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All Over the Place
Piperazines ('Pure Pillz')
by CardMaster
Citation:   CardMaster. "All Over the Place: An Experience with Piperazines ('Pure Pillz') (exp98810)". Jun 20, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Piperazines  
  T+ 2:00 1 tablet oral Piperazines (ground / crushed)


To begin I'll explain how the dosage worked. I took one of the two pills, shortly after eating, expecting BZP. After I was curious why nothing was happening right away I took the powder which really was just a crushed pill from it being shipped improperly. I then realised it was meopp instead of BZP. However according to Wikipedia its very similar to BZP and amphetamine anyways.

9:40 pm took the pill, expecting BZP to kick in around 2 hours because I did eat recently.

10:40 felt a bit of a rush, but it was like drinking a monster energy drink, so I figured it was a placebo.

11:40 annoyed now because it seems nothing really has happened. I go to my room and take the powder by mixing it with pop. I tried snorting it before just a little and nothing really happened. Drank the pop.

1:40 AM felt a big rush, nothing like anything I've done before which included weed, DXM, and ephedrine. I turn on music, listen to it in my bed in my room. Its quite amazing sounds are flanging about. Getting a little hot.

Now this is where things took a turn. I believe the first pill I took kicked in around 12:00 because until that point my pupils werenít dilated. The next hour is when the second dose kicks in as well.

1:40 to 2:40
Euphoria, flanging of sight as well. Feel happy. A little hot for my liking but the music is great. Having to pee a lot but thatís nothing I canít handle. Little nausea nothing I canít handle either. Wishing I could sleep but I figured that wonít happen for two hours. I was mistaken. And things got bad.

Between 3:00 and 4:00 things got worse. Nausea got worse. Was feeling sick. Couldn't stay cool no matter what I did. I had a fan on in my room was laying down with no shirt and no blankets on my top half. Sight in the dark is very odd It looks like I'm moving forward and back ward. Through the door to the wash room. I had no trip sitter, but my family was around so if things got too out of hand I had a back up plan. I was extremely worried of overheating because my skin felt like it was in the hot summer sun when skin touched on other skin. Way too hot I am thirsty and I have been drinking water but I stopped drinking not wanting to drink too much.

Past 4:00 I turned on some Day9 on you tube, that kept me distracted from my self and I was able to calm down before having a panic attack. Note: I had a panic on DXM when I took way too much. I blacked out on the DXM but I woke up fine. This was from a couple years back however.

Around 5:30 I turned off the youtube. I was really tired but I was still too hot and could not stay in any one position to sleep without getting too hot. It feels like the heat from my body is moving around from place to place and makes that area too hot.

I calmed down more and more but I didn't sleep till around 6:30

As a summary. The package said donít exceed two pills I ordered from pure pillz. The packet also said that one pill was one dose and not to exceed two doses over a three hour period. Because I had ate before taking the pills this completely wrecked my timing. So the lack of sleep is mostly my own fault. Its easier to take this drug on a light or empty stomach. And listen to the package. I got quite the kick for 25 dollars legal alternatives to illegal drugs. I would use again but with the presence of someone else otherwise I over think.

The hangover consisted of being really tired the next day a small headache and a lack of appetite. Which are fine. The first pill for me was plenty but I was impatient.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 98810
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 20, 2018Views: 1,187
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