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One Brilliant Night; Nature Vs. The Laboratory
Mescaline & Cannabis
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "One Brilliant Night; Nature Vs. The Laboratory: An Experience with Mescaline & Cannabis (exp98089)". Jul 9, 2017.

666 mg oral Mescaline (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Cannabis (cookie / food)


2g of high purity (98%+) synthetic mescaline hcl was split between myself and two close friends. The source is reliable and trusted. These friends have shared many experiences with me previously and Iím very close to them, and the setting (their home) was comfortable and familiar and is often a base for such experiences. Thus 666mg (+/- 10mg) was taken by each person in one go, as recommended by the source. The mescaline source enjoys a dose of 600mg, stating that this is roughly equivalent to his preferred dose of 250mcg of LSD. Working closely with chemists he is able to weight out all of these things precisely.

The mescaline was placed in two Ď00í capsules per person, and taken on an empty stomach. It was sunset by the time we took it, this wasnít intentional but weíd had other stuff to do that day. It didnít take long for effects to manifest. At first I felt a pleasant lethargy, some nausea and a really dreamy head space. Effects continued to build, and an hour or two in I purged. While purging up the remains of that mescaline was very bitter, the purge was satisfying and I felt better having done it. The need to purge came on quite suddenly, like my last experience with 500mg of the hcl. Both times I was the only person in my group to purge.

The setting for my two experiences were quite first time with the 500mg was with two close friends spent outside in nature, on not the best of days we could have hoped for. This second experience was mainly spent in my other good friendís very cosy living room which is very earthy, with many house plants, carvings and a fish tank with an axolotl. Good music on a decent sound system made a big difference to the experience. While my first experience was fun and interesting, I canít say it was that amazing or beautiful or particularly pleasurable. This second experience with a higher dose and with music resulted in a MUCH more rapturous and blissful feeling experience.

The peak took a little while to manifest but was long lasting, quite distinct from a tryptamine peak, The intoxication brought on by the mescaline was a much more physical, body orientated feeling than LSD say. Unlike the latter, where Iíve had energy to go on adventures and explore, on the mescaline we all had little desire to walk around too much, this would bring on nausea and a little dizziness, at least at this level, and it felt much more comfortable to be reclining, at least for the first half of the experience. A few hours in to the experience I seemed to plunge into a deep well of joy. I felt really serene, warm and blissful. This feeling lasted for a good few hours before dissipating somewhat later on. But throughout the experience I felt good. A therapeutic head space at times, I spent some time dwelling on my relationships and my current priorities in life. We were able to communicate with each other easily but didnít feel much need to do so earlier on, the time was spent largely with eyes closed in a very pleasant dreamy trance, enjoying the music...I couldnít help but think of what a seamless fusion of art and science music is, a really special human creation. We all felt this pleasant but restless energy in our limbs and muscles, we felt a near constant need to stretch was like our muscles were infused with energy, yet we had very little desire to do anything with that energy! So it was strange, the stimulant properties of the mescaline were coming through in their own way yet we were not easily able to manifest or channel this energy. Some fruit and fruit juice was sampled and it was delicious; I had no desire for any other substantial food for the duration of the experience.

Being my second experience with synthetic mescaline, there was noted a profound difference between it and mescaline in the form of cactus. This is likely down to the part played by the other alkaloids in the different types of cactus, but I now hold the firm conviction that these other alkaloids add, as oppose to detract from the experience. I have a fair bit of experience of San Pedro, Peruvian torch and one Peyote experience. One of my friends had a San Pedro experience at the Temple of the Moon in Cusco, Peru. The synthetic mescaline experience for us both felt slightly more chaotic and slightly less warm and benign than a cactus experience. Now some of my cactus experiences were combined with Syrian rue in attempt to cut down on the amount of cactus required for ingestion, so this may have influenced some of my cactus experiences, although I had heard that unlike with mushrooms, Syrian rue imparts little of its own personality onto cactus experiences, rather increases the potency of a given cactus dose. But my previous memorable cactus experiences had been visually captivating and beautiful, with gorgeous bright and earthy colours, sometimes very finely detailed, and the liquid visual realm had unfolded, almost like a story and narrative. I also recall going on big walks into nature on the cactus. This was all lacking from this synthetic mescaline experience.

On the come up, the open eyed world was quite confusing visually, and on closing my eyes, there was certainly lots going on, but there were very few colours, certainly nothing like the splendour of high dose mushrooms or LSD. There was also nothing of note, no images or interior narrative or messages going on, just swirling forms tending to predominate in oneís peripheral vision with no real basis to anything in the Ďrealí world. So with the synthetic mescaline, we both found the experience to feel more spiritually empty than a cactus experience, with the visual aspect much less interesting or captivating.

Later on in the eve we had a little smoke of some organically grown home grown ganja, and nibbled some space brownies. This seemed to go nicely with the intoxication at this stage of the night, Iíve heard mescaline plays on your dopamine system more than other psychedelics, and Iíve heard cannabis dose also; but they seemed to go together nicely and put us in a relaxed and dreamy trance state.

One interesting visual distortion I did experience was looking at the back of my friendís tank; the back of the tank had a blue board up against it, and a little white crud encrusting the top of the tank. Well to my brain, this became a vast turquoise Caribbean lagoon, fit with clouds and waves, and some seal cliffs to the was a real absorbing and engrossing aesthetic illusion which lasted for some time.

The experience lasted around 12 hours before I could sleep. This was found to be lass jarring a little easier than falling asleep on LSD can sometime be. Having experienced two high dose sessions with the synthetic mescaline, my personal experience suggests to me that the cactus, the way nature intended, is superior. Those other alkaloids seem to infuse the experience with much more earthy magic in my experience. For my friends and me at least; this may be just our experience. But the difference for me experienced both times was profound and noticeable, and while the experience was still very enjoyable, it did detract overall. So to summarise I would say I found the synthetic mescaline a little more chaotic, a little less benign, less guided with much less narrative and MUCH less beautiful or engrossing visual imagery, and it was also found to be much more incapacitating and inducing of lethargy than the cactus. Still had a really great experience sharing this with two close friends, very grateful for having had the opportunity to experience this, made for a very fine Saturday night! And no cacti were harmed in the creation of this experience... :)

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98089
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jul 9, 2017Views: 6,096
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Mescaline (36) : General (1), Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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