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A State of Zen
Sceletium tortuosum
by Romeo
Citation:   Romeo. "A State of Zen: An Experience with Sceletium tortuosum (exp98808)". Jun 18, 2020.

  sublingual Sceletium tortuosum (ground / crushed)
  1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
    smoked Cannabis  


I did not document the amount or miligrams of kanna because we (my best friend) and I did not have a scale or never have when we have tried kanna. I have done it a total of 5x only, when I had gone to his house. Thus leading to me ordering myself a batch from a greatly botanical herb site.

I consider myself to be in good shape an healthy. I am a mixed martial artist but specialize in muay thai kick boxing. And have been since the age of 12. Only in high school an a couple times after have I tampered with shrooms, MDMA, and weed brownies.

We never scale it out we simply put a decent amount on a sheet of paper (in powder form) and let it sit under our tongue for about 5-7 minutes than swallow with a bit of water. We do this about 2-3 times. And wait patiently watching Rush Hour. In about 10-15 minutes or less I begin to feel the sensation of slight euphoria and every little stress or anxiety feeling I would have almost seems to simmer away into giggles or a smile. My vision seemed concentrated and very sharp. It actually almost feels like a veryyy slight version of MDMA with its nature to hit me in waves. I will note the last time I did Kanna we downed it with one beer and one beer only.

Half way through our Kanna experience we decided to take another bit under our tongues and let it sit, this time we put a bit more. Waited again and it started to feel even a bit more euphoric an we just felt great. Sharing conversations about martial arts. It really does elevate mood naturally! And doesnt seem to be harmful at all! At this point we decided to smoke a bit of Cannabis In a blunt I had ripped in two, so we had two decent sized mini blunts. When we smoked the first, my friend had his vaporizer all ready with kanna and a bit of shake from cannabis. It almost instantly gave us a boosted high. We than proceeded to smoke the first part of the blunt. After we finished we felt absolutely great very wavey and very relaxed without the ``dumbing`` feeling of weed or the laziness it gives. We actually conversed more and felt just giggly and funny.

With our moods elevated and our mind relaxed and free of tension or care for the world we begin to finish the last bit of kanna without beer. After doing so we chug our one can of Bud, after the kanna dissolves under our tongues of course. We watch another 20 minutes of Rush Hour laughing an feeling very humble and our mind state very serene. We than proceeded to smoke the last bit of cannabis we had with a tiny bit of kanna. It was the highest point in our feeling that night altho it lasted till I hit the bed that night. After finishing the blunt, we watched the rest of the movie called it a night and I headed home feeling happy. Grateful and thought of how great it will be to be back into my training due to a severe spinal injury. Once arriving home I brushed my teeth and headed onto my bed. Ever since I can remember I've always had somewhat troubles going to sleep, either thinking too much or just tossing and turning like many people do. When I take kanna I sleep like a baby a full 8 hours with no interruption and great dreams. I have titled this a state of Zen because before this trip my same friend and I meditated for 40 minutes and felt unbothered by the world and its problems or society and its views.

Kanna really is the best natural Herb I've ever tried. Very magical indeed. In proportion of course. I have nothing negative to say about it, Kanna gets a solid 5/5 for me.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98808
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jun 18, 2020Views: 639
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