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Intimate and Free of Inhibitions
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by infatuated
Citation:   infatuated. "Intimate and Free of Inhibitions: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp98753)". Jan 18, 2020.

40 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Yesterday I awakened my entire being. It started by me preparing my surroundings, limiting extrinsic noises, clearing my mind and getting positioned in bed. I removed any pieces of clothing that could make me feel suffocated and prepared blankets for in the case in which my temperature dropped. My boyfriend kept close by with the door closed and our cell phones turned on silent. At this point I was slightly nervous, but more excited than anything.

I took a hit of 0.04g 20x Salvia from a bong at 2200 (10pm) and my experience lasted half an hour of being completely out of my body, and over 40 minutes of being slightly aware of where I was, but in and out of my internal universe. I held in the smoke and settled down onto my back on the bed with my eyes closed while my boyfriend Nate took the bong and lighter from me.

First came uncontrollable laughter, then a few minutes of silence with my eyes open, then more laughter.

The next thing I felt was terror. This was my first experience with psychedelics and I had no idea what I was going into. With my eyes closed I saw vivid blues and reds forming a shape that mimicked the shape of the light inside the Bodum French press inhabiting a blossoming tea next to me, which was illuminated by a small light.

The reds and blues made a kaleidoscope of stacked rooms. I felt as though my obsessive compulsive inhibition was being tested.
I felt as though my obsessive compulsive inhibition was being tested.
In each 'room' something different was happening which was not the way I wanted it to be, everything was out of order, and this was when I realized I had lost control.

My mind started racing and I was seeing flashes of a shadow that was cast on my ceiling by the light and tea blossom. At this point I was terrified and I remember thinking I had died and my soul was lost in some sort of purgatory.

I tried to cry but instead slipped out of this and sped into a new environment. This time I was very small and I was clinging to a surface that was warm and soft, but hard to hold onto. I was sliding down off of the surface, my body felt like it was being sucked back by gravity. I became slightly larger and the surface looked different. It was as though I was taking a step back to examine where I was. Like a satellite viewing the Earth from space.

This time there were tall, thin, dark structures erected from the previous surface. I realized I was originally a microscopic being, holding onto the structures of Nate's face as I was sucked back into being microscopic, and as I fell towards his face I tried to catch myself on one of the tall dark structures which I discovered were hairs. I failed at catching myself and just as I was about to hit the floor which seemed indefinitely below me, I was sucked back into being a full-sized human being and I was being embraced by Nate.

Nate reports that during this time I had positioned myself at the edge of the bed as if I was going to dive off, and then I crawled down off the bed, where he took me in his arms.

It wasn't over. I started to become influenced by my surroundings after having had my eyes closed for what seemed like eternity. In this bedroom there is a strand of lights which hang along one wall and when my eyes were closed the light defined a space where I saw electrical currents travelling. At this point I realized that I was coming in and out of 'reality'. I saw it and I felt it.

My body felt like the moment after an orgasm where everything tingles.
My body felt like the moment after an orgasm where everything tingles.
At every point of contact with Nate, with the bed, with my feet on the floor, and all subsequent things that each thing was also in contact with I felt the electricity travel from one point to the next in my body. I've never been more aware of the roadmap of nerves and how I am wired.

Nate touched my face, I felt warmth move through my face and to the back of my head. He touched my collarbone and the warmth ran down my spine. He touched my right hand, the warmth gushed up my arm, my spine, and to the left inside of my head. He hugged me and I felt every part of my body blush. We shared more intimacy in this moment than I have ever felt in my waking life.

I held one of his hands. I felt energy leaving my hand, and moving through his. I put my other hand on top of his. The energy left his hand and came back to me like he had just become the synapse to my nerve activity. This was beautiful.

When I looked at him, I didn't see 'him', I saw the separated pixels of him moving and regrouping with every expression he made. When he spoke his words didn't come from his mouth but from a soft echo behind me.

My boyfriend asked me how I was feeling, he had smoked salvia just before I had done it and was still high. While I was coming down we made love and I had the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

For the next half hour or so I let myself just be. I was still high but not out of my body any more. My mind had blossomed like my tea and has become more porous. Today everything looks 2D after seeing such incredible imagery and everything I touch is absorbed like water. I feel vulnerable, passionate and aware of much more than you can see with your eyes.

I've hit a new plateau with meditation and I never want to let it go.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98753
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jan 18, 2020Views: 932
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