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I Bio-Essay So You Dont Have To
Heroin & Methamphetamine
by Dumb
Citation:   Dumb. "I Bio-Essay So You Dont Have To: An Experience with Heroin & Methamphetamine (exp98447)". Dec 2, 2012.

    Heroin (powder / crystals)
      Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
I have to start off this report by stating the obvious: Speedballing is incredibly dangerous and has been the cause of many unfortunate deaths. I'm several years past my expiration date and so I'll act a fool to spare you, the reader.

The supplies of drugs I have access to are of very high quality: Meth straight from the lab, Heroin straight from Mexico, etc. This time I'll deal with a simple speedball uninvolved in sharping up your arm.

I ripped off a medium sized piece of foil as my smoking apparatus, then pulled my heroin and meth from their special spot. I put a few crumbs of the horse and a few crumbs of the crystal into a fold made in the foil. The weight of each drug was negligible, just enough to get a few hits of. Probably something like .01g of each.

After the ingredients have been added I like to put flame to foil simply to make the narcotics melt slightly and stick. I have shaky hands so this step is important in not losing all my dope. After I did the initial heat, I began the process.

Hitting a foil properly requires a lot of practice, but it's simple and quick even if you are no good. I used the crease I made and put the dope into as a ravine to guide the flow.

I use my lighter to heat up the lower part of the foil first, working up to where the drugs are. This is so the metal is already hot so they can flow freely. Heroin takes a second or two to melt whereas meth turns into a puddle pretty quickly.

I grab my straw and lighter and prepare to head straight up. I run the lighter up and down to heat the metal and then move on to the pile of crumbs. They melt quickly and begin to run down the ravine. The meth turns liquid much more quickly than the heroin so your lighter control has to be spot on to keep them together.

The smoke tastes terrible, like household chemicals and something I can't put my finger on. I inhale slowly, grabbing every wisp of smoke with my straw, then let it out slowly but steadily. I've heard many people speak of meth crystallizing in your lungs if you hold it in. I don't know if it's true but I figure why be risky when you're also being stupid?

Inhale slowly and steadily, filling the lungs completely. Exhale in a smooth, steady fashion without holding in the smoke. The first thing to kick you in the temple is the crystal, probably because its smoke hits first. The heroin takes just a moment longer to begin following the Narcotics River.

After the initial rush the heroin will pop up and say hello. This can leave you with an intense head rushing combined with a huge amount of physical relaxation. The euphoria of both drugs combines to create something you can't get with either alone.

Other methods include:
Mixing the dope together in a spoon and sucking it up with an oral syringe. Lube it up, stick it where the sun don't shine and squirt it in there. Almost as fast and strong as an IV. Be even more careful with this one. Small doses.

IVing is very common. Mix up the dope in a spoon, til clear, suck into syringe through filter, find a vein and go at it. Very dangerous. More so than anything listed so far.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98447
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 2, 2012Views: 57,144
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Heroin (27), Methamphetamine (37) : General (1), Combinations (3), Retrospective / Summary (11), Preparation / Recipes (30), Not Applicable (38)

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