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Notes 2 - Now I Got a Glass Hand Pipe
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
by MrMindplays
Citation:   MrMindplays. "Notes 2 - Now I Got a Glass Hand Pipe: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp97987)". Nov 10, 2020.

0.2 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
    smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
  0.3 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


MrMindplays Salvia Notes 2

Two days after my first encounter with Salvia, now I got a glass hand pipe. It was early in the morning that I recently woke up. I grabbed the 10X salvia extract and the pipe. I moved all potentially dangerous things like sharp cornered furniture away and created a safe place next to my sofa.

I filled the pipe with 0.2 gr, took a deep puff while keeping the lighter burning, exhaled after 20-30 seconds. I put the pipe in the ashtray. I leaned my back to the sofa while sitting on the carpet floor. I started to have a sensation of hotness on right side of my body and excessive feeling of gravity. It started on my right shoulder as if some hot fingers were grabbing my shoulder and pulling me to the floor. It quickly spread to the rest of my body to a point that it got so strong that I couldn’t resist and found myself lying on the floor. Then I started to feel like I was dissolving through the floor or rather like I was passing through the floor but this wasn’t a smooth experience. I was definitely feeling the mass of the floor, like being forcefully filtered through it with a very strong power pulling me down. I could almost tell that the atoms of my body were sweeping between the atoms of the floor. Or rather the essence of my being was being filtered/swept through my body. Also I was feeling like I was constantly being folded or flipped somehow…

Passing through the dense mass I was released into another realm. It was mostly pink and orange. Looking back to where I came from I could see a hard surface like a solid organic wall that I had just passed through. I don’t remember much of the details after this point. It was definitely a half abstract space but not two dimensional as some people state in their salvia experiences. I could feel a mass of own and I could see a three dimensional environment around me. Things I remember are pastel pink, orange colors; some haze; spirals like a cutaway of a nautilus shell; some canals (rather like ear canal) or caves… Then I remember going back to the wall that I came through. I wanted to return back to reality. I spent a great deal of effort to pass through it and I could physically feel the sensation of sweeping through a dense mass. While passing through it I was also scared of being stuck inside before reaching the reality but I succeeded and found myself lying on the floor of my living room next to the sofa.

I could get my head together within a minute and thought about what had just happened. While it felt so content while it was happening, I quickly lost my connection with it within a few minutes as if almost nothing interesting happened. I decided to put some music on before I tried another trip… Something called Chanting Om which is all about deep washes of female voices.

This time I had less amount of Salvia in the pipe… But remembered less of the experience afterwards. After exhaling I again leaned my back to the sofa while sitting on the ground. The feeling of hot fingers reappeared, covering my body and pushing me forcefully down from the right side of my body spreading to left side. Also having my eyes closed, I could see a wave of pink/orange was coming from the right side and covering all my sight. I remember my head fell left but I felt no pain on my neck. I opened my eyes a couple of times where instantly everything looked normal in my living area. No distortion of perception. I got back to the altered state as soon as I closed my eyes. I remember of a thought saying that I should just surrender and let it go. I could hear the music all the time and other sounds coming from the real world. I could actually hear noises coming out of my apartment window or people walking in front of my door and those were actually pretty disturbing. I don’t remember the rest, I found myself sitting on the floor and within a few minutes I regained my full control.

Again feeling pretty dissatisfied with the experience I decided to give it one more try. I filled the pipe with 0.3 gr of salvia. This time I inhaled very strongly that I could feel a lot of the heat from the burning salvia in the back of my throat. I kept it for 30 secs and exhaled. While exhaling I saw that a lot denser smoke came out so I knew that this would be the strongest hit so far.

Like the other two trips I started to feel those hot fingers of several hands grabbing my body and pulling me to the ground. But at the same time, the feeling of being folded and flipped made me feel like the course of gravity was constantly changing. At some point it was like the course of gravity was pointed to different directions on different areas of my body as if I was in a spiral or circular dimension. It was not like a vertigo. Again I traveled through the little terror of passing though some solid mass/body/wall and found myself in that different realm afterwards. Although I felt that I had some sort of a mass there, I wasn’t touching the ground while I was moving around. I was rather floating but could move to any direction.

I remember the existence of some people/beings calling me or inviting me. To be precise I remember them all being females. I think I was like a very young being and they were like middle aged women. Or I was like the immature and they were the mature ones. They started touching me, carrying me, pulling me gently and I remember at some point I got bothered with having their hands on my body all the time. While this was happening I was in a wide space that had four yellow walls on four sides but an open ceiling. I felt the existence of some children too but they were more distant. The females kept inviting me to somewhere. Actually they started to drag me to a place through an opening on one of the yellow walls where it was like a bath, or something. I forgot a lot of the stuff happened there. Right now I just remember a bowl. Some blue objects. Tiles. Maybe water.

I should note that while all this was happening I could hear the sound of the music I put beforehand the trip and also sounds coming from the real world. I remember for a moment my conscious mind thought some sort of disappointment that all of this was just an illusion since I could hear the sounds coming from real world… But shortly after that I totally lost my awareness. I remember being extremely alerted by a loud sound (most likely coming from real world like people living upstairs in my apartment dropped something) I opened my eyes, I saw the ashtray with the pipe in it. I was in a mild shock by the realization of how deeply I was sucked into the other realm. I remember kicking the ashtray away with the thought of preventing me to do any other trips. But this wasn’t really a true sweep back into the reality. I found myself back in the altered state right after I closed my eyes. But again I don’t remember what happened afterwards. At some point I started to have the strong desire to return back to reality and I knew that I should go through that exhausting transition of passing through some sort of mass to return back. I remember being in front of a pink wall that I was already familiar with. I got sucked into it. Filtered and swept through it. Again I felt the fear of being stuck inside it before being able to reach the real world. I remember spending a lot of effort to pass through it. But eventually I did it. I found my self laying on the floor in my living area.

Within a minute or so I was fully in control.

Overall my impression with these three trips were confusing and unsatisfying. For the next couple of days (actually within hours) I quickly lost my familiarity with them, forgot most of the details of what happened during the trips except parts that were interrupted with a sound from real world or me opening my eyes. Rather that the trips themselves I was remembering my thoughts that popped up in my head like when I opened my eyes during a trip and make an interpretation. For the next two days I read salvia experiences of several other people but I couldn’t feel much connected with any of them.

Actually some details I wrote above suddenly popped up in my head during another trip that I’ll write about it in my Salvia Notes 3. Otherwise this post would be pretty short.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97987
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Nov 10, 2020Views: 275
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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