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The Drug That Inspired
DMT & Cannabis
by Brigham
Citation:   Brigham. "The Drug That Inspired: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp98418)". Apr 6, 2018.

6 hits smoked DMT
    smoked Cannabis


The first part is just an intro leading up to the experience, the real experience starts in paragraph 3 & 4

Ever since I actually learned that drugs are not a 'bad' thing that 'bad' people do, I've had an extreme infatuation with hallucinogens. I've experimented with mushrooms and LSD and even some knock offs of acid such as TCI and TCII, but I've never reached the point were I wanted to be. I was always grounded, in control, and just hadn't gotten what I truly wanted from hallucinogenics. Then, stumbling through Netflix one day I found a documentary about DMT, and was completely blown away. I instantly wanted to try the stuff and started doing research on it. But, living in the town I live in (a conservative christian, rich, white little town) I never foresaw me actually having the opportunity to try it.

Many years passed, and I graduated from high school and move out of mom and dad's house up to a college town. I had a ton of friends that did drugs, hell my best friend was a huge drug dealer, but no one could ever find any DMT because they were more concerned with the 'get fucked up drugs' such as Xanax, codeine, and tabs etc. Freshman year blew by as well as sophomore year without me even hearing a word about the stuff, until one day finally my Junior year one of my friends from back home transferred to my college and moved in down the street. He wasn't like my other pothead/bar-tard drug dealer friends, he didn't really get into those things, he was more focused on acid and mushrooms and other types of hallucinates. And here's where it begins...

I went over one night just to hang out with him and his girlfriend, maybe play some halo and kick it back and hang out. But as I walked in the door I noticed a foul smell coming from upstairs. Typical, curious me, ran upstairs to see what was going on (honestly going up stairs I had no clue what to expect, this friend always acted on a whim and I thought he was cooking up some Meth hahaha). But I opened the door to find him and his girlfriend sitting on the bed holding hands smoking a bowl of DMT. I instantly asked if I could try, and his girlfriend said yes. I stood up for the first hit cause I just wanted to see how it affected motor skills. (I'm the type of person to get my feet wet before I go jumping strait in.) So I took a little baby hit, and about 10 seconds after breathing out the cat piss smelling odor, the world began to change. I was still conscious and responsive, but I could instantly tell that this was going to be different than anything I had done before. Everything slowed down; EVERYTHING. My thoughts were in slow motion, my movements followed; voices sounded dragged out similar to when I did Nitrous, and my body began to feel as if everything weighed 10 times as much as it did 15 seconds ago. Clueless on how much I should take, and so I decided to wait on my friend to arise from his dream state ( he wasn't unresponsive anymore, he was laying in the bed digging his face into a pillow and steadily giggling at this point). As he woke up, he packed me a bowl and put just over a tenth of DMT on the top and said, 'this one is for you brother, good luck out there.'

Still somewhat groggy, I relaxed sat down and started smoking the bowl. One hit, tasted just like weed. Hit two, I could taste a difference. The world began to slow down again. Hit three, all I could taste was chemical tasting. More and more the world slowed. Hit 4, same, the walls started spinning, helixes appeared everywhere and I started felting really comfortable in this mind-state. My friend had to help me with hit 5 and 6 because I could barely move my hands. After 5 and 6 I sat back, closed my eyes, I felt it creep up the back of my neck and it was almost painful as I felt like it reached my brain. I had 'Blasted off'.

I had done plenty of research on Deem, but everything I expected from the experience was nowhere close to the actual trip. The visuals and body feeling were almost inhuman in color and shapes. I felt like I was in a really fast spaceship or airplane and I was tearing through a plane of colors at an impossibly fast speed. Everything was nothing like anything I had seen before, my helixes were made of tiny little helixes, my shapes were pouring color into each other and trading (indescribable) characteristics with each other. It was absolutely amazing.

After about what seemed like 15 to twenty minutes in, I noticed this ball of extremely bright light deep in the distance and I felt as if I was a bug flying towards the light as fast as I could. But it seemed like I traveled for hours and hours and it was barely getting closer (all the time I was awestruck by the visuals). One I got closer to the Ball of light I could actually see characteristics of it. It had everything that I was inside of it, swimming around. My school, high school, faces of my friends, leaders, peers, sports teams, people who had affected me, my dogs, my inspirations, my fears. Everything that made up what I was was swirling around inside of this ball of light, and I was heading full speed towards the center of it (again, it felt like I was moving at the speed of light, but it only got very marginally closer to me. From my perception of the distance it was like I was crawling, but the objects around the ball of light were just going absolutely insane.) Closer and closer I grew and the ball began peeling back the things that had formerly made up everything I was. My school flew by me in a bright visual blur. My parents. My Inspirations. My motives. My moral code. The more time went on the things that were closer and closer to me flew by in indescribable colors, shapes, and ways. The closer I got to the center, the more I started feeling this warm sensation, as if the ball of light was the Sun. Things kept peeling further and further back until there was nothing, besides the big bright light itself. And I hadn't noticed but the visuals in the surroundings had completely stopped. It was me, dark, and the ball of light. I said no words, and it said nothing, all was silent. But I felt a connection to it, It had obviously inspired my movement towards it, and was obviously very important. But I just stood there in complete and utter awe, as I felt like I had seen the 'face' of the creator of the universe.

Now, even though I was raised in a contemporary christian environment, I was very aware that the Bible and such things were just man made things to justify a God that someone made up. But I realized this wasn't the guy they were writing about. (This was more like EWA off of Avatar, if anything. Haha) This was the creator, the Omnipotent being that I had never know, and here I was face to face, not saying a damn word, and him (the light sphere) doing the same. But we shared a moment, and from a guy that was questioning even the existence of any kind of god or deity, that is exactly what I needed. It was very comforting. All was still and I was in bliss. After that second of calm, I started to come down from the trip, the light disappeared. The visuals started to fade and I came-to. As I woke up I glanced at my watch and although the world was still churning with color around me I could make out the time. It had only been 15-20 minutes since I started in the first place. My Mind was absolutely and utterly blown.

After about 30-40 minutes from the initial hit, I felt 100% completely normal, just everything smelled weird (I'm assuming because I exhaled my last hit out of my nose, so says my friend). I decided I felt comfortable driving home, so I said my farewells and hit the road. When I got back, even though it was pretty late, approaching 1 o'clock, and I had class the next morning, I decided to type down everything print it out, and sketch to the best of my ability the way things looked, because I knew this experience might be my one and only opportunity and didn't want to forget it. I put it in a folder, stored it in my keepsakes, and hit the ole dusty trail (after a subconscious prayer/conversation with God first).

I woke up the next morning simply inspired to live life. And not just to live; To love life. And I did. Imagine, a junior college student in business school, deep in business classes, growing weary of classes and the same routine every day, the same girlfriend of two years, everything was growing old. And all of the sudden a 15 minute experience of this 'devil's drug' everything seemed new and refreshed. My feelings towards my girlfriend were like the day I first laid eyes on her, falling in love all over again. I've had my fair share of experiments with drugs, but this was a completely different experience. It was mindblowing of epic proportions (I hate to sound very vanilla, cause thats totally not what I nor this drug is). It took me out of my routine melancholy mood. It made me happy again. Three months later and the inspiration and joy is still present.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98418
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 6, 2018Views: 1,361
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Entities / Beings (37), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Mystical Experiences (9), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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