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Happy (In a Scattered, Muddled, Giddy Sort of Way)
Citation:   R. Haze. "Happy (In a Scattered, Muddled, Giddy Sort of Way): An Experience with Etizolam (exp98580)". Dec 13, 2012.

  oral Etizolam (pill / tablet)
Well, since only one other person has submitted an Etizolam report, I feel obligated to share my experience and combat the astounding lack of reports on this.

I'm not going to list every drug I've done (it would probably be quicker to list the ones I HAVEN'T done) -- suffice it to say I'm pretty experienced in most classes of drugs.

I'm also not going to list every damn thing that happened on this stuff, just a general synopsis of effects.

The first night I tried this stuff (1mg) it knocked me on my ass (in a good way). Felt drunken, blissfully unconcerned about anything, and quite sleepy, though I didn't pass out. It was enjoyable but hard to function (tried to play world of warcraft but ended up signing on then getting repeatedly distracted by various things (tv, phone calls, and my wife). It felt very much like standard benzos though it isn't quite the same, and indeed made me feel happy (in a scattered, muddled, giddy sort of way) rather than sad, cold, weak, and sleepy like ativan. That was the first day.

The next day was saturday, I was off and my wife and I went shopping. she took 1mg and I took 2mg. We went out and spent about $2000 on random stuff for the house, winter clothes, and a big screen tv. Nothing weird or bizarre, just a little loose on judgement. Nothing we couldn't afford or didn't need (except maybe the TV -- didn't need that but it was so BIG!) Not like we lost our minds, but obviously our inhibitions were knocked way down. Looking back, the day seems fuzzy/faded -- hard to remember like a the ass end of a night of drinking. Had a hard time remembering what possessed me to buy all this stuff, but was happy with what I bought. Very weird mental effects, seemingly suggestive of dire consequences at higher doses (read a few Ambien trip reports w/blackouts and whacked behavior, you'll get my meaning).

All that being said, though I am a polydrug abuser (though much less than when I was in my 20's -- I just stick to weed, PK's and booze these days), my main purpose for trying this drug was to help the nearly constant nervousness and anxiety that I experience, and it does wonders for that. I've been quite disciplined (wow!) with my use -- 1mg a day after work to calm my nerves -- but even at this level I am afraid of my anxiety coming back with a vengance when I run out, to say nothing of seizure risk, etc. Maybe I won't let myself run out. Maybe I'll just order a bigger baggie next time, I dunno. I want to feel better but I don't want to build tolerance and then be up a creek when the DEA decides to ban it (and they will. Not if, just when -- remember Mephedrone -- too good to last.), and doctors don't believe me when I say I have anxiety, they just tell me I need an antidepressant, which I know from experience will make me either keyed up and nervous/aggressive, or bland, blank, and emotionless. Whatever. I educate/medicate myself, and so far has worked no worse than any script I've been perscribed.

In summation, Etizolam is a fine Thienodiazapine (structurally different than benzos - Benzene ring replaced by thiophene ring, which alters it's pharmacological profile). I like it better than any other i've tried -- easily better than Valium, Klonopin, Ativan and pretty close to Xanax, but happier. It has a bit of a quality that reminds me (frighteningly) of Zolpidem (Ambien) -- memory loss and possible bizarre behavior, and I would caution anyone who is a benzo-head that you will probably get addicted to this stuff faster than cheetahs on meth. Don't know how bad withdrawal will be, though I've heard it's slower to build and not as bad as other benzos, but I really really don't want to find out. Also, alcohol will intensify effects, and with the big reaction I got from 2 drinks, it seems it will intensify them very powerfully, so use with great caution, or if you are the sort of person who lacks self control when it comes to alcohol, just forget it. The Etizolam made FEEL drunk, but without the annoyance/agony of a hangover. It's actually helped me drink a lot less.

Fun, helpful for anxiety, but 'more-ish', and potentially dangerous for those with poor judgement about use.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98580
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Dec 13, 2012Views: 59,721
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