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by anon
Citation:   anon. "Mumphimisms: An Experience with DPT (exp98126)". Jan 27, 2016.

  insufflated DPT
I'm not going to write this like a cute little story, I'm simply getting straight to the point and writing a simple trip report.

I was sittin at my computer desk in a dark bedroom with my DPT laid out in front of me. Don't know how much it was. I had a playlist open and I was excited to have one of my first trips. Shpongle the sixth revelation was playing. I snorted all of the bumps of DPT. The first thing I noticed was flushing swirls allover my screen in a grid pattern. Like mini flushes allover my screen sucking the color into a vortex. Then my body began to feel like jello, and my body and genitals began to feel wet. I started getting paranoid about losing control of my bladder or ass. And thought I should go make sure I was dry in the bathroom. So I got up to go to the toilet and the next thing I remember, I wake up sittin on the toilet and I am being engulfed by a massive amorphous fractal. It was an extremely overwhelming and terrifying moment. If you can imagine getting an anchor strapped to your neck and being thrust down into the ocean but the ocean is an infinitely detailed glowing colorful fractal and you are falling inside every crevice of the fractal. As soon as I could perceive the center of the fractal it would explode into infinite number of small fractals and my body would fill and fall into every tiny spiral and be sucked downwards.

I was pretty horrified by this point as this was my first real psychedelic experience. I think after a while I could see the room a bit more, it was very purple and oozing with dark green blue and purple sludge. Everything was melting. The next thing I remember was the rise and fall of the soundscape and trip music that was playing very loudly in my head. It would get faster and slower. At its slowest point the world would slow down too, and everything got extremely dark and scary. It sounded like 'woooow woooooow woooooow woooooow' and then it would speed up and my mood would get more elevated along with it... ' wow wow wee we wewewe dddddadadadadaa' and I would hit some kind of transcendental peak and everything would freeze and it felt spiritual at this moment. I looked up into the tiny square window of the warped privacy bathroom glass and the moon was shining through. There was a white line tribal figure holding the moon and melting into the side of the window. Then I heard a microsoft windows error sound 'duh dunn! Duh dunn! Duhdun dadun dadun D D D D D D!' and the sound would get extremely fast and start all over.

The next thing I remember were the creatures that I met. There were dark ghost like figures flying around. Men's faces and voices. They said 'ggggga gagaga dadadadaduhh' the voice was all chopped up segments of a man's voice. They seemed kind of like lost souls to me. And below them were the 'mumphimisms' they looked like Yoshi or the characters on the Nerds candies box. They also looked kind of like elephant seals. They were emanating rings of rainbow colors out from the center of their bodies and when the rings reached the edge of their bodies the color dripped off and was flowing like a small stream of rainbow colored neon glowing sludge covering the ground. They were in a small miniworld of their own floating in space. They were some kind of spirit animal, but somehow I got the impression they were the representation of humanity.
They were some kind of spirit animal, but somehow I got the impression they were the representation of humanity.
They were screaming wacky crazy cartoon sounds at me, taunting my mindstate and my horror. There were really big fat mumphimisms strutting around showing off for the females. They came flying past my vision as giants in front of me. The mumphimisms mostly just had sex and squirted on each other while laughing and screaming cartoon sounds. These actually came about by me looking down and my genitals while holding me penis upwards, it looks kind of like some kind of weird alien elephant and I'm certain this is how my mind created them.

I thought I was making a mess with the psychedelic slime allover the bathroom so I tried to get a focus on the room around me and I moved into the bathtub. I felt I better not get too close to the drain or it would suck me in because I could see a black hole vortex coming from the drain hole. I waited this period out in tub trying to stay quiet and focusing my eyes through the mumphimisms and sludge to make sure my dad wasn't standing in the door way. I was mumbling incoherencies also... I really wish I could have heard what I was saying. I got up and went back to my room and tried to lay down but my bed was melting down into a black hole into space so I just squatted on the ground and basically tried not to touch anything and was peering over my shoulder as the spirits talked to me and the cartoon screams continued until it wore off.

The next [day] I snorted the remainder and a small window opened up in my vision exposing the exact same universe I was immersed into the night before. I saw the mumphimisms fucking down below and I saw the dark spirits flying around above.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98126
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jan 27, 2016Views: 2,192
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DPT (21) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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