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Actually Helps Tremendously
Loperamide (for methadone withdrawal)
Citation:   bran man. "Actually Helps Tremendously: An Experience with Loperamide (for methadone withdrawal) (exp98313)". May 4, 2016.

10 mg smoked Loperamide
I've written once on this topic already, and as I have had further experiments with smoking semi-pure loperamide (green food coloring got through the filter, I will try to coffee filters next time, or maybe a chem lab quality filter).

I started with 350 2mg generic loperamide pills ($4.95 at CostCo) and added a half pint of vodka to it, didn't even have to crush the pills, the vodka ate them away. I let it sit for couple days, stirring now and then, and eventually poured it through a filter I had taped to a glass bowl. I ended up with about half a pint of green liquid and reduced the volume some by hitting it with a hair dryer to evaporate the alcohol (should have used PGA, I even had some but had forgotten about it) then I let it sit for a week and it air dried and I ended up with about half a gram, maybe more like .35, of green crystals, obviously loperamide is, like most drugs, colorless, so the green is obviously food coloring but it isn't too terribly harsh to smoke, but it smells like shit, so I either have the exhaust fan on in the bathroom or smoke it outside if I don't want people to think I'm smoking crack or meth, it kind of smells like a mixture of the two (awful).

Anyway, I've been smoking 10mg - 40mg at a time for methadone withdrawals and it actually helps tremendously. I don't know if it's any less addictive than any other opioid when used this way, but it's nice to have every now and again. I'll be interested to see how I react to it when I'm not on methadone anymore (tapering off 100mg, 3mg a day, sucks, I'm at 58mg)

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98313
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: May 4, 2016Views: 10,932
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