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by Jack
Citation:   Jack. "Newby: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp98540)". Feb 21, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1 hit sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:15 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 6:00 1 hit sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 7:00 1 repeated smoked Cannabis  
The following is a trip report written at the real time during my trip (on my iPhone as I was not at home during my trip.) I've made occasional edits to the report that I made after Iíd finished tripping; these are all noted.

25i-NBOMe Ė Friday 7th December, 18:00

T1 + 0:00 Ė I put the tab (strength of 1200ug (1.2mg)) under my tongue and intend to keep it there for at least an hour. Iím outside with my friends in the harsh British winter weather (3įC.) I live in a stereotypical suburb with lots of drugs and crimes happening around it. Iím trying this drug for the first ever time, but I have experience with other sick drugs such as Cannabis, 2C-B, LSD, Mushrooms, MDMA, Ketamine, Speed, Valium, Methadone, coke, alcohol etc. Iím trying this drug with a friend whose range of experiences are extremely similar Ė if not exactly the same as mine. There are others around that we are all friends with, but they are enjoying their Friday night and are not partaking in this new 25i stuff.

T1 + 0:25 Ė Starting to feel waves of euphoria over my entire body, feels extremely pleasant. No anxiety, paranoia or stress. Feeling very mellow with slight CEVís but no OEVís (sadly.) Tongue has gone numb due to holding tab in my mouth. Already starting to love this stuff.

T1 + 0:50 Ė Okay, feeling pretty trippy right now. Heavy CEVís but still no OEVís. Iím listening to some DnB though my headphone and I feel really immersed into the songs. Still have the tab in my mouth but I can barely taste it since everything feels numb. I swallow the tab along with any saliva as I hope this will make my experience a bit stronger. Think Iím gonna wait it out a bit to write more on this stuff.

T1 + 1:20 Ė Fucking hell. This is crazy... In a brilliant way! I have strong rushes of euphoria throughout my body; I have an incredible energy boost, feels absolutely amazing. I occasionally begin to laugh uncontrollably, and I notice my friend is doing the same. I asked him how he is and he said that he felt fucking amazing! I notice that Iím really appreciating things Iíve never thought about before with much depth; I feel thankful for these clothes that are keeping me warm on this cold Friday night. I look around to my friends who all go ďyou look fucked!Ē or ďdude, your eyes are massive!Ē I just begin to laugh with them, and continue to trip balls.

CRAZY strong CEVís and extremely strong OEVís as well, all colors seem really saturated and in amazing quality! I keep seeing trails of light, and colorful energy balls, everything is waving, pulsating... It all looks immaculate. I still feel absolutely no anxiety, and my body keeps getting chills which I donít think is from the cold since I actually feel pleasantly warm and cosy. I canít really notice my heart beating any faster, but it probably is. At this stage, I donít really care. ++ at the moment.

T1 + 2:10 Ė Woah, what the hell is going on? This is fucking amazing. Woahhhh . :)))

(EDIT: At this point in my trip, I remember focusing entirely on the visuals and my music mixed together. The things that I were seeing all closely linked with the beat of the DnB music I was listening to. All the colors were pulsating in time with the music, and all the visuals were so intense that I thought I was dreaming. I felt disconnected from reality, and I had a new perspective on my entire life, and the universe: everything. I remember all my friends asking me what it felt like and whether I was tripping or not, but Iím pretty sure they all knew. Thatís the only slight feeling of paranoia I remotely experienced in this trip; it felt like everyone knew I was tripping. But to be fair, everyone DID know I was tripping since weíd told everyone that I and my friend were taking 25i at this time and place.)

T1 + 3:15 (+/- 15 mins) Ė I can barely read what time it is on my phone since the numbers are bouncing about and waving and shit. Itís crazy. Iíve just shared a joint with a friend and I can feel the oncomingís of typical cannabis effects: dry mouth, heavy eyes... But the rest of the effects feel like some next-level shit. I donít feel lazy, tired, hungry, or sleepy, I feel buzzed with energy and euphoria, and Iím totally fixated on the visuals. I can hardly connect to reality, but at times I manage to say a few things to my mates.

