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Endless Possibilities
by ClassClown
Citation:   ClassClown. "Endless Possibilities: An Experience with 2C-B (exp98739)". Dec 28, 2012.

  smoked 2C-B (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]

My report is a while after case though I vividly remember many stages of the trip. I've had a few instances of dreams having flashbacks.

I had a drink or two that day and at the time I was quitting cigs. Other than that, I didn't have anything in my system. At the time, I was living on my own in a small one room apartment.

I had taken a nap during the day and woke up at night feeling refreshed. I was playing Doom and watched some Bladerunner. Early in the movie a buddy knocks on my door. He moved in this small building with eight apartments. I had smoked some weed with him but did not know him all too well. I'm an experienced smoker and I trip frequently (weed, shrooms, tobacco). Originally we were to smoke some weed and maybe trip or just chill out, but he had the idea to bring another drug I was unfamiliar with. It's definitely a 2C and it was a lab bag with label, he had A LOT.

Accordingly, I was actually very excited to hear this, because I'm wanting to trip this day. It's been a month since I finished an ounce and I'm clean from any THC tolerance. I can't say for certain if it is 2CB, but I'm pretty sure the bag read phenlethylamine. I don't normally do synthetics, but I'll do amphetamines on occasion. I always ask what I'm doing before I take the drug, but sometimes you can't be sure of the purity of a batch or if it is mislabeled. at the time, the name had very much of a mouthful and I made the mistake of not researching anything about it before we smoked, nor was I aware of this class of drug.

The only piece of evidence I had that everything would be OK is my buddy who's obviously been using, and says everything is going to be GREAT.

We used a bubbler as a method of inhalation, I don't care for snorting. Some marijuana was topped with a heavy dose of the 2CB. How much is hard to say, but the bowl is medium sized. I took a few heavy inhales, one was enough to get in trouble, but I ripped the whole bowl to get blazed. I was NUKED.

I want to bear in mind that before this took place, I made a sort of initiation in my mind, just getting myself into a Peyote/Ayuhuasca state of mind. I was going to get into trance and time dilation, but I was not expecting this trip to have such vivid hallucinations.

WOW! There are no other words I can use to describe the feeling when everything started happening.

Something had come out of the smoke. It's not easy to describe, but I can try. These sort of strands began pouring from my body. My room was being filled with something like shining streamers, or strands, like Miss Mother Nature just busted through my heart. In a moment, all of these squares with pictures on them were gently twirling around with these shining colored glittery things. The strange thing is each of the images were going to occur in my trip, crazy pictures and crazy shit.

I'm going to lose my shit. I get very excited when this is going down, because I'm astonished by the vivid images flying through this inner space, the color, and the impending state where anything becomes possible, but the trip is beginning to roll like a film.

It starts off a little rough. My body becomes a bit of a shaky, tremor-y mess for a moment after the bottle got corked. The drug immediately wants to go physical and I have no choice but to get moving.

From here, it's important to note the trip is remaining in the apartment and it's only us two. Here, I see something strange. There are grid lines everywhere, like knee high, and about as large as a human, strange but it's like some kind power grid is everywhere. I get a feeling that I've got something to prove to myself, that the world really is mystical in the front, but it's so easy to feel like you've got your square and some things just need to stay in your square.

It begins to become even more strange. I feel this tinge in my gut that it's us two. Just me. And him. Forever. And everyone is gone. I keep telling myself how ridiculous this sounds! I want to form a sentence, describe something, I can't. I begin giggling hysterically, but it's all I can do. I get this film feel like I want to form a sentence or say something, but I keep starting over trying to say something else. So I keep giggling. All I remember for a long while is this deep laughter like the universe is pulling a massive prank. I'm choking, I'm getting the giggles, can't stop! I change my focus to Love, I'm still looking at my buddy, and I'm thinking even more ridiculously, how can I fall in love if we're all that's left!? But I still love you man!

I'm almost calming down but I'm telling myself inside that I need something to do. The drug is bouncing from hysterical, to full on bromance, to wanting to run a marathon. I decide it's time to roll outside.

So I feel like it's just us two, but as I'm strolling outside I bump into another neighbor. I'm tripping though and I'm feeling a little paranoid so I'm quick and just saying Hi!!! I look ecstatic, but I'm still keeping all of this energy inside me and I just have to run. I'm sweating martini, my buddies shirt is soaked, I'm soaked, like I've been running all day. I'm not sure if could get dehydrated here, but I'm running.

WOW. Running on a drug of this caliber is an amazing feeling. I could feel like 'light' steps were being heard, felt, I could run faster than I'd ever run before, with more fluidity, like the tape was put on slow-mo and I could feel every bone and muscle moving all together like some kind of soap opera. I knew I couldn't run far though - I'd be breaking my promise to stay with my buddy, but I was feeling invincible. I was Forest Gump.

WAM! Out of nowhere there's a cigarette in my hands and I'm chasing the cigarette. It's like I'm holding a video camera, and watching a tape in reverse. The cigarette is so hot I can't even touch it, and I'm not even aware of how I had lit a cigarette in the first place. The cigarette gets thrown into the ether. From here, all I can feel is EXISTENCE. But a prominence in NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL is lingering. The run and the smoke and this drug have me feeling a bond between the floor and my mind high in the sky

I'm a very nice person but I'm getting a little bit of a high horse feeling and I'm feeling antsy so I tell my buddy that I'm gonna chill alone in the room and that the drug is working well for me but the drug wants to drive me HARD. It's like everything has gone well so far but the drug is taking me from pleasantville and wants to give me trauma

No problem. I give him a good hand on the sweaty back and I'm in my apartment. I'm feeling the ground again - I'm seeing a sky changing colors and my vision is insanely acute like I'm being chased by a cheetah. Besides this 'racy' gotta do something mode, I feel incredibly mild and almost sedating by the love of the world that I'm living in. I begin going into trance and mulling over some thoughts.

