Now I Can Barely Focus in School
Salvia divinorum & Cannabis
Citation:   daytripper. "Now I Can Barely Focus in School: An Experience with Salvia divinorum & Cannabis (exp98182)". Dec 27, 2016.

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  1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
Warning on Salvia

Within 2 weeks was the first and last time I ever did Salvia. Me and the same group of friends I was with almost every day decided to buy 20x salvia over the summer and bring it to ďthe sesh spotĒ. Iím going to break this report first into the three separate occasions I did it, what the effects were and during each time we previously had been smoking weed and I wasnít on any medication for all three.

The first time I ever did it I drove to the spot to meet up with everyone and my one friend then pulled out the salvia, about fifty feet away was a sand pit for quadding that we decided to go trip at. There was five of us and the first person to take a hit off the pipe immediately fell to the ground so once I got the pipe passed to me I was starting to feel a little worried. I went into the situation with no prior clue what salvia was and was in a bad mind state from ending a relationship hours before.

As soon as I hit it I watched what everyone else was doing and knew where I still was, the clouds looked cartoon and as if Iíd touch it, it would be just like cotton candy and I was sitting in the sand just playing with it; but first time wasnít really anything. I took four hits the first time but all spaced out. Coming down for me wasnít too bad felt a little down for the next two days at the most but I knew I wanted to be able to have a trip like the first guy who did it!

The second time I ever did it was again at the sesh spot with 20x but instead we just sat in the backseat and did it, this time only I and one more person did it. Thankfully the other person doing it was bringing all the positive energy up, once again I knew where I was and that time was my least favorite out of the three. I ended up getting texts and it was just not a good situation to be in! Only took three hits off the pipe that time, nothing really that interesting happened. The after effects were worse this time and I felt more depressed like everyone there had been judging me and secretly hated me.

Now the third time is a completely different storyÖ. This time we had 30x and were using a bubbler instead. Back at the sesh spot I had maybe one joint maximum (which honestly is nothing anymore). The only thing I remember from before is watching myself light it then counting in my head to hold it in; didnít really feel anything so I supposedly lit it again and cashed the bowl. Because of previous times I made sure to pack it full thinking that for some odd reason maybe salvia just isnít working for me because of chemical balance or who knows.

This time I lived a completely different life still with all the same people just taking different ways in life I remember smiling looking at a mirror (in the trip) then seeing where I previously had been sitting (in real life) in the reflection. Everything started turning dark like a grey colour that seemed to be damp and foggy and in the video my friends took I start to tweak out just looking around and then turning into a zombie just staring blankly. I remember feeling like dark faceless figures were starting to move almost overhead of me almost as if they were growing and looking down on me making me feel tiny and insignificant, I started yelling about how I donít like people.

Coming back to reality I felt like my soul had been ripped through the bottom of the seat and re-entering my body again I started to twist a bit and sink down into the back seat. I thought everyone I knew hated me and that they were only pretending to be my friends. Talking on the video I told them ďI didnít even know I was tripping, I thought I was in a place and I thought you guys were secret people who were my friends but actually werenítĒ. This trip lasted about 15-20 minutes through the entire thing (after the big trip) Iíd go from trying to talk and explain what was happening to straight up tripping out. The next few hours I felt cold and like life had changed, the first time I ever truly left reality and to come back just wasnít something I was ready for I guess.

The next few days I felt really bad about myself, thinking everyone hated me, some suicidal thoughts and that just things have now been changed. I was able to go from smoking weed every day and making honors with distinction but now I can barely focus in school let alone really anything.
now I can barely focus in school let alone really anything.
The therapist Iíve been seeing believes I have HPPD. When I get high I have feelings like Iím going back into the trip like my back was melting and I kept having this uncontrollable laugh which never happened to me before but seems to happen at least four times a day since. Staring at posters I remember seeing that the clouds had been moving or water was rippling. All the colours seem just really bright all the time now and honestly I donít mind the whole tripping part but can I tell you it sure sucks not being able to focus on anything. Since that day I have also depersonalized myself more and more from the world. I honestly think about doing salvia again once a week at the very least in fact I could have got my hands on some today but I think thatís done for me now.

Now my advice for you, Iíve heard of people having perfectly fine trips from doing even 15x MORE ISNT ALWAYS BETTER. Donít push yourself and do your research before trying any drug please. I wish nothing more than to be able to have the same thoughts on life as I did even six months ago. Sucks having to fuck up this soon. Looking back on the actual trip I loved doing it but doesnít feel worth it at all afterwards

Hopefully itíll fade over the next few months. Thanks for taking the time if you actually made it through this entire novel. Iím an enthusiast for drugs I really am but Iíd hate to see someone going through the same bullshit I am just because they werenít given a real warning like me.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98182
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 27, 2016Views: 1,903
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