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Can't Believe I Was Ever Afraid
Citation:   SDisk. "Can't Believe I Was Ever Afraid: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp98658)". Sep 6, 2013.

T+ 0:00
300 ug buccal 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 6:00 1 tablet oral Unknown  
This will have been my second experience with a psychedelic, so I figured it was worth capturing before the clarity of the memories fade much like they did with 2C-B. Still a little foggy from the sleeping pill I took last night to fall asleep (I think it would have been impossible to get to bed before dawn had I not) so I’ll try to make the summary as clear-headed as possible.

The night started with my coworker (let's call him Cibi) giving me a lift to his place after work. We’d planned the trip around a week beforehand, Cibi being the one who introduced me to psychedelics around a month prior through 2C-B and MDMA (which I took simultaneously).

I was excited to do a hallucinogen on it’s own, having become fascinated by the imagery I experienced during my 2C-B trip. I was hesitant, though, to venture into a lesser-known and notoriously potent compound without the influence of a strong serotonin enhancer on my side. I thought that the possibility of a “bad trip” was high due to my lack of experience and overall nervousness surrounding the situation.

As with the 2C-B and MDMA, I had a nagging paranoia in the back of my head that my intolerance to weed (the only substance besides alcohol I’d done previously, and with horrific side-effects such as claustrophobia and panic attacks) would show itself ten-fold in this drug.

I was also a bit hesitant about using a drug relatively new to the scene. Cibi was an experienced user, however, and my trust of his judgement allowed to to overcome my fears.

We got to his apartment around 7:30PM, his girlfriend, Reni, waiting for us. She was in the process of downloading Planet Earth because of a suggestion I’d made earlier about a movie to watch during the comedown. The file was massive, so it would take a couple of hours.


To offset the nausea, Cibi prepared a ginger tea with cinnamon for us to drink beforehand. After finishing the tea, we put on Adventure Time and inserted our tabs. Cibi and Reni took two 600µg under their lips, and I, feeling a last-minute urge to test the waters before diving in, cut mine in half and used 300µg instead of the original 600µg we’d intended. Cibi seemed slightly disappointed. but, as usual, showed a lot of understanding due to my inexperience. It turned out to be a very good decision on my part.

Around fifteen minutes in the TV took on a bit of a red glow, same as my previous experience. I took this as a good sign and started getting getting comfortable. Twenty minutes in I started getting cold. I brought along my romantic interests' jacket as a comfort object and it served it’s purpose and functionality well. I become a little overcome by shaking, though I wasn’t too scared by this point. Cibi assured me it was normal. The quakes were a little overwhelming, for a time, but quickly passed after twenty minutes or so.

I’d been made aware of the intense come-up for some, so I was expected some discomfort. Severe shaking in my legs and shoulders, as well and a temperature fluctuation seemed to be the worst of it.

Around 40 minutess in, I began to feel slightly nauseous. Very mild and bearable, but it made to want to walk around for a bit. I began to slip into a sort of comfortable anti-social mood, wandering from room to room and trying to get a feel of the effects. Reni was having a bad come-up as she usually did, and I mostly let Cibi comfort her. I decided to walk back and forth, which is where the room began to sort of turn and bend a bit. Paired with the nausea, it was a little overwhelming, so I went to the bedroom and laid down with my phone next to my ear playing Crystal Castles and closing my eyes. I began to get lost in the music, bordering between letting go and holding on to reality. I was still a bit scared of how intensely the trip was coming on, so I attempted to calm myself by closing my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the shapes of people drifting around the room, wisps of air seeming to materialize and vanish in the corners. Cibi came in to ask me if I was feeling alright, and I assured him I was. As he left, a dark shadow trailed him, and the light began to fall apart behind him, almost seeming to leave with him as he left to the living room.

I went to the bathroom and saw the grout on the shower begin to peel away and reveal the enamel underneath. The floor began to clean itself, and the shower began to steam. I went to the bed again, feeling overwhelmed again. But with the physical effects subsiding, I began to feel comfortable, and began to thoroughly enjoy the trip. Again, Cibi came in again to make sure things were okay. After I reassured him again, he left to the living room, the light in the bed room seeming to get dragged along like spiderweb behind him, and I was suddenly overcome with an overwhelming desire to join them on the couch, be social, and fall into the trip head-first. An extremely sudden reaction, but a very nice one.

