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Mutual Worship in the Pleasure Pantheon
4-Acetoxy-DiPT & Chocolate
Citation:   sakithin. "Mutual Worship in the Pleasure Pantheon: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DiPT & Chocolate (exp98264)". Nov 14, 2012.

  oral Chocolate  
  24 mg oral 4-AcO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
This is another report from an experience had with the same friend as in report #97819. Doses this time were 22mg (her) and 24mg (me), administered the same way.

Prior to the trip, K (my friend) and I had spent the afternoon eating blueberry/raspberry/blackberry pancakes with maple syrup and hot chocolate. We then did some physical construction-type work, and came back in for more hot chocolate, and some cream of broccoli soup. I'd estimate that in the 2-3h before the trip, we collectively consumed about a pound of bittersweet chocolate (mixed with milk and cream to make the hot chocolate and whipped cream which we'd been drinking), and the appreciation of chocolate has been a cornerstone of our friendship, so the chocolate should probably be considered as a drug which contributed to this experience.

Just before the trip, I mentioned to K that I'd had an unfulfilled fantasy for the previous 9 years. This fantasy originated on a date, which ended with cuddling on my couch, a little high on pot, while my apartment was illuminated by a single 40W blue light bulb. There was also a pair of ambient music albums which I'd enjoyed listening to in similar conditions. Consequently, I had a fantasy that involved having sex, while on drugs, in a dimly blue-lit room, while listening to the ambient albums in question. Since my neighbour had come by and smoked me up (K abstained) while we were finishing the construction-type work, I still had a bit of a buzz on, and K figured we had an excellent opportunity to fulfill my fantasy. After setting up the lighting (but not yet the music) and making out a little, she suggested that we add psychedelics.

We had planned to spend the previous night together on 2C-T-2, but timing issues and digestive concerns had scuttled those plans. Because of this, I assumed that K was interested in taking the 2C-T-2, but she had to work the next day, and felt that something shorter-acting was desirable so she could get enough sleep. Because of its shorter duration, and how much we'd enjoyed it in the past, we settled on 4-AcO-DiPT, and went to measure out and take our doses.

Due to some previous sexual escapades we'd had over the 2 days leading up to this trip, it was established that I owed K an orgasm by hand (an obligation which I looked upon with some enthusiasm). So on our return, I turned on the music, we climbed into bed, and I set myself to the task of providing the owed orgasm. This was in spite of our previously having established that orgasms during drug trips don't count towards such debts. She later considered this obligation satisfied in spite of the drugs, claiming both that the orgasm I gave her was the longest one that she had not given herself, and also that she was still coming up, rather than high, when I gave it to her.

Following this, we progressed to some frottage, and then some penetration. As this was going on, I felt myself coming up, and my perception of her body changed from it being a body to some sort of shrine to pleasure. As a temple, it seemed ornately decorated (though she was quite naked, and has no tattoos), and also struck me as somehow Hindu (in retrospect, I suspect that the blue light was evocative of the blue skinned Hindu gods--both of us are of European descent, and both apostate from Eastern European Roman-Catholicism from just before our teens, so the sense of Hinduism has no basis in our own cultural backgrounds). I experienced some vaguely luminous closed-eye visuals, that seemed at once angular and geometric, while also seeming fluid, and ornamented with paisley knobs, like some sort of bizarre gothic spire.

As the trip progressed, I felt a sense of increased urgency to more fully enter the temple that was K's person. At some point in this process, I withdrew my penis from her, and began rubbing my entire body against her genitals. I felt more inside her than I had during penetration. I felt that we had enveloped each other and somehow merged. There were no longer humans having sex, but rather a pleasure god and a pleasure goddess, temporarily incarnated for the purpose of mutual worship. This continued for quite some time.

As we went on, K asked me if I had come, or whether I was close, or something of the sort. I told her that coming was like opening a door to see the other side, and I had gone through to the other side, and had been there for a while now. At another point, when asked, I described my state by saying that where orgasm is a rocket blast into orbit, I was soaring through intergalactic space. I also told her that I think I finally understood what she meant when she described a previous (unreported) experience as infinite orgasms.

One of the times that I was relating the intensity of my experience to her, she suggested 'maybe it's what humans call love' to describe what was happening. At another point, she identified the experience as romantic, and called me the most romantic lover she'd ever had (when we started seeing each other I professed an intense mistrust of, and distaste for romance, though I'd since relented when she described some of our previous shared pleasures as romantic, and even suggested in a subsequent admission of romantic sentiment that I trusted her not to abuse or exascerbate the failures of romance). Another thing she told me once during the trip was that the curls of my hair resembled some sort of phallic medusa, with penises instead of snakes, and that she found this attractive. Some other point in the trip, we joked about what sort of experience report might come from this trip, and how it absolutely had to be documented. Another time (actually, I think a few times) during the trip, she expressed amazement that I wasn't inside her; I told her that I was, and it was just that inside had moved (in fact, I think that the tactile distortions may have altered our brains' recognition of which parts of our tactile sensorium were genital/sexual). We also both noticed some mild indigestion during the trip, mine was somewhat like gas pain, but localized to my stomach, and only present with certain positions or types of movement; K asked me if this was a known side-effect, or if anything that we might have eaten was known to cause such indigestion; I assured her that the substance is far too poorly explored for such things to be known yet. I can't remember where these experiences fit into the chronology of the evening, but they were there somewhere.

Eventually, when the music came to an end, our lovemaking subsided to gentle snuggling. Because we both had obligations to be around other people the next day, we discussed taking a shower. We observed that the front of my body, from my knees to my shoulders, was completely covered in vaginal wetness, and that she was in a similar state. We made some jokes about going about our activities the next day so completely covered in sex. We also joked when she mentioned that she was thirsty, about how much water her body had just given up. We noticed that we were well past the peak, but still not baseline (we were probably 2-2.5h in at this point). We decided that we were exhausted, and lacked the motivation to get up and shower, so we gave up on that idea. We wondered about the dreams we might have, talked about dreams we'd had before, and enjoyed some subtly romantic moments before we fell asleep in each other's arms (leaving hygeine for the morning).

K reported a slightly groggy and off sense the next morning as a hangover; I experienced no such difficulties the next day. When we had sex the following evening, there was a notable lack of anticipation, as we both could tell that we weren't about to have as incredible experience as we'd had the night before (though we still ended up having a good time).

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98264
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Nov 14, 2012Views: 13,948
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Chocolate (182), 4-AcO-DiPT (55) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Sex Discussion (14), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1)

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