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The Recurring Question
by CurvedAir
Citation:   CurvedAir. "The Recurring Question: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp98032)". Jan 23, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1 hit buccal 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 7:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


I'm a male in my early twenties, familiar LSD, MDMA and cannabis. I consider myself a person without any serious worries. I find LSD as something that helps me to focus on the bright side of life and to live happier life.

The setting is a small flat when I live during my university studies. There's a city outside my window.

We decided to use the modern technologies and ordered some of the new NBOMe stuff. Decision wasn't easy, but finally we ended up with bunch of 800 ug 2C-C-NBOMe blotters. With three friends of mine, we met at mine's and started to cleanse our gums.

Knowing that 800 ug is more than a regular dose, I initiated an idea that we could try only half of a blotter first. However vendor sold a blotter as one dose, so why don't trust him.

T: 0

Blotters placed between upper lip and gum. Taste wasn't horrible at all, some of us reported unpleasant 'spicy' feelings though. After twenty minutes and something the blotters are thrown away leaving our gum in sort of a numb.

T: +30 mins

Effects are starting to come up. Everything seems to be wavy and smooth. The feeling is kind of new, so we feel a bit uncertain. Conversation is accordant. We talk about how we don't feel our gums and joke about this lasting forever, who knows. We try to settle down and find comfortable position to enjoy the world.

T: +1 hour

In every moment the effects are stronger. How far is this going to go? I don't feel much of an euphoria, rather a little confusion, but I wouldn't describe it as unpleasant feeling. One of my friends tells he feel a bit nauseous, but nothing he couldn't handle. After a while, visuals starting to take place. I didn't concentrate on them, rather trying to find my inner peace and enjoy the state of mind.

T: +1 hour 30 mins

We're slowly reaching the peak. Still no much euphoria, but I feel definitely well. My friend started to play guitar, making incredible sounds using the tremolo arm. Conversation is very casual, everything starts to be really funny. We're discussing how much the world is 'floaty', same as our state of mind. Ideas floating around, topic change every few seconds. But we when we try, we are able to discuss a topic.

Some of us feel very relaxed, some of us feels energized. Walking seems to be a bit difficult. Strong visuals are everywhere, patterns, things are wavy, floating, breathing. No matter on which I looked, after a few seconds, it started to visualize in some way. I have never experienced this kind of visuals, everytime it took some concentration to me. But this time, I have to concentrate almost none. Notice that we were in a poorly-lit room. When somebody went to the room with sharp light, than he reported very intense moving of everything in the room, flowing floor and so on. We start to roll a joint.

T: +2 hours

It took approx half an hour to finish the joint. Doing anything is very difficult. Next half of an hour we try to smoke it. None of us is sure that he wants to smoke it. But we wasn't sure of anything, so why bother. While smoking, we started to experience loops in our conversations. This was something funny and maybe even interesting and pleasant. I remember myself saying that there were the bright spots in our mad conversation -- when we got to the recurring point. The humour is very recursive, all the thoughts seem to be connected and we're just cycling through them.

After the spliff is gone, the world is more shattered than before. We laugh at everything, literally, even at silence. The loops have higher frequency. We can't concentrate more that a few seconds, so every time somebody says 'what?' or similar question. This question or better, state of mind, became the only thought we could hold. It became everything and nothing and we weren't sure if we are actually looping in discrete thoughts or are just linearly talking about The Big Nothing. I'm quite sure there were very interesting thoughts about this ultimate question of existence, but this all was so big fun, that we laughed more than talked. It felt strange -- we weren't sure of anything in the world. I wasn't sure of any of my needs or interest what to do, but I was insanely laughing and feeling very well about it.

It's not easy to describe it, as this lasted about two hours. Two hours of continuous speaking, but no real talking. Every thought was shattered by inability to focus on any mind flow. But as I said, it was fun. So when somebody started with ambitious 'let's talk about a topic', the rest of the group instantly sabotaged his efforts.

T: +4 hours

Approximately four hours after the administration we were experimenting with a thought 'let's try the world outside'. It was, together with a thought 'what about turning on some music', one of the few thoughts we could hold. And by holding I mean, that we was recurring to them. There was no linear thinking, we were, as a group, thinking in 'mind checkpoints'. Great time to roll another joint.