I grabbed my painting supplies (some watercolors and a sketchbook) and, laughing, brought them back to the room. My brush strokes sparkled as they hit the paper, the insides of the streaks beginning to take on an almost blood cell-like movement. It looked as if I was building a cardiovascular system with every line I made, and I watched with intense pleasure as it seemed to un-paint itself with every new stroke. I called to Cibi, who I invited to join in on the activity. He began to draw blue squiggles, and I delighted in seeing someone else take part, asking him again and again if he was seeing things the way I was. He did, he said, and I began to form stories in my head of each line, their indistinguishable shapes taking humanoid forms and figures that seemed to move and sway the more I watched them. I did this for what seemed like hours before I finally decided to go into the living room.

Cibi turned off the lights and put on a remix video of UP for us to watch. I became utterly LOST in it, tripping so many balls it felt like I was lost in an ethereal other-reality. The tropical setting filled me with an overwhelming joy and love for the world around me. I wanted to run in a damp forest and feel the palm trees. The colors blurred and fogged, and the music seemed like it was splashing on my body like water droplets. It was the most beautiful part of the entire trip for me. I watched it twice.

Reni was still struggling to come to grips with the trip, so I mostly left her alone. I felt much more independent than I thought I would, and grabbed some travel magazines to get lost in after gaining inspiration from the UP remix. The masks on a particular page seemed to come alive and turn. I began making comments about how the photographs made no sense. “They’re shooting a photo of a cabin in Brazil with Mayan decorations and a man from Uganda sitting in an easy-chair. What are they trying to say?!” None of the images in the book made a dime of sense, and I began to laugh uncontrollably from their complete and utter confusion. There was a man smiling in front of a Champagne plant, and I saw his smile as wildly inappropriate. “Who on Earth could be that insanely happy about working in a champagne plant?!” Reni and Cibi joined in, and we all soaked in the utter calamity of their messages with laughter. I couldn’t tell if they were laughing at me or the pictures, but I couldn’t summon the mental control to focus on whether or not I cared. The pictures of forests and scenery seemed plastic and unreal, and I began to lose interest in them. Cibi and I began to wonder whether they even existed or not.

We were in full euphoria by this point. Everything was utterly hilarious. I saw a picture on Cibi and Reni’s fridge of a dolphin wearing a party hat having sex with a bear under water. I couldn’t even grasp the concept. I just broke down completely in an empty-headed laughter. The air felt crisp and strangely devoid of substance, and I felt like I was inhaling...well, nothing, like I was suspended in nothingness, breathing in nothingness, and exhaling nothing but laughter and confusing joy. I felt like the world was in tunnel vision, that nothing existed outside of the apartment, and the entire world, especially the patterns around me, were unpainting and unraveling themselves the more I stared at them. It looked like the entire fabric of the space was disintegrating, but I felt this oddly difficult to convey to anyone, so I made no true attempts.

I tried writing things down in my diary, but it was nothing but snippets and funny things Cibi and Reni said.

We put on Planet Earth and got lost in it.

The slow-speed animal take-downs and tumbles seemed to stretch on for hours. I was suddenly aware of the individual nature and personality of each animal. Each species seemed to have it’s own personal urges and pleasures, and their personalities seemed to meld in with the human ones I knew. I kept wondering how such things existed, watching the camera pan in and out of space-views and trying to comprehend the fact I existed there somewhere. It was a beautiful experience.

All-in-all, the trip lasted a little over five hours, with mild time distortion and no real residual effects, including none of the mental exhaustion I’d felt from my last trip. I was tired, however, but found it extremely difficult to fall asleep. Mild tracers seemed to hold on, but they went away completely after hour six. Cibi gave me a sleeping pill and, about an hour later, I drifted off with the last of my visuals blasting through my closed eyes before shutting off completely, allowing me to sleep.

Could never make this a habit due to the intensity, but absolutely worth a try.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98658
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 6, 2013Views: 18,625
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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