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My Toilet Turned Into A Thirsty Cat
by Mangloria
Citation:   Mangloria. "My Toilet Turned Into A Thirsty Cat: An Experience with LSD (exp98798)". Jan 5, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:45 1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00 .5 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Hello Friends. After four years, and many other voyages into psychedelic wonder, I'm going to tell those to whom it may concern about my first experience with LSD. Here goes. It was a dark and snowy night in my humble abode by the river. After repeatedly mentioning my interest in LSD over a year or so, my druggist (I'll call him Sunny) came over with the goods. Ten colorful hits of blotter in the cutest little 1/2' single hit ziplocks and some Blueberry Afghani Hash Plant. I tried to stay calm, but deep down I knew I hadn't the faintest Idea what to expect. It was 9:30 PM by the time we ate our paper. I started off with one hit and Sunny (I believe) had two. No turning back... this excited me. You see, if anything fascinates me in this world, it's the unknown, and personal revelations that challenge what's socially accepted and/or lawful (as well as physically/mentally/spiritually possible). I played the waiting game for 45 minutes before deciding maybe it was weak material, and I took another hit on Sunny's suggestion. Not long after (10-15 min), I started feeling the 'rising vibes'. Chills, shivers, and an unexplainable inner expansion. Fiddling around with my iPhone, the icons began to bounce around and dance lightly as I stared in amazement. Knowing that the effects I was feeling were only the onset of the first hit caused an excitement that still gives me chills. What was I in for when the second dose took effect? What would happen during the PEAK? This was around the time my two roommates and another friend left the house, uncomfortable with the thought of spending hours on end with a couple of dosed dudes. I don't blame them. They don't experiment with substances that may affect the boundaries of what goes through their minds. Their loss, though upon reflection, we may have been better off with a sober sitter or two.

So, Sunny and I were now alone. I had mixed feelings about this. Sunny had buttloads of experience with LSD which calmed me, but he was also known to be quite immature, and a wild party animal, and I really didn't know what acid would do to two dudes cooped up alone. These sorts of thoughts started running through my mind. Considering all the infinite possibilities led to uncertainty, but the further along we were, the more I put my trust in Sunny to know what was good for me 'My first time on acid' (in quotations because this phrase was a repeated theme for us). This trust would be challenged and twisted, and thoughts of betrayal caused the most unsettling times of the night. Sunny suggested that it might not be a bad idea to relax and watch a movie. I agreed, and started going through my collection. Nothing too complicated, sinister, or disgusting. I could imagine with each title what I figured it would be like to watch each one. Wild Boyz was a particularly off-putting possibility. I knew there were certain triggers that could potentially cause a horrible experience, and just seeing Steve-O's face was probably one of those triggers. I finally landed on 'Back to the Future' which Sunny somehow knew I wouldn't be able to handle. Poppycock! I put it in, started her up, and didn't make it through the first 20 minutes. Doc's face began to bubble and warp and I thought for sure I was going to throw up or void-bowel in my pants if I had to watch the whole movie. With a sense of urgency I took it out, and told Sunny surely he could pick the perfect movie for 'My first time on acid'.

While he did that, I went to the bathroom when I felt like I may have to urinate.. It was a strange sensation, like I may already be peeing my pants, or could lose control of my bladder at any moment. I had been queezified by the sight of a mutating bubbling human head with wispy white hair. So I figured my best bet was to take my mind off it and take a break from my company.... and possibly vomit. but walking through the house quickly brought me to a better state of mind. Once inside the bathroom, my trip went all 'cats' on me. Not the musical (thank God). But I was looking and peeing down into the toilet bowl and the shape of the hole in the bottom was transformed into the mouth of a cat lapping up my yellow stream. This completely captivated and showed me that the normally unseen was on my side, ready to drink my urine should I require it to. Hesitantly, I looked in the mirror above the sink and initially saw my face with every pore and detail. My face then grew whiskers and stripes and became a Tiger face. Not realistic, but it looked like an asian style tiger face tattoo I've seen. It surprised me how level headed I was at this time and how enjoyable it was to be seeing all these things transformed to cats. Being turned into a tiger was a pretty rad idea to me. I think I also enjoyed being alone, by this time I had probably been in the bathroom for 10 minutes just gazing in wonder as the world became a living thing with a vivid imagination.
I think I also enjoyed being alone, by this time I had probably been in the bathroom for 10 minutes just gazing in wonder as the world became a living thing with a vivid imagination.

