voyage but mostly just enjoy the day. The rush is very nice, not too strong or sudden but soft and smooth. The ferry is fairly full and the presence of so many people makes me a bit nervous at first, since I am on something. I soon decide not to care because I'm enjoying myself too much for that.

We arrive at the island and everything is still perfect, no hurries no worries. We stop for a cup of coffee. I do not like the coffee, too bitter. We carry on a conversation and start walking. The conversation is more or less continuous but there are pauses, too, because there is no overwhelming pressure of speech. Still, it is nice to talk. The sun is shining but the wind is surprisingly strong as it tends to be by the sea, of course. I put my coat on a couple of times but that way it gets too hot and I always soon take it away. Hard to decide which is better. We find a nice rocky cliff by the sea and sit down. Once it started, the rush and coming up seemed to take about 30 - 40 minutes, then I hit a plateau, where the effects are just pleasant. Basically this goes on for the rest of the day until about 19.00 - 20.00. During the day we walk around, wonder at the old fortifications, we stop every now and then to bask in the sun, we talk; nothing too profound but all this does feel more special than it would without the substance. It's nothing miraculous but it's there. The air gets colder as the evening progresses and I have need of my coat, I feel like curling up for warmth. There is some wind and my legs feel cold. Espresso tastes better than regular coffee. Strawberry-flavoured chewing gum tastes supersweet and the taste seems to persist longer than when I am sober. I chew on a couple of chewing gums until they disintegrate (eww!). We sometimes attempt to both speak at the same time but the pressure of speech is still nothing like on MDMA or amphetamine. Talking is just fun. We leave the island about 20.00, when the sun is already beginning to set. The ferry is full of people, many of them rather drunk, which should irritate me but somehow I just can't be bothered. We stop at a café for glasses of red wine but the taste does not seem unusual in any way. We then proceed to my friend's apartment where we spend a while until I go home. The positive effects are more or less gone by this time (21.40) but there isn't anything that could be classified as an unpleasant come-down either.

The only negative effects that I noticed were a slight aversion to people (not my friend, obviously) during some stage of the rush, because every place seemed to be to full of people, which made me a bit anxious. Before the rush, people had been simply great. =) I may add that I am not an overwhelmingly social person even on E. Also, although discussion was very easy, there were a couple of instances where I just seemed to lose the plot, and had to start thinking what was it that had been the point of the whole conversation. Maybe I was just a bit stoned. I wouldn't even mention it but there really wasn't much negative to say about the experience, so I am trying to come up with at least something. =) I haven't had that sort of thing happen to me on other empathogens but I am told this is not entirely unheard of, usually on too many Es. Toward the end of the experience, I began to feel a bit too hot for my liking, like a slightly hot sensation on my skin. I usually have this as an after-effect of various stimulants, so no great surprise here. It may have been compounded by drinking too little; less than one litre during the experience. I did not feel like eating, even near the end of the experience, when I began to feel a bit hungry. Well, that was about all the negative stuff that I could find. Even my mouth did not get too dry, though I did notice a definite decrease in salivation.

As a whole, it was a most pleasant and relaxing day. Apart from the initial rush, it was also very, very smooth. No sudden mood swings or surprising effects, very docile if not overwhelmingly friendly like its more famous cousin. Once the rush started to subside, I felt a desire for it to continue if just for a little longer. I understand this is very typical on MDMA but for whatever reason, I have never really felt it on that substance. Had I had the possibility to take a booster dose, I do not think I would have hesitated. Next time, I'll have to make sure to have one. ;) Still, I am a bit unsettled by this discovery. I do not mean to say that the substance felt addictive as such – I could probably very easily use it just once or twice a year – just that the rush caught me a bit off guard.

It is the next day now and there are no noticeable after-effects. I slept well for about ten hours and ate with good appetite. I would not say this is revolutionary stuff but seems very nice for a relaxed, feel-good sort of thing. My head remained remarkably clear throughout the experience, no problem whatsoever during the whole time. I would say it felt easier and more relaxed than your average Es, probably because there was less of a stimulating effect. Except for a short while during the rush, it also lacked this typical E effect where you just want to lean against a wall and flow down into a heap. I do not think most people would be really into this stuff too much, it seems rather subtle compared to many other substances that are so much more easily available as well. Especially if you can only categorize drugs as an on/off experience, then this is probably an off. Perhaps it is better that way. So, at least initially, this does not seem like a revolution in the empathogenic family but a worthy addition nonetheless. There is always the possibility of neurotoxicity, of course, but I think I am willing to take my chances. It's not exactly like I'm going to start using this substance daily.

I guess a smaller dose would have been enough to get interesting effects but I think I'll go for the 3,5 - 3,6 mg/kg and perhaps 4 mg/kg dose ranges, should the opportunity present itself. I guesstimate my dosage this time to have been average to strong average(?).

My friend did not report much of a rush. Other than that, his experience seemed to be much the same as mine. The reason is unclear as this may be simply due to his noticeably lower dose relative to body weight (see doses), personal differences in sensitivity, or just a case of 'being a bit low on certain neurotransmitters'. He did not report any negative effects during the experience or the day following it. He estimated to have had the main effects for about 4.5 hours and the total length to have been about six hours.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9790
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 3, 2001Views: 15,233
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MBDB (190) : First Times (2), Unknown Context (20)

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