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First Multi-Day Ride
4-Fluoroamphetamine (4-FA, 4FMP)
Citation:   mensaman. "First Multi-Day Ride: An Experience with 4-Fluoroamphetamine (4-FA, 4FMP) (exp98556)". Jan 18, 2013.

T+ 0:00
120 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 100 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:30 120 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 16:00 80 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 19:15 80 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 24:30 80 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 27:30 160 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)
Howdy all, just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents about my 4-fa experiences for the general domain of knowledge.

I first obtained 3g of this substance about 3 weeks ago and went through the whole 3g in a week, although I was sharing it pretty liberally some nights so my actual intake over a week was probably only 2g. My experiences match up pretty closely to the 'basic' known facts about 4-fa, such as the time for onset and the potential for 'loss of magic' but heightened unwanted effects after too many redoses over too long of a time period.

As far as my dosages were concerned, initial doses ranged from 80mg-160mg and booster doses ranged from 50mg-120mg. I am naturally predisposed with a high tolerance to most drugs, particularly stimulants, I can handle (and thoroughly enjoy) repeated high doses of adderall that would leave most in the ER or the Psych Ward. Because of this, I tend to prefer the higher end of doses both for initial and booster doses. I found an 80mg initial dose to be very unsatisfying, providing maybe 45 min of mild euphoria followed by 6 hours of a lingering stimulation and anxiety. Similarly, I experienced absolutely no effects from booster doses of 50mg-70mg. My usual and preferred dosing is 120mg-160mg initially followed by a 100mg booster dose between 1-3 hours after initial dose. This dosing provided about 5 hours of genuine euphoria, followed by many hours of pleasant, uneuphoric stimulation.

Some notes from my first week with 4-fa:

1. God himself could not devise a compound better suited for socializing than 4-fa. I took this substance 3 nights in a week and went out to the bars with some friends, most of whom also dosed with 4-fa, and those are by far my 3 favorite nights in years. Every conversation, every intuition just flew so effortlessly and confidently. I'm a rather extroverted, social person to begin with, but with 4-fa I felt like a master of conversation who knew the perfect thing to do/say at all times.

2. Going along with the topic of taking 4-fa and going out, I found drinking alcohol quite enjoyable and also useful on 4-fa, in moderation. Any night I dosed 4-fa and drank, I typically had about 8-10 drinks over a 4 or 5 hour span. I'm a beer enthusiast, so at the early stages of the 4-fa effects drinking beer was just so damn pleasurable, the taste was electric, plus the slight buzz after 3 or 4 beers added a nice layer to the 4-fa.

I say alcohol is useful with 4-fa because when the euphoric 'time window' is up (between .5 and 4.5 hours), getting a little tipsy made the later stages of 4-fa (long-lasting stimulation without any euphoria) much more fun because of the mild alcohol euphoria, plus the stimulation kept me a 'clear headed' type of drunk, I never felt like my judgement was impaired or anything. Just make sure not to overdo the drinking, because as I experienced at the end of one night, having one or two drinks too many is the difference between a sociable buzzed and borderline/complete blackout, it was actually a little unsettling how quickly and unexpectedly I became extremely impaired and 'blacked out' after having just one last beer.

3. Besides bar-hopping, my absolute favorite activity on 4-fa was going on long (20-30 miles) bike rides through forest preserves in my area. My elevated heart rate kept the 4-fa coursing through my veins, the endorphins and other brain-goodies released by cardiovascular exercise provided an excellent, natural complement to the 4-fa and greatly heightened the euphoria of the whole experience. Dehydration can be a concern, but can be effectively combatted by hydrating heavily several hours before dosing, then hitting the bike about 30 min after dosing so the first inklings of the drug kick in right as the ride begins.

Music during these rides was absolutely sublime, and my appreciation and love for the beauty of nature has rarely been at such a deep, connected state. My endurance was limitless, and on every ride I was forced to stop because of time constraints even though I didn't feel the slightest bit winded or tired. Normally a 22 mile ride is as far as I can go and is a tough workout, but on 4-fa I cranked out 30 miles without thinking twice about it.

Now then, on to my second series of experiences with 4-fa. As soon as my first 3g ran dry I ordered 5g more, which arrived yesterday. I'm at T+17:00 of an extended 4-fa experience and have several insights about this substance I want to share.