T1 + 3:30 Ė Wow, this weed has intensified the trip by about 2x. I am DEFINITELY on a +++ trip right now, absolutely out-of-this-world. As I sit here on my iPhone trying to type these words, my attention is continuously being caught on something else... I just saw a shadow move closer to me and turned to look and the fucker had turned a hazy purple color! The fuck is with that?! Iím loving this trip, just need to ride it out and see what happens.

T1 + 4:00 Ė Starting to come down ever so slightly, however still on a +++ trip and feel absolutely brilliant. Euphoria is a feeling that I thought would come strongest with MDMA, but I think 25i beats it. I think 25i beats ANY other drug I have ever tried. I feel so happy and relaxed; but buzzed and fascinated at the same time! There aren't words in the English language that can describe this experience, you need to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate what I'm feeling right now.

T1 + 5:10 Ė Forgot to write anything down for about an hour, I was adventuring into my trip since me and all my friends had moved spot and gone somewhere different. They are playing music out loud on these massive speakers, and I can see colors and beams of light pulsating out of the speaker. Itís fucking cray! Anyway, feeling a come down a bit, probably on a very good ++ trip, STILL ROLLINí. Strong CEVís and OEVís etc, all the effects that I previously mentioned are continuing but aren't as intense. Its 23:10 now and I think later weíre going back to my mateís house to smoke some weed and chill out until morning. I think he has a free. Why am I talking about this? I just became lost in what I was writing, kinda weird. Will update on this trip soon!

T1 + 6:00
T2 + 0:00 Ė Me and some mates have just got back to a friendís house to stay the night, we have a good 6g of weed to keep us entertained throughout the night. More importantly, the effects from my first tab are STILL noticeable even though itís been about 6 hours. I still have about 20 tabs in my bag, so I think Iím gonna take another one. Yup, just took another one. Gonna hold it under my tongue again for an hour or so. Itís currently midnight. Here we go again!

T2 + 1:20 Ė In the past hour or so Iíve smoked about 6 joints, and Iím going a bit loopy right now. Everything is so vivid and interesting, I feel a great sense of euphoria and I canít help but notice how good these joints and cigarettes taste. When I blow out the smoke, it glows a bright green (kind of ironic!) but whatever, 25i is amazing.

(EDIT: I really donít remember a lot about this point of the night, except we were all chilling out in my mateís living room watching seasons of Misfits and smoking a LOT of weed and cigs. I remember at one point I was watching Misfits with intent, and I thought that I had adopted the power to turn back time. And this is when the strangest thing in my life ever EVER occurred. I skipped back to a point in the night (when we were still at my friends) and it felt like I played through the entire night again, like the night was on repeat. This may not make a single bit of sense, but itís the only way I can even begin to describe what happened.)

T2 + 3:30 Ė So itís now 3.30am, and for what feels like the past few YEARS I have been in a slightly unsettling but extremely pleasurable and fascinating loop. I kept replaying the events of the night over and over (luckily the events were all good so it was a good feeling) and it felt like it continued for years and I've only just regained consciousness and realized that in fact Iíd only been out of it for about 2 hours. My buddy who I took T1 with at the beginning of the night says that he can still feel some typical psychedelic effects even though itís 9 and half hours later. I think he's just stoned as fuck, but whatever. As I look at the TV, it looks all distorted and blurry and I can barely see whatís happening in the program. A few mates have fallen asleep, but most of them are still up. I've begun explaining to my friends what it was like tripping on 25i, and they all said that they wished theyíd tried some at the same time I did earlier on.

I fell asleep at about 4:00am and woke up at 11:20pm. When I woke up, I felt an unusual feeling of happiness travel through me (I am NOT a morning person.) I didn't feel a come down what so ever, if anything I felt what I could only describe as a come UP. Overall, 25i really is some crazy stuff. When taken at higher dosages (over 1mg) it can be extremely fun, but please be careful! Notice all of the exaggerative words I've used during this report? Now take each one of those words, and times it by a million, and youíre still not even CLOSE to how this trip felt.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98540
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Feb 21, 2013Views: 6,339
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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