Psychedelic Bubbles
Citation:   Ramnement. "Psychedelic Bubbles: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe (exp98812)". Feb 26, 2013.

600 ug sublingual 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Prequel: I wanted to specifically enter this story, as it is the most recent enjoyable trip I have had with the nBomes and since that there is barely anything on 25B, which I have nicknamed her Beautrice-25 for her incredible beauty, the gemstone of all nBomes that are more of a true psychedelic than just a common good mind-rumping by the likes of 25I/25C. I hope that the others' in this experiment had as much fun as I did, and will help contribute to the 25B experience vaults. I do not condone to act foolish with any nBomes, or any psychedelics entirely. I hope someday that this gem will be more-known and less-infamous as the rest of the nBomes. For to me, it was almost comparable to a cosmic and the most spiritual empathetic trip similar to what LSD does but on an even larger scale.

The day started in excitement as we had planned to set up the spa for the beta testing of this entire sheet of blotter I had acquired through online vendors. Laboratory laid, this sheet held 600ug HPCBD complexed 2C-B-nBome, I had fed a few to my friends but have not watched their trip but have heard great things. At 5:30 we had a hookah set up by the spa as the sun was going down, my friends A, B, R, & P had cleared the channels to stay during this trip. As it warmed up as the sun went down, I handed out the tabs, 1 per person.

P & I were the only ones to chew them up and hold all the saliva until about 15-20 minutes, as the taste was equivalent to the sensation of a bee stinging your tongue gently. The others held it for a shorter duration and at a later time. It had started to hit me with random spurratic lights would come into vision after a physical bodyload that was not too bad. Eventually after an hour of fighting that body load, I had dove under the spa water and both P and me had entirely lost it at the same time, the stars were starting to get a texture of an organic whip-cream over them which I assumed to be clouds scattered through the sky.

As the bottom of the pool got intensely detailed by the touch, I could not smoke anymore hookah as I could not feel the hose as I would normally also was not aware of the amounts of smoke I was in taking. After about an hour of goofing around with a $2 Walgreen's latex squid we had named 'Humus LEDFingers' we all had started to notice that people in the spa would change from their male counterparts to extremely beautiful females, as P turned into Amy Winehouse, B turned into a pretty cute scene girl, A turned into that distorted motherly figure that you see in Pink Floyd's the wall, and R has turned into Hitler and Bert McCracken from The Used.

We laughed and joked about this as my friend came out with drinks, water, a bowl of fruit, a bottle of everclear 190 proof and some candles. He poured himself a cup of everclear and grapefruit juice, in which we laughed incredibly hard at him as he just made ridiculously hard to drink cough syrup. I drank a tiny sip but he had a lot and ended up naked for about 2-3 hours of the night with nobody caring as P and me were more focused on the ballet of stars that swayed from blues-greens-yellows-purples-reds, as if they were fish in a giant aquarium and felt as if our souls were extending outwards towards every existing thing out there.

Revelations were easy to find in this point, as it was like being 3/4ths deep into the concept of nirvana, I sat there in the spa in amazement of the beauty in the world. The next plateau came about 2 1/2 - 4 hour mark, in which this increased dramatically to the likes of seeing cosmic clouds, space dust, reflections of pupils in total darkness. There was a total loss for words, but whatever words came out made entirely sensical and almost philosophical.. Breathtaking, as I saw darkness come from under the folds of the others' eyes, as if they were cthulu/zalgo, but it was not scary at all.

Tribal patterns etched in their skin as if tattood, the jacuzzi kept shrinking and expanding as we poured dish soap into the jets (there are 5 jets set up in a pentagram so it produces extremely cool fractals) it was like being in a magical prismatic brew of colors. Only 3 of us would take dips into the frozen ice-cold pool to cool down and regain some control over reality, this is when we loaded a bowl of cannabis. When I inhaled through the pipe it was like a dramatic stabilization in the universe. Everything became uniform (such as the temperature of the spa and the frost-biting wind) the jets against my back felt orgasmic, and the fractals produced by the dancing stars in the sky and the clouds had increased dramatically to take up the whole sky in one giant lsd-like spiraled fractal.

Humus LEDFingers became the best toy ever at this point, as he would be passed around and crazily insane to touch even against my pruny hands. Somewhere in the midst of this, I was talking to P about how he was feeling and he asked how I was, and my finger's outline peeled away in red/green holograms in that moment. Finally we stopped at about 10:00PM to get out of the spa as me and P were stuck in purgatory, everybody a little bit loopy but it's ultra mellow and controlled, the world swaying and oscillating in a mixed-dimensional way. Tiles would be 5 ft big, then 2 inches wide and things as such.

Me and P had convinced B to go on a hike but the other two stayed in the house as we climbed a mountain without energy limitations to view the breathtaking view of Phoenix to all four corners of the winds. Fractals would appear in neighborhoods and each light would shimmer like an ocean of colors, each wave coming back and forth as my peak started to come on. Colors and patterns just littered my cevs as I felt more connected to this world than I ever had, faces merged in the rocks of the path and the trail shrinking and expanding to an incredible extent as everything shifted into incredible imagery.

Finally we got off the mountain and explored Christmas lights and returned back to R's house where this was held, and I had started to gently come down, like a mental exhaustion although my body was still energetic, we had talked about our trips for almost 3 entire hours as we had the person who first came down (P) drive us to taco bell, and back to R's house then to drop me off at 2AM in which I quickly fell asleep and awoke to this beautiful existence.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 98812
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Feb 26, 2013Views: 7,319
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25B-NBOMe (564) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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