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Vin Mariani Procedure Perfected
Erythroxylum Coca
Citation:   InnerExplorer. "Vin Mariani Procedure Perfected: An Experience with Erythroxylum Coca (exp97921)". Dec 2, 2014.

  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    oral Coca (tincture)
I decided to make this report because I have only been able to find one other instance of someone making this kind of drink and I wanted to share my personal methods and experience with this classic drink. Aka the Vin Mariani.

In the report I discovered, the individual used the ratio of 2 grams coca leaves (acquired from coca tea bags) per oz of wine. Through his experiment, he discovered that in order for one to experience the stimulant effects of cocaethylene (the active drug that is extracted), one needed to squeeze the tea bags after they had been soaked in the wine.

I decided to try and reproduce this experiment, though I had some slight variations.
-metal or plastic teaspoon
-small plate
-8 oz of merlot
-Nalgene bottle with measurements on side
-Large mason jar
-Fine mesh strainer
-18 coca teabags (Windsor brand) - each containing 1 gram of coca leaves

Note: I used 18 teabags because I just felt that using a bit more might correct any margin of error that could make it weaker.

1. Pour 8 oz of wine into Nalgene bottle.

2. Open all teabags and empty them into the wine.

3. Stir lightly or use some kind of cylindrical object to press the coca leaves down into the wine. You don't need to do this excessively, just enough to make sure all the plant material is soaked in the wine and not just sitting on the top.

4. Let the Nalgene sit for a while. I let it sit for about 2.5 hours but I imagine you could let it sit for as long as you like.

5. Set up the mason jar so that it has the strainer set on top of it (you'll probably be holding it in place) and *slowly* pour the wine/coca leaf mixture through the strainer. You'll have to do this in a series of pours since the leaf material clogs the mesh--but this is good!

6. After each small pour, use the teaspoon to press the coca leaves against the mesh. Push until no more wine drips into the jar. Then place the dry plant material from the strainer onto a plate.

Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all the wine/coca leaf mixture has been pressed into the mason jar.

7. Now here you have two options, which I will denote with a) and b).

a) Get rid of all the plant material by throwing it away or bagging it and taste your delicious fortified merlot!

b) Use the dry plant material from the plate again and put it back into the Nalgene. Add wine from mason jar.

Repeat steps 4-6.

I personally just went to 7a, but I imagine that you could resoak the leaves one or two more times and have pretty good results.

Subjective effects:

Male, 5' 9' 130 lbs.
Experience with a wide range of substances.

Took a reasonable sized sip of the merlot from the mason jar on an empty stomach.

t+0: No particular effects other than a slight warming of the stomach from the alcohol.

t+4: Rather than experiencing the usual relaxing effects of wine, I noticed what seemed like a minor brightening of my surroundings. Still no significant mental effects. Took another good sized sip.

t+6: Found that I was actually starting to feel stimulated. A sense of confidence and well-being could be felt simmering in the background of my mind. I smiled.

t+30: Gotten to what I think is the plateau of the effects, but they're not dropping off. Feeling calm focus, energy, slight speediness but not overwhelming. Feels like a very soft version of cocaine.

At this point I decided to put the cap on the jar and store it for later use. I think this drink can really only be used moderately as I imagine it could make you pretty sick (I've read elsewhere that drinking too much can actually make things take a turn for the worse). However, I see it as a perfect adjunct to scholarly activities (not memorization) such as writing papers, writing creatively, and doing readings. A very relaxing, stimulating drink for the enjoyer of fine pleasures.

May you all enjoy, I hope this works for you as it did for me!
Peace and Love.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97921
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Dec 2, 2014Views: 11,590
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