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The Power of Imagination
by Leprechronic
Citation:   Leprechronic. "The Power of Imagination: An Experience with DMT (exp98647)". Feb 2, 2018.

100 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

I loaded 100mg N,N-DMT on top of cannabis in a waterfall bong. I took my hit, and sat down, counting all the while. By 5, I was on the couch. By 10, the carpet had begun to move. By 15 everything solid began to shift, like on a living ocean. By 20, everything was dancing.

I closed my eyes and I could see closed eye visuals so vivid I had a hard time reminding myself that this was all in my head. I imagined everything my body was feeling; I could feel, and see, someone beating on my like like they were bongos, I could feel and see a storm cloud raining on my shoulder, I saw and felt the sun warm my body with a shining glow, the woman kiss my neck softly, and many more like representations of physical sensation. I curled up into a ball, wondering how long this sensory overload would last. In my confusion, I resorted to introspection and questions that had been bothering me. I found myself thinking so fast that I would ask a question only to have the most logical answer immediately after. I cycled through my thoughts and found my peace before slowly coming down. Throughout all the introspection, I could still see and feel the sensation and perceptions fed to me by my imagination-run-rampant. But none of the sensations were painful, menacing, or spiteful. All of the sensory data being relayed was full of love, joy, and happiness. Like pure bliss, all at once.

During the initial countdown, I had music playing in the back ground with lights on else where, and towards the end of my hit, I was very aware that my perception of time, sight, and sound were all in the gutter. I heard the music come in a wavelike motion, very similar to the wavelike visuals I was having. Full on synesthesia, perhaps? The lights flickered brightly to a slightly less bright and back again, so fast yet so slow in my view. And time had lost all meaning in the DMT universe. I was afloat upon the rivers of reality, my consciousness unmoored and adrift. I don't believe I broke through. I put my head back at one point and felt the tug of the universe and the Great Consciousness, but my mind and soul would not part from my body, instead becoming merely unhinged.

Total journey time: 15 minutes.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98647
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Feb 2, 2018Views: 776
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DMT (18) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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