Going out was definitely a good idea, but it took more than an hour to realize it. The problem wasn't only that we were too relaxed to move our asses. The main issue was that the world outside the window was just too ... wow. The visuals that we experienced in the room was powerful, but for me it was nothing as compared with the world I saw through the window. It was foggy night and the whole scene looked liked under the water, parked cars was moving, air was moving and the whole scenery looked very interesting. When I concentrated on some detail, tree for example, I saw incredible patterns changing very fast. It was just too overwhelming, though awsome.

T: +5 hours

Don't exactly know how, we're outside. Group of four almost-permanently laughing guys walking strangely in the middle of night. From one point of the view, it was the same as inside, only it was happening outside. I mean that our recurring non-sense conversation didn't stop when we got outside. But from another point of view, we were in changing scenery, because we were walking without any direction or sense, and that was very refreshing for me. I was totally overwhelmed by the things I saw.

We visited a near park. Scenery like from a fairy-tale. Hazy air, colorful lights, leaves on trees look like something very friendly, pleasant and complex at once. It's not easy to concentrate on all these things. But when I got to that, it felt very nice.

A few different places was visited that night, we usually chickened out when a human being appeared near. Every time we returned to the door of my home and than tried a new way. No big progress, only small pieces of exploration. We didn't want to run into an issue with the outside world.

T: +6 hours

Home again. After a classic smalltalk on the topic of nothing, music is turned on and each of us lies down and starts to relax and meditate. I find difficult to find inner peace after all that mad laughing. Besides that, crazy visuals are everywhere. The world behind closed eyes is nearly as interesting as the real one. We listen to Mike Oldfield's album and this music is evocating very interesting feelings and images in my head. But all this is uncontrolled stream of thoughts, interesting, but not so meditative.

After some time passed, an hour maybe, I'm going to prepare a waterpipe. I like this habit, because it causes good atmosphere amongst friends and brings something 'to do'. Mind state is a bit more stable, visuals still pretty rapid though. Sometimes I got a feeling we're talking on some topic!

While the waterpipe is smoked, the atmosphere is mostly relaxing, we're not talking much. Everything is still very nice and the world is something I'm not familiar with, but I would like to familiarize with. After the pipe, effects still didn't wear off, so we're rolling another joint. I got high and started to feel the comfortable dissolving of myself into the space again.

T: +8 hours

Another waterpipe is prepared along with music of various genres. I enjoy this comedown though I miss my sober mind state a bit. But why bother. I try to eat some snacks, and yes, wonderful.

T: +10 hours

Trying to sleep, because I can't really do anything. I feel energized and tired at once. This is a progress, because I felt full of energy an hour ago. Suprisingly, I fall asleep quite a soon.

Next day was something totaly useless. I spent it smoking waterpipe and chatting/being in silence with my friend who stayed with me. I can't imagine doing anything real this day. I feel tired and intellectualy exhausted but full of new sensations and experiences. No headache or physical discomfort.


I'm definitely not going to do this again very soon. This is very intense and long lasting stuff which I wouldn't enjoy everywhere. I'd like to try this in nature, maybe with half a blotter (400 ug). Not smoking marijuana could help me holding my thoughts and concetrate on myself. From my experience, I don't feel this substance is something much medidative, compared to LSD. I also didn't feel that strong euphoria I did on LSD.

I heard that 25-C-NBOMe is something 'not as mind-fucking as LSD'. I can't agree with this. With LSD I can do some of the normal activities and I'm able to dive into my mind. Not with this thing. Maybe NBOMe has bigger stability in general mind state, as there are not many bad trip reports. That's right, after the effect peaked and I persuaded myself I can handle this, I wasn't worried about having a bad trip. But besides that, I was fucked up pretty well.

Maybe the 800 ug is just too strong. But it was definitely worth the try. Looking forward to experiencing this substance in its 'classic dosage' though.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98032
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 23, 2013Views: 4,373
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25C-NBOMe (540) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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