First and foremost, WARNING!!!: I wouldn't take 4-fa after not having eaten for too long. Even if I don't want to slow absorption by having food in my stomach, I can eat a healthy meal about 2 hours before and my body and brain will be nourished for the experience without interfering with the drug's absorption. My first dose (120mg) was taken at 3:00pm during a mini-fast in which I hadn't eaten since 5pm the night before. The experience started out as normal, but around the 1 hour mark I was blindsided by the most vicious migraine I've ever experienced. It manifested itself at the base of my skull and in my neck and shoulder muscles, which became unbearably tight and knotted, and I experienced throbbing head pain as well as extreme light/sound sensitivity.

I've never experienced anything close to these symptoms in any prior tangos with 4-fa, so the fast must be the culprit for my pain. I attempted to remedy the problem by eating half an apple to get my blood sugar up, which I promptly threw up. After that, however, I was able to keep down a banana and half a sweet potato, both of which are rich in essential minerals, and having that food in my stomach allowed me to take other vitamins/supplements to combat my headache and enhance the experience (a multi-v, fish oil, flaxseed oil, calcium, turmeric, acetly-l-carnitine, uridine, l-theanine, vitamin D, and LOTS of magnesium). Within 15 minutes of all this I felt 100% better, and made sure to pay close attention to my nutrition for the rest of my experience.

Regarding magnesium, it seems to me that similar to adderall, 4-fa acts on and depleted stores of magnesium significantly. With this in mind, I took one or two magnesium tablets containing 67% RDA magnesium roughly every 6 hours. Additionally, when I was suffering from that migraine I soaked my neck, shoulders and back with a transdermal magnesium tincture that is supposedly the most bioavailable form of Mg and bypasses the kidneys during absorption, thereby saving those precious organs some strain. I believe the tincture helped immensely with getting my migraine under control, and I used the tincture similarly several times throughout my trip, always resulting in a noticeable relief of muscle tension and a clear-headed side of the drug, as opposed to the slight 'fog' I experienced at times when I believe my body was running low on magnesium.

But enough rambling, here are the essential details of my current 4-fa trip.

21 years old
175 lbs

Extensive experience with alcohol, marijuana, ecstacy, cocaine, psylocybin, lsd, opiates, benzos, and adderall/vyvanse/ritalin.

Setting Began at my house, alone, on a Monday afternoon. I had been fighting off a cold that weekend, and took a sick day off work even though I wasn't sick anymore, mostly just as a mental/personal health and relaxation day. I stayed at my house using 4-fa from 3:30pm Monday to 6:45am Tuesday, when my carpool ride to work arrived at my house and my real adventure began.

For obvious reasons of anonymity, all I can say about my work environment is that I work with kids and that I have good rapports, relationships and friendships with nearly everyone I work with, making it an enjoyable place.

The third setting for this trip was my second job, in a similar setting to my first job, from 4pm-7pm. Finally, the trip setting came full circle as I finally arrived home after a 12 hours work day and promptly dosed a healthy 160mg.

Doses and corresponding experiences were administered as follows. It should also be noted that no sleep occurred in this time period.

3:30pm: 120mg
- First dose went as expected, first tinglings after 30 min, significant euphoria at 1 hour, peak from 1.5 to 4 hours. I felt an urge for task completion, for accomplishing and achieving as much as possible, for facing head-on some tasks I had been putting off, as well as an irresistible urge to socialize, which I satisfied through quite a few long, pleasant text message convos with friends throughout the night.

5:00pm: 100mg
- Booster dose successfully extended euphoria until around 9 or 10pm, a full 7 hours after initially dosing. Also, noticed a significant increase in sexual desires & arousal, something I hadn't yet experienced to such an extent on 4-fa. I spent some time looking for a quick bangbuddy on Facebook, checked out profiles on an 'adult sex dating' site, pretty much a place people use to find sex and nothing more, so perfect for my needs. I eventually realized that most of the potential action wouldn't be mine after just a few mouse-clicks and would take some time, so I opted for a nice, long and extremely indulgent masturbation session that was vivid and extremely refreshing.

