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Hour-and-a-Quarter Introverted Paranoia
by hyperspace2012
Citation:   hyperspace2012. "Hour-and-a-Quarter Introverted Paranoia: An Experience with Spice (exp98058)". Dec 12, 2012.

  smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (plant material)


This is my first trip report and I'd like to share the experience I had a few days earlier. It was a Saturday afternoon and my friend was going to have a birthday party in a couple of hours which was going to take place in a sauna-type place with a swimming pool. Anyway, we decided to try out a Spice-like product we had purchased earlier (about 0.5 g) in his apartment. Our previous experiences were mostly limited to DXM, so we were really curious to try out something different.

Since we had never smoked stuff like that and the bag didn't specify what was inside (in fact, there was completely nothing written on the small packaging), we were bound to be guessing the dosage. It was decided to go with roughly 1/5 of the bag each. My friend filled the vaporizer and started smoking, stopping once most of the herb had already turned black (we had probably heated it too much so the whole thing ignited). The onset of the effects seemed to be real fast, and 3 minutes later he was already too nervous to answer the door when the pizza delivery man arrived, so I took care of that. Then my friend was claiming to be getting forgetful, asking me what had just happened a few seconds before. I ignored that and his suggestion that at least one of us should not be stoned.

This is where my trip report actually starts. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact pattern of change (in terms of time), but I received a call from a girl I know just as I was about to inhale, so I can tell for sure the whole thing started at 15:26.

I'm not sure if it's just the pipe, but the vapor seemed pretty sour at first, later turning into extremely harsh bitter smoke. I could feel some effects before I left the balcony (like something pressing against my temples). Meanwhile, my friend was acting pretty weirdly, asking me to literally 'remove the smoke' before we could come back into the apartment from the balcony. We ran back inside, laughing for no particular reason, and got rid of the ashes in the toilet.

Only then did it start occurring to me that it was a giant mistake. We still had plenty of time before the others would arrive, but I was convinced the effects wouldn't go away.

Now, Iíll describe the effects in more detail. The most noticeable were the visual alterations. All of a sudden, colors were brighter, objects were changing sizes and looking cartoonish, and as I moved, there was significant lag in the perceived images. My thoughts were skipping from one to another, making me unable to concentrate on anything rather than myself worrying. The only thing that felt right to do was sit down on the couch, and as I did that, I had a freakish sensation that I was really small, both in terms of size and age, but I didn't pay much attention to any of that because all I could think of was being seen in a state like this by friends, parents, etc. I was paranoid I'd have problems with the heat of the sauna. What's more, now that I was sitting down, everything in my vision seemed to be jumping from the left bottom corner to the top to the right bottom part and back again. I lay down.

This is where I started thinking how I would be explaining all of this to anyone I could possibly meet that day. Thoughts kept going around in circles because it was impossible to remember anything. My short term memory was failing me, interrupted by unusual mental images and the constant 'jumping' of everything in sight. Then I saw my friend having tea with a bit of cake. Given the panic attack I was having, his calmness seemed insane (although he is more experienced with psychoactives). This somehow reminded me of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. He kept constantly asking me in a distorted voice why I was looking depressed (however it's hard to tell if it was my brain exaggerating or him forgetting) and I kept replying by informing him of how screwed we were. It would've been hilarious for anyone to actually listen to our conversation which consisted of just a couple of phrases repeated over and over again. Iím pretty sure of that because I could even hear myself suggesting all kinds of nonsense to avoid seeing anyone.

I was feeling an overall numbness on one hand, but on the other I felt air bubbles slowly coming from my stomach up into my mouth (then bursting just as slowly) and my eyes being covered by some kind of slime. Of all the effects concerned with the body, my trip partner only complained of increased heart rate and cottonmouth.

Knowing there would be no easy way out, I carried out an experiment by getting myself a glass of water, which I did surprisingly successfully. I got back to my previous state (lying/sitting up on the couch), noticing my friend doing pull-ups in his own room, moving on to packing for the party, asking me to help (which I obviously failed to do as I kept instantly forgetting his instructions). It also turned out heíd taken a shower and told me about it a number of times, but I didnít find out until a few days later. I had a hard time focusing on my thoughts, but it was mostly panic. I looked at the clock every 5-7 minutes (or so I thought) only to realize it had only been 1 or 2 and repeated the same question about hiding the pipe and what remained of the blend.

It was about 16:20 when he left to meet the people coming to the party and I was finally able to calm down and concentrate on the trip. 20 minutes later the confusion stopped altogether. Suddenly, just as it had begun. I called my trip partner immediately (16:42). Just before they came to pick up the stuff for the party, I had a look in the mirror. The eyes were red, no pupil dilation (my friend said that neither of us had had particularly dilated pupils at any point of the experience). I suppose he told them something on the way because they were looking at me like I was acting strange (which I wasn't by that point) as we were making our 5-minute journey to the party venue.

The after-effects were very mild, almost impossible to feel. In fact, I felt OK enough to have some beer and shots just an hour later, which probably weren't such a good idea, because I was supposed to play football the next day, but wasn't too good (I'm still pretty sure it's the alcohol).

P.S. I can't be sure what the herb was laced with, but judging by what I have read, the effects seem to remind those of JWH-018.

P.P.S. I will probably be finishing the leftovers in a few weeks, with a lower dose perhaps and a completely different setting.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98058
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Dec 12, 2012Views: 7,380
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