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Bizarre Exploration
2C-I & Cannabis
by tsm
Citation:   tsm. "Bizarre Exploration: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp98247)". Dec 14, 2012.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral 2C-I (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 4 hits smoked Cannabis  
Previous Drug use within 24 hrs: none

Let me begin by saying that I am a pretty novice drug user. I am 15 years old and I have been smoking marijuana for about 6 months on an almost daily basis. Before this experience with 2C-I I had tried mushrooms once before, but at a relatively low dose (1.3 Grams or so). This experience with 2C-I combined with cannabis was to be the most powerful psychedelic experience in my life.

Setting: It was Halloween day and the main body of my trip took place on my towns mall during the daytime however it lasted until I was sitting alone in my room at 1 in the morning. I was with some good friends and I was in a great mood.

The Trip: It was 3:20 and I had just gotten out of school. I placed the blotter tab on my tongue and was struck by how very bitter it was. It was 3:21 when I put it on my tongue and I will now refer to the starting time as 'T'. I got on the bus with 2 of my friends, we will call them Dan and Craig. As the bus pulled away at about T+10 minutes I noticed a slight amount of tension starting in my back and shoulders. At first I dismissed it as the placebo effect, or just as something unrelated but over the course of the next 40 minutes of the bus ride the tension kept growing.

It was about T+50 when I really noticed how tense I was. At that point I also noticed a definite lack of focus. I kept looking at my phone but I couldn't focus on the tiny screen; I kept looking away. I want to mention that despite the physical tension in my body I was still in a very good state of mind. I was all anticipation for the trip to come. The bus pulled up to the mall at T+60 and I was struck by how detailed everything looked. Colors seemed a little brighter and everything seemed a little odd or out of place. The sensations I was getting were subtle but I was definitely feeling something.

Dan, Craig and I walked down the mall joking and looking at peoples costumes as it was Halloween. The tension kept building up all over my body and it was at that point that I felt my first real effect of the drug at T+80 or so. The mall I was on was primarily made of bricks and I was just staring at them when I realized that one of the bricks was bulging. The brick widened and grew and then it would slowly return to its normal state. It was almost breathing if you understand what I mean. I still had strong sense of mental clarity and I was proud that I was able to interact with my friends in such a normal way while I was tripping. However I really didn't understand that the drug hadn't fully kicked in yet. I was only getting whispers of what was to come at that point.

Another one of my friends arrived at that point, lets call him Pierce, and he had a couple grams of marijuana with him. We decided to go smoke it, and one of my friends told me that smoking Cannabis would fully kick my trip in. I had no idea how right he was. It was getting dark at the point and it was at T+120. Visual effects like breathing and bulging were getting stronger and I my thoughts seemed oddly disconnected from each other, I felt like my mind was rambling without purpose and without consent from me. Me and Pierce had walked up onto a parking garage and we proceeded to smoke. I took about four hits, and right after my fourth rip, while I was letting the smoke out I noticed a change in my trip. Everything seemed very quiet and very alien. I saw a shadow from the rooftop bend in and out of place. The pattern of the brick wall of the parking garage seemed complex and different and it warped in front of my eyes.

I want to take a moment to take a moment to focus on the next sensation I felt and the visual trip that went with it, because it was possibly the most powerful experience I had all night. Right before my eyes the bricks in the wall formed into a human face. The face was outlined in white and I could still see the bricks behind it. It was sort of like a child’s drawing; the outlines of the face and eyes were clear but there was nothing in the middle except for the normal pattern of bricks in the wall. Then the face began to talk, no, sing. It was moving its mouth and its eyes and head tilted as if to make the cadences of someone singing but no sound came out. I felt like a being was trying to talk to me, but it couldn't. It was trapped in the wall, trapped in the fabric of reality. You may be wondering how my trip was this powerful off of only 1 hit of 2C-I and I chalk it up to smoking marijuana and my low tolerance for drugs in general. The face faded and I tried to re-integrate into being a normal social person who doesn't stare at the wall slack-jawed for 5 minutes. But it felt wrong. Everything about human interaction seemed odd and I could not put a finger on what it was.

As we walked down from the garage my mind was a mess. I was so caught up in what was going on in my head I barely even saw 5 feet in front of me. Finally, I managed to clear my head and just enjoy the trip. The 'breathing' I had seen in things before took on a more violent nature now that it was T+180 or so. Every so often a patch of reality like the sidewalk or the sky would distort, or bubble. It was getting cold out and I had school the next day so I took the bus home. It was about T+220 or so and being on the bus was a bizarre experience to say the least. I thought about how very strange it was to be in the belly of a metallic creature being pushed forward by its metallic heart. The whole bus was vibrating like normal but it seemed intensified. At one point I caught myself thinking that the bus might fall apart. I got home and logged onto my computer. The screen seemed to bubble and melt a little bit and the bulging effect I had seen before came back.

I want to point out that this experience was not accompanied by the usual rush of euphoria that I get with mushrooms or cannabis. Instead I just felt a constant rush of consistent energy. One of my friends described his trip on the same substance as 'a combination of tripping and rolling' however I do not know how accurate that was. My trip slowly went downhill from T+360. My thoughts slowly became more organized and by T+500 or so I was just left with the rush of energy that I had felt from before. It left me unable to sleep for another hour before I unknowingly passed into a dreamless sleep.

After Effects: The morning after I felt very tired, a little sick, and I had a moderate headache. I also had the nagging sensation the the drug still had a slight clamp on my brain and I tried to shake it off by drinking a ton of water. I did not feel totally 'right' until T+24 hours.

This trip was interesting, at a few points profound, but it was not an overly happy or euphoric experience. The combination with cannabis was definitely a successful one, and it really kicked in the trip for me.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98247
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Dec 14, 2012Views: 3,291
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