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Off-The-Wall Visuals
by SitnSpin
Citation:   SitnSpin. "Off-The-Wall Visuals: An Experience with 2C-E (exp98467)". Dec 8, 2012.

  oral Alcohol
  20 mg oral 2C-E


I want to start by saying that I was not able to keep track of time because it was an unplanned trip. This may be important to some people. The only other psychedelic I'd experienced before then had been mushrooms, but I had been told 2c-e was much different.

I was at a friend's apartment for a birthday party, and we were all drinking a little. I hadn't been drinking a lot when my friend said he had some 2c-e. A few other people at the party were tripping on it and they seemed to be having a good time, so I agreed. I was very excited, but came at it with a little apprehension because my experiences with mushrooms had been not always the greatest. So I swallowed the 20mg of 2c-e on a semi-full stomach and went to watch the new batman with my friends, who were, for lack of a better term, tripping balls (they had taken 40mg's already). About 45 minutes into the movie, I started to feel restless. I felt like I had to DO something. I said goodbye to my friends and went outside.

It was probably around 12:30am at this point, so it was dark. I live in the city, so there were lights everywhere, and that was what made me realize I was tripping, and hard. The stoplight poles were pulsating or waving slowly, and the lights themselves were more vibrant than usual. I was almost back at my dorm when I started feeling a little anxious and nauseous. When I got back up to my dorm room, my roommate was there getting ready for bed.

Now, our room is a nice, relaxing room with soft orange and yellow lamplight throughout. I barely recognized it when I got there. It seemed HUGE, and very...soft. It seemed as though the experience was starting to go bad, so I asked my roommate if he'd mind staying up with me and helping me out, which thankfully he was ok with. I'll call him Z. I started describing how areas of our room were glowing and shifting colors, which was very pleasant. I felt countless ideas fly through my head, each with a billion words to describe them, which discouraged me from trying. Suddenly I felt extreme nausea and before I knew it, I threw up in my trash can. I asked my roommate to set up towels around my bed in case I puked more, and then I laid in my bed to try and calm down.

What happened then was beyond accurate description, but I'll try my best. My whole body felt like it was having an orgasm (like, seriously. Every damn muscle felt like that). I was trying to 'keep sane', but I was losing quickly. Suddenly I realized that this attempt was what was making it bad, so I stopped trying to stay in reality.

Then, I experienced what I feel was complete loss of ego. I'm not sure if I was imagining or actually seeing it with my eyes closed, but it doesn't matter; it was the same. I saw glowing white and gold and orange figures dancing together, but they shattered into patterns and (bear with me, this will seem ridiculous) these patterns guided me through the fabric of my mind. I’m not sure how else to explain it; I was completely unaware of my actual physical surroundings, what my name was, if I was a boy or a girl, anything, but they showed me things. I learned about death and life, and the meaningless of each. The patterns showed me pure bliss & ecstasy, as well as sorrow and despair, and how they are all one on a never ceasing spectrum. Suddenly I was yanked back into reality. I was starting to feel a lot better. I got out of bed and called my friend who had given me the 2c-e, and asked if we could meet up. Dialing the numbers on my phone was difficult because they were warping and fluxuating intensely. He said sure, so I walked back to his apartment.

I arrived there at about 3:15am, or maybe 3 hours into the trip. I was extremely happy to see him and couldn’t stop smiling. He had to go check on some other people when we got there, so I laid in his extremely comfortable bed. He had a blanket that was extremely soft, and I loved the feeling of it. I wrapped myself in it and got more comfortable than I’d been in my whole life. That’s when I looked at the ceiling. If you’ve never looked at a popcorn style ceiling while tripping before, I would recommend it. The ceiling was lit from below by 2 lamps, and it was warping and forming images that made me very very happy. Psychedelic colors were EVERYWHERE. There were explosions of color everywhere I would focus, as well as in the corners of my vision. I got a very “70’s funk” vibe from the whole thing, and I totally understood why the theme had been so popular; it made me feel REALLY good. I wasn’t having as much of a mind-fuck at this point, mostly visuals. I saw “tracers” and I really enjoyed those. I stayed there for about 2 hours and just really savored the trip, and it was becoming very pleasant.

I left my friend’s apartment at around 5am. I noticed I was walking extremely fast, but I physically couldn’t stop. I found that very funny. I realized I felt super confident and happy. I had a huge grin on my face when I got back into my room. I just laid down and listened to MGMT’s Congratulations album (which is AMAZING) and watched my walls and ceiling warp intensely. I had a bunch of glowsticks from the party earlier that night, and I played with the light from those for a while. I fell into a half-sleep and awoke not much later, surrounded by glowsticks. I had a good laugh at that, and it made me realize my head felt pretty normal. I still was getting insane visuals though, which now that I felt so good, I could enjoy to the fullest. I was texting my friends and just enjoying everything. I could hear birds which was very peaceful, but I’m not sure if they were real or not. I was hungry, so around 9am I went to get food at the dining hall in our dorm. It was funny to me because I was still tripping really hard, at least relative to being sober. Things were shifting around and appeared softer/less rigid than usual. That lasted until around 10:30, when I realized I felt totally normal.

Overall, the experience was a great one. The come-up and peak were really intense and uncomfortable, but I feel like my peak taught me valuable lessons. It was very introspective. The come-down was steady and gradual, and I felt absolutely fantastic throughout it. The visuals from 2c-e were off the walls insane (at least at the 20 mg dose) and I had not been expecting that. The next day I slept until 5pm, but that was ok. If I could say one big thing though, it would be to not underestimate the power of 2c-e. It was the most intense experience I have had with any substance. I plan to try a 10 mg dose soon, and I feel like that will be a much better experience.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98467
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 8, 2012Views: 4,962
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2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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