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My Love Affair With 25C-NBOMe
Citation:   Totally Zonked. "My Love Affair With 25C-NBOMe: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp98298)". Jul 14, 2013.

2 hits sublingual 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Ever since my teen years I have wanted to have a psychedelic experience and experience hallucinations. Originally my intention was to get access to LSD but so far I have yet to experience acid.

Imagine my excitement when a friend of mine said he had access to blotter. At first I thought it was LSD however he said it was something called 2-c-c-nbome. I had no idea the strength in micrograms of these blotters but my first couple of times dosing I took 2 hits. I would describe it as very euphoric and like a strong dose of marijuana. I noticed I was very empathetic (something that, for better or worse, I am not usually) and excited to do even mundane tasks. I was very easily moved to a wide spectrum of emotions very easily as well. I also noticed that when I closed my eyes I could conjure up fractals and imagery similar to dreams. I would also fidget a lot and the next day I would have sore legs. It also kept me up all night. I would go into my head and have deep thoughts but usually I am lost in thought so I thought nothing of it at the time. I was very talkative on this substance and shared way too much private information that I wouldn't usually. In other words I became very extroverted something not like me at all. I find myself grinding my jaw a lot as well. The day after I would feel groggy and hungover similar to a marijuana after effect. I would have joint and back pain. Mostly from laying in the same position for too long or fidgeting too much. The day after was unpleasant on the body.

The first time I noticed I was tripping was when my friend's music started sounding different and almost 'watery' or 'glitchy'. I would find out later psychedelics can make music sound 'wider'. I also had a conversation in my head with my friend that I wasn't actually having in person. When I went to the bathroom my girlfriend's bath puff bent towards me and I felt like it wanted to kill me. My girlfriend's face was very twitchy and 'crawling'; her eyes look odd as well. That night as I lay in the dark I saw rainbow patterns everywhere and the walls melted towards me. I also saw outlines of spiders and bugs which was scary but I pulled through the night. I realized certain words conjured up emotions in me. I had some erotic thoughts but I didn't have an erection. The worse trip I had was at a friend's house. They had left me alone all night by myself in the dark. My girlfriend and I had a bad argument earlier and I felt deep shame and remorse. I broke down and cried for hours. I also saw scary shadows in the dark and I swear I saw a gremlin clutching to the wall. It was very terrifying.

My other trips on this same blotter went smoother. For some reason I felt almost like I was connected to the whole universe and was telepathically communicating with entities more intelligent than myself. As a skeptic I felt confused by this experience and somewhat ashamed I could let myself believe in such things. The next time I heard and imagined other people talking in my head I just let the external dialogue play out. I rationalized it has my mind trying to make sense of the universe and splitting up almost in a Socratic dialogue. I had some deep thoughts that were rational but it was hard to concentrate so sometimes my thoughts would get muddled and I would think I was being idiotic which would trigger a bit of a bad trip. However, when I gained my concentration back again and was able to piece things together it went smoother. The good trips left me feeling a sense of purpose and destiny, the bad trips either left me feeling I had to improve myself or change in some way. Overall I would say even the bad trips gave me self-insight even if it was unpleasant.

I had no idea how strong these blotters were except the word of my friend that they were very strong. I found smoking heavy doses of marijuana triggered fear and paranoia. I also lost my ability to concentrate at times which was negative as I primarily wanted to use the psychedelic to have self-insight. However, I did find the marijuana mellowed me out a great deal at some times. Overall I do not mix marijuana and nbomes due to a lost of concentration which can lead stimulus to overwhelm me triggering fear and paranoia.

I found I could barely use electronic devices, not even cellphones or an iPod.

There was some aspect of time dilation as well. Time either sped up or felt very slow. I had no idea how much time had passed. One time 3 hours passed as if I was nothing and another time an hour felt like many hours.

Water had quite an awful metallic taste and it numbed the mouth.

I also found things funnier and had cases of the giggles very often. My sense of humor was more child-like and I especially found dry humor funny. Usually I find such things boring and dull. Color shifts were very interesting as well, as pavement turned purple or red. I do not drive high; my friend drives and he drives sober at all times. Tree leaves turned orange and blue one time as well. Another time the floor turned into purple and green cartooned snakes. Things seem to move close to me at times and the scenery almost becomes wavy/watery/cartoonish. Very bright and colorful.

After we ran out of these blotters I took it on myself to find a reputable source. I obtained some tabs that had 800 micrograms on each.

My first dosing on these were 2 tabs (so 1600 mics). I hadn't ate yet that day and I realized I was very hungry. This usually makes me nauseous and these tabs also made me nauseous. So I laid down for a bit. The room around me instantly transformed into a colorful painting with sparkles all around. I saw patterns in the carpet come to life and move up from the ground. Similar to the pattern moving from the floor in the film 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. My heart beat out of my chest. I had deep thoughts and dreamy visuals in my mind's eye. My depth perception was a bit weird as well. I also noticed some auditory distortion as my fan sounded very weird and metallic. It was somewhat overwhelming but I kept my cool. My laptop screen turned in a bunch of colors all melting down my screen and I couldn't use it. My girlfriend looked exceptionally beautiful and colorful as well. I was very sick to my stomach so I managed to eat a banana and lay down on her lap. Her music is usually melancholic and she likes to sing so this moved me to tears. Usually I am very unemotional and stoic but I am a great deal more empathetic and emotional. I found 25c-nbomes affect on empathy and emotions have translated into my everyday life when I am not tripping increasingly so I understand people better. After a few hours I was able to get up and cook a meal. There were speckles of color everywhere and I was able to see all sorts of patterns and shapes in the floor.

For the negative I will say that the body load is quite unpleasant at times with joint pain and increased fidgeting leading to muscle pain the next day similar to working out. I also notice a lot of tremor and twitching. My heart beats very fast as well due to the stimulant nature. The taste is very gross and metallic and having to hold your spit in can be fairly gross for the squeamish. Especially swallowing. I usually get gas and nausea from the onset for a while. I also find I have increased saliva production and sometimes post-nasal drip. The insomnia can be unpleasant and cause headaches. The next day I recommend having nothing planned except sleep and recovering. I sometimes feel like trash and achy similar to having the flu. You can also get a case of the shivers or hot flashes even on the day after. It can sometimes take a few days even to get back to normal. I have also noticed it causes TV static-esque vision for a few days afterwards. I have read nbomes are known to cause HPPD more readily than other psychedelics.

I usually take a tolerance break of one week but from my last trip I am waiting two weeks.

A lot of people say nbomes do not have a spiritual aspect and are not deep. However I find I can go deep into my mind a lot of the times and figure things out I wouldn't usually. I am very skeptical of any spiritual experienced gain from something that alters my consciousness. This is an untested idea and merely an hypothesis, but I find that I can more easily access deeper thoughts while tripping.

25c-nbome is very good in a social situation where the people are very nice and friendly to me as well as talkative. If they are quiet or being rude (trying to get me to trip out) then I would not consider doing nbomes around them. If I want to have self-insight more so than see nice visuals and communicate this to others, I recommend tripping alone. As people distract me from my thoughts it can be distracting and I can lose my train of thought. 25c-nbome can be especially good in a social situation if I have a 'goof-ball' around since it can cause a case of the giggles and almost a child-like perception of reality at times.

These 800 mic tabs cause me to be very thirsty something the other blotter did not due. I am unsure why this is.

Overall my experiments with 25c-nbome have been positive and uplifting. I would recommend to others. As this is a research chemical there may be some risk to it. The body load and after effects can be very unpleasant however.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98298
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jul 14, 2013Views: 9,694
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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