Now from here on out - I feel like someone inside is burning me with questions since it's realized I'm bored carrying every card. Questions like what it would feel like to live forever with a regret (basically this event) or questions like what it would be like if you could go anywhere, just existential shit. Very odd questions, but hundreds if not thousands of them are racing through my mind with answers in a form or method of visualizing them, embracing them, or letting them go.

At the same time though, I could care less, and it's easy to to just say fuck it and roll.

Now I don't know what world you live on, but in my world everything is the same color everyday. I could NOT get over how colorful and bright and free flowing everything had become in light of this drug. In light of the drug, I began smelling this thing - tasting it, but I'm becoming scared because at the same time, it's come down to a thin red line.

From here until the end, the drug is consuming me, and I remind myself of a place where I'd relax with a smoke, some weed, a friend. Then I realize I can't even pick up and dial a phone, let alone talk, because there's an invisible inertia coming through me that wants to me dance alone and look like a fool dancing alone or dance with everyone but I'm beginning to hallucinate heavily and I can't recall where I am.

My dreams were taking COMPLETELY OVER. There was a fine line I was talking over, and from reality and being awake, but I was going to get stabbed in the heart.

I recall that there was a lot of the world that I was wanting to forget, and not much I recall that I needed to remember. No problem. All I want to do is dance. Vibrate. I walk through my 'room' and all sorts of crazy shit is crashing. On the point of this drug, you have 'colors', good vibrations, great feelings. In my mind, that's just how I just roll. Play some music, dance till you crash, or just breathe in the world. At the same time though, the drug is extremely racy, gave me some serious anxiety, and turned into an all-nighter DMT mind-warp.

It's like someone was filming my life from an internal camera, cracked my egg on the boilers and everything. Now I'm all for the great intentions, but there were some wicked feelings I had tied inside me. My body was literally vanishing, all I had was a line somewhere 'between' the real world where I just roll, and some killer dreamy state where anything could happen. And I had to pick a side of the line to stay on but paranoia would kick in when crossing to the other side. I'd be teleporting, I'd be in random states of mind, I'd be acting youtube videos, I'd be running after myself in la-la land in the park. The colors of the trip were changing drastically, I was in a white room with buckets of paint, I was in a black room with spaced out disco shit, I was dreaming wide awake. Kind of like I entered some sort of debug world and I could literally go anywhere but I couldn't quite control where I was going, only how I could control the moment. And often the moment would change to another.

I can't describe what it was but someway I got myself wedged into the easter bunny's plane of existence. Everything got painted over in this bright watercolor, the night sky turned into cotton candy like oil literally turned to water. I was reconciling what it would feel like to die in this fantasy place. If I recall, I was actually able to, but I'm typing this now, so maybe I never really did. I did end up getting hurt, but I had to get out of there. I woke up a neighbor and I guess they called the cops for a disturbance.

However, at this point, shit really started hitting the fan and I'm falling into a giant clock world that theoretically could pick a time but I can't quite get it stop moving. I'm losing my vision and it won't stop. In other words, I need to knock myself out but I can't and I've probably awoke a neighbor angrily because I really am getting into some deep, deep trouble. All my 'paint' was getting blacked out, whited out, and flashing over and over in this non-stop black and white switch being flipped over and over. It was aggravating and every now and then it would stop, all color would flow in again, but I'm literally going into moments again, but then it'd flip again and it'd be B/W non stop, until another moment appeared. Strange shit, but my memories were out of whack, like if all the cards were in perfect order, a lot of them just get rearranged, and new cards were being written. Then the tape would roll.

The only thing I really wanted at this point was my little apartment, but I was having trouble getting there. I was getting locked out of reality.

On the subject of death, I feel like I was perhaps shot and killed as I felt a great deal of watery color all over me. It felt something like being tickled or splashed with endless buckets of wet paint that sort of wants to dry. But I couldn't see anything, I was blacked out. For a good while before I was running out of energy and this intense flashing of black/white was so overwhelming I could not prevent it, and I wasn't sure if I could ever get it to stop and get my life back on wheels. I was losing my self and losing interest in the trip when I could have embraced it but I was attempting to make it end when in all honesty I was still coming down (or up?) from the most intense visualizations I had ever experienced. The only method of getting out of it was just screaming at the top of my lungs, and then I was in my room again.

It was impossible to run off the drug, but from reality, to rolling, to hallucinating, and to hell, I was back in the real world again, butt naked, pissing on my mattress, with the police on the way.

As ridiculous as this all sounds, I had to 'invent' something in my mind to get myself in the hospital, because I'd rather have called the cops myself then need to scream to get them to come, but I couldn't find my phone because I'd hallucinate again. I needed someone to hold me down or I'd fly away.

By the time they were there I was tripping so much I couldn't even stay in the room, let alone communicate. I had disappeared, no where to be found, but there was a short instance I was being dragged through my window. Maybe they tased me, or maybe I dreamed that to, but I was being held down, probably stabbed with morphine, and my trip was calming down but went heavily for hours. I had a great deal of body tremors, I couldn't think, I just had to ride this out and eventually passed out. I stayed on the bed for a few days and I was asked to see a psychiatrist but they told me to go home.

I don't think I'd take this drug like that. I smoked way too much, had no familiarity with it, and although I could roll on a much smaller dose, as a psychedelic it is not to be taken lightly.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 98739
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Dec 28, 2012Views: 8,758
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2C-B (52) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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