12:00am: 120mg
- From 10pm to 12am I was in the non-euphoric stimulation stage of 4-fa, beginning to feel some effects of fatigue, and also experiencing slight dulling of emotions, personality, mood etc. Essentially I spent these two hours obsessing over keeping my living room fire stoked and alternately cooking stuff that I didn't really need and cleaning my kitchen from the mess, haha. I also took the time to allow the drug to fully wear off before deciding if I in fact wanted to redose and succumb to a sleepless night of drug-induced enjoyment. At midnight I realized that I wouldn't calm down enough to fall asleep until 2 or 3am anyway, so I might as well go balls to the wall.

Down went 120mg, and things got real intense real fast, in a decidedly good way. My euphoric high was back at full throttle, tacticle and auditory sensations were greatly enhanced and pleasurable, felt familiar drive for productivity.

3:00am: 100mg
- This booster dose resulted in similar effects to the first 100mg booster taken at 5pm the night before, but with a very unexpected side effect: my sexual deviancy was back with a vengeance, and proved insatiable even after I had wasted 2 hours watching porn, fantasizing about women in my life and beating my dick like it owed me money, working up a ton of sweat and probably getting a fantastic workout in the process. It was almost scary how quickly 2 hours flew by, and I'm sure if I didn't have to start preparing for work I easily would have kept at it for another hour or two.

7:30am: 80mg
- Fatigue definitely setting in, making me pretty spacey and silly, yet desire to socialize and mild empathogenic effects were definitely present after this small redose (the dose was scaled down from my typical 100mg boosters because I wanted to err on the side of caution in a workplace environment). The morning goes as usual, no one seems to notice my altered state as I am still having a positive experience and generally in a good mood. One important note is that, at this point, pupil dilation became a real concern for me, likely due to dehydration.

10:45am: 80mg
- For the first time in this whole trip, I began to crave another dose around 10am, but forced myself to wait 45 min so I could space out the 3 capsules of 80mg I pre-filled for use throughout the day. Sleep-deprivation was in full effect, making me slightly forgetful and slowing my thoughts down a bit. It actually felt as though each thought took more effort than usual, so I simply conserved my mental energy and tried to keep as calm and simple of a mindset as possible. In this sleep-deprived mode, the 4-fa boosters did not achieve any euphoria, although 80mg was never euphoric for me anyway, but did provide me with a crucial degree of lucidity and wit despite my brain's exhaustion. All in all I had a good day at work, enjoyed experiencing something so familiar in an entirely new way, but was definitely ready for my work day to be over.

4:00pm: 80mg
- Unfortunately for me, I still had my second job to tackle, though it was only 2 hours. Regardless, this booster seemed to do little besides relieve the worst of my sleep-deprivation symptoms for a while, but the entire time I was there I could feel my body crying out for sleep, and also a cigarette, which I had been chain smoking the day and night before but hadn't had a chance to smoke in 14 hours. During these hours, I felt apathetic and a little irritable, but paradoxically content with this mood, and I actually had fun at points, although I quickly had to abandon my endeavor to play basketball as I felt my body and lungs giving out rapidly under the duress of exercise.

7:00pm: 160mg
- At this point I felt extremely grateful to be home and filled with a second wind. I took my time in preparing my next dose, which I wanted to be large in hopes of regaining the previous nights' euphoria, as well as a protein shake, an effervescent vitamin mineral powder, a large cup of earl grey tea, and a small bowl of marijuana, which I forgot to mention until right now I had been smoking throughout this entire trip except for times I was at work. So if you actually read this far, just remember that I smoked about 5 or 6 small bowls throughout the first night to enhance the experience and mellow negative effects. I took down the 4-fa, protein, vitamin/mineral powder and pot one after the other, and immediately felt replenished by the protein powder and all its' amino acids and also felt pleasantly buzzed from the weed but in no way drowsy.

As of now it is 9:00pm, T+2:00 after my last dose of 160mg. This dose has been pleasant, familiarly productive and energetic, although it has fallen short of euphoria. I was half expecting this kind of 'loss of magic', so I'm not too dissapointed. In contrast to the boundless productive energy I felt last night, tonight is characterized by an extremely content and peaceful energy that still desires task-completion. This will be my final dose of this trip, as sleep is an absolute necessity tonight and a redose at this point would have me up until around 4am if I'm lucky.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98556
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jan 18, 2013Views: 21,677
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