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A Beautiful Apocalypse
NBOMe Series & Cannabis
Citation:   Voyager. "A Beautiful Apocalypse: An Experience with NBOMe Series & Cannabis (exp98695)". Erowid.org. Jul 14, 2013. erowid.org/exp/98695

T+ 0:00
1.5 hits buccal NBOMe Series (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis  
For the end of the world (12/21/2012), I decided to take a chemical I believed to be 25i-NBOMe or maybe 25c-NBOMe. It was sold to me in 1/4' blotter form as acid, and given NBOMe's recent reputation as a street acid replacement, the short duration of the trip, the close similarity to acid, and taste of pine-sol it left me, I figured it's a best guess.

Setting: My room in my parent's house. My parents were asleep and could not see lights from my room or hear music from it, so there were no concerns there. My room was newly painted and decorated, and I replaced a couple light bulbs with colored light bulbs, and hooked my computer up to my TV. Dropped around 11:20PM.

Set: Ready.

The NBOMe: Judging entirely subjectively based on mine and others' trip experiences on this batch of NBOMe, I estimate that 1 tab was in the range of 100-200 mcg (arbitrarily judged based on visual vs. empathogenic effects). Which would make my dose somewhere between 150 mcg and 300 mcg.

Other drugs in system: Caffeine; dosed N-acetyl Tyrosine the previous two days, but not the day of the trip.

The trip:

At 11:20PM I took 1 and 1/2 blotter hits of a suspected NBOMe via the buccal method (between gums and front lip), and held for 20 minutes before spitting out. I turned on some Tame Impala and dicked around with changing the colored lights and setting up my recording equipment for my guitar. 40 minutes in, I felt slightly tingly, and every time I breathed in, I tasted the nasty ass taste of the chemical, which would not be relieved by eating food.

50 minutes in, I got what I call the 'Something' feeling rising in my chest, which is characteristic of every come up I have on serotonergic psychedelics. At this point, I decided it would fun to start playing guitar and recording my apocalyptic jam session. This is extremely fun on NBOMe, and you should definitely try it if you're a musician, because this chemical did not incapacitate my playing like acid or mushrooms does. I stopped only 15 minutes later, believing I had been playing for at least a half an hour. I stopped because I was beginning to lose my sense of balance. There was no visual flanging present really, but after images were holding on my retina longer, causing colors to be more vivid, I guess.

Here is where things began to get interesting. I put on an HD youtube video of planet Earth as seen from space on my TV, put on a tripping playlist I had made, and stood in front of my TV transfixed by the video, the drug beginning to take a grip on my brain more fully now. While standing there, I took a look at my arms, and noticed more than ever how my hands looked reptilian almost, because they looked kind of scaly on a micro-scale. I had an epiphany about my animal nature. I knew I was an animal, I've learned it and been told it by science all my life. But I realized and felt my animal-ness and it felt raw and empowering. This psychedelic train of thought changed into another great epiphany: that I must love myself in order to love others, and to be successful -- though success and self-love may not seem connected on a superficial level, at least it didn't to my 'old' self. I thought to myself, 'I love myself. I am my own best friend - and in a not crazy way.' The next hour and half or so, my feelings followed this beautiful train of non-narcissistic, unconditional, self-love. I even made it a point to say in my trip-log, 'I feel so fucking good,' because it was true.

At around the 2 hr. mark, I finally had some light tracers and some hints of visual flanging. This was about the most I got visually from this dose. Soon after this point as I was reporting these visual effects in my log, I noted that it was incredibly easy to transpose the thoughts I had while tripping verbatim onto the page. Either this drug has some wonderful effect of keeping the memory clear, or it has the characteristic of keeping language intact, because I noticed I had no diminution of ability to express myself in language, something that does happen to me on acid or shrooms. This is an excerpt I wrote in the midst of this ultra-language clarity, that summarizes a lot of the niceties of my apocalypse-themed trip:

As I listen to Jimi Hendrix tell of the warring end of days and lipstick tubes, I lay here on 12/21/2012 watching an HD video of the planet Earth as viewed from space, while all the while I think over and over in amazement at this newfound love I've found in myself.

After recording another jam and watching a documentary on Einstein's life ('How I See Things'), I became mentally tired and tried to sleep for about 2 or 3 hours. I smoked some weed two or three times in the process, finally passing out after watching the night sky turn to twilight in my backyard. As a side-note, the marijuana initiated thought loops even that late in the trip, so corroborating with other trip reports I've read, I'd probably caution against smoking a bunch during the peak of NBOMe. I still slept pretty well for an all-nighter, and the next day (today), I feel relaxed, confident, and ready to tackle the challenges in my life, however large or small.

In conclusion:

I feel like a changed person. Instead of the world ending, I found a deep love for myself in a non-narcissistic way. Not the least of which is due to that small piece of paper I put between my cheek and gums...now, this drug has potential.

Other 'potential' users should caution as always, as their experiences may be completely different from mine, and it is unknown what this drug does to the brain, other than it's affinity for certain receptors. Also, on that note, some news stories allegedly report serious overdoses from this chemical due to its high potency esp. in its liquid form, including more than a couple reports of death by overdose, and unconfirmed rumors of more deaths. Given these risks, I consulted forums and trip reports, as preparing myself with anecdotal information is better than no information and I always start out with a lower dose (can't stress this enough). May future scientific progress shed light on this area.

Happy start to a Post-Apocalyptic world. :)

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98695
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jul 14, 2013Views: 3,756
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