I came back out of the bathroom and told Sunny-boy about the sights I'd been seeing. He burst into intense laughter when he heard about the toilet quenching itself upon my bodily fluid like a happy feline. (I've seen certain toilets with the same shape of hole in the bottom and always get reminded of that feeling).. I have never made anyone laugh that hard before or since, he was hysterical. It was time to smoke a bowl. And since my roommates were gone we allowed ourselves to smoke in the house, scream at the tops of our lungs, pace endlessly between the kitchen and living room, and fully let the Acid have its way.... After the bathroom, the bowl, and some quick conversation about how we were 'living like young kings' Sunny had picked out Grandma's Boy to watch... I had seen it once after some drinking games so I didn't remember it well.. why did I own it?.. My peak came and went during the movie, and I remember being quite out of it, and felt myself becoming involved in the emotions and circumstances of the characters. I can recall some very vivid, fully lifelike visuals during the movie of smoke and mirrors and characters doing things that I knew didn't actually happen during the movie (interacting with me, bursting into group laughter, creeping around trying to trick me into something). Eventually I came to the conclusion that I didn't like movies like that because they seem like a side-show of people willing to make fools of themselves in front of a camera for a cheap laugh and a bunch of money. It makes me that much more appreciative of those artists who have the creativity and talent to blow your mind when they put in the time and effort.. oh and speaking of mind-blowing, once my mind was back to being unoccupied, I realized the extent of the effects in real life and knew I wouldn't be going to sleep any time soon.

I started to feel uncomfortable and attributed it to my unclean house.. Dust on the window sill, possible mold and mildew, un-fresh air.. and a tripping partner with whom I wasn't all that familiar with.. Sweet Susie, what had I got myself into? I recall standing and looking at Sunny for what seemed like quite a long time and thinking about how to go about getting rid of him should his presence become undesirable. Little did I know my thoughts were becoming a threat to him, and before I knew it I was pondering the best place to go to dispose of his body (just in case), and was getting a look from Sunny like, 'OK man I can read your mind and you're really scaring me silly right now...' He had an extremely uncomfortable/nervous grin on his face. This was unacceptable, and I realized there would be no need to resort to violence. We were in this together and would finish this together one way or another.. What to do in the meantime was now the issue at hand. We sat on the couch and pondered the possibilities for 'my first time on acid'.

As I looked out the window at the snow on the ground, I felt that I noticed detail in things that I would never see in a state of normalcy. The window itself took on new meaning as I thought about the molecular structure, the density of it's matter, and the relative permanence of it's structure so long as nothing busted through it. A tiny crack in the window was particularly interesting, and seemed to represent imperfection, and I began to wonder about the meaning of this revelation. I have considered myself a Christian since my early teens, but have since begun to question the accuracy, intention, and understanding of the biblical authors. The trip helped me to more fully understand the infinite nature of God, and though I may never know the full extent, this was a glimpse beyond my previous understanding. I felt a personal connection to divine forces that some may never even dream of (why on earth is this even frowned upon?). My personal view of God is that, yes it exists, and is everything, but may be in a process of purifying itself through humanity. I could go on, but it may not be worth pondering such deep topics until next trip (or after life?).

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

And speaking of trips.. This is about the time when Sunny and I agreed we were coming down enough to go for a wintery ride in my trusty four wheel drive. Everything remained at a higher intensity, yet the visuals had died down mostly. But as we got out on the road, the car in front of us began to morph into a cat's face like the many other's I'd seen thus far. It was a Honda CRX, and it seemed to have a happily menacing expression. I'm reminded of the saying 'While the cat's away the mouse will play'. And though I was in a potentially dangerous situation, I felt like I was in complete physical control, and felt at play. Not being reckless, or even careless, I noticed I was nearly out of gas. On top of that, I had no means of paying for gas on my person. These facts caused a wave of fear and paranoia. The thought of being pulled over terrified me, so we made a very short drive back home. (I recommend not driving while on LSD, or any other intoxicant for that matter)

Upon returning home, I wanted nothing more than to lie down and rest. Sunny tried talking me out of it, I suspect because he didn't want to be alone. But I couldn't be persuaded. I went to lie down in bed and watch The Big Lebowski (one of my all time favorites) on my laptop. For a while I looked at the ceiling of my room in the dark and saw a detailed pattern of pac-man shaped figures, mouths perpetually chomping, filled in with the waving stars and stripes of the American flag. This was accompanied with apprehension for the election of Barack Obama. I felt like he was only elected to further the consumption agenda of the political elite who take advantage of the working class to the greatest extent possible. Wherever there are people willing to work, there are those who will say and do anything to create a life of luxury for themselves on others' sweat and blood, while dismissing the notion of equality. Money in this case is the means of exploitation. May God have mercy on the poor souls who have no Idea of the corruption causing their misery and unfulfilled lives. I pray the tables will turn and the lies will be transparent to the truthful, rendering the liars powerless.

This is where I lose consciousness, and drift into sleep. I'm guessing the trip lasted 8-10 hours, and when I woke up, I was not at baseline, but felt an energy that shielded me from negative thought. Sunny and I watched a live concert DVD of Led Zeppelin, and discussed drug use by bands of their hayday. The legend of Jimi Hendrix onstage with a handfull of acid tabs under his sweaty headband. The retreats made by Led Zeppelin to create the inspired music which I believe is empowering to the inquiring listener. We sat and smoked the rest of the cannabis, and if there was a state of being that could be sustained indefinitely, I would choose this. Calm, Peaceful, Bliss.

Thanks for taking the time to read. May this life be a continual blessing to you and yours.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 98798
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jan 5, 2018Views: 1,642
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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