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DOB & Nitrous Oxide
by Mindcrafter
Citation:   Mindcrafter. "DO-Bizzare: An Experience with DOB & Nitrous Oxide (exp98881)". Jan 9, 2013.

2.6 mg oral DOB (blotter / tab)
    inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)


Two of my friends and I decided to try out DOB for New Years Eve. We're all pretty experienced with psychedelics. We'll call one John, and the other Jane. Not real names, of course. John is a little over 200lbs and about 5'11'. Jane is 145 lbs and 5'10'. We all swallow 2 tabs of DOB (1.3mg each) for a total dosage of 2.6mg.

We then proceed to play Trine 2 to pass some time for the long come up. About an hour later, there are some hints for a psychedelic come-up; anticipation, feeling a bit weird, slight color saturation. We quit the game and decide to go for a walk in the snowy outside to John's place, which is about a mile away. It was an interesting walk, our night-vision was a lot better than usual, which we accredited to pupil dilation. John started analyzing step-patterns as he was staring at everyone's feet. I was more focused on the beautiful skyline as the sun had set about the time we dropped. We get to John's place. He is unusually quiet as he gathers some more comfortable clothes, occasionally losing track of what he's doing. I assume he is experiencing come-up confusion (He is actually riding thought trains he didn't wish to discuss). We start walking back to my place. Jane and I stop every now and then to let John catch up. He is silent, and walking at a slow constant pace. Jane and I are talking about how awesome the outdoors are and express the desire to trip in the Alaskan wilderness. We finally arrive back at my place at T+2:00 and everyone is getting mild visuals. There is some vasoconstriction slowing down the warming of our fingers and toes so we take some Aleve to help that out.

We listen to some music for the remainder of the come-up and John describes a feeling of bizarreness. I attempt to urinate but fail (I blame the vasoconstriction). We have cushy headphones connected to a splitter. The other end goes to the speakers we have set up. I listened to a dual-violin piece, and it was just orgasmic. Jane listened to some Approaching Nirvana, and then gave the headphones to John for the rest of the song as she went out the bathroom. John put the headphones on and a minute later, takes them off with a look of shock on his face. He says 'That was weird. I just relived my entire life in a bass drop'. I reassure him and then go to the bathroom as Jane emerges. Peeing is difficult but I manage a little. I return outside to see John curled up on the couch. Apparently he tried the headphones again and experienced giving birth to himself. He seemed very confused by this and slightly shaken up but very amused nonetheless. I secretly conclude that he had been empathizing with whomever was in the bathroom and we later realize that this is a VERY empathic drug. He concludes that the drug is extremely bizarre and by now we are reaching peak effects 3.5 hours in. We are a bit weirded out. I take a shower in attempts to throw off the bizarreness. Then we each do a whippet, which takes the bizarre edge off. However, I got sucked into my 'psychedelic fractal', a conceptual framework I experience on every psychedelic but cannot yet describe. I decide to analyze it further and 'fall' into my mind. I am motionless and the couch and have some daunting visuals. John (without my knowledge) is on the other couch twitching and shaking as he is empathizing with me. Jane tells me to stop so I pull out of my thought process. John is suddenly OK (He isn't watching me). Then we are in a mostly pleasant mood for the rest of the trip.

John attempted to sleep at T+6 hours and managed to succeed for a few hours. Jane and I spent that time talking and discussing visuals whilst reviewing the drug. By morning, most effects were gone. Time dilation wasn't very noticeable, but there was significant appetite suppression, and fatigue. The visuals were interesting, and there was a definite speedy effect. It can be quite psychedelic but is rather 'Meh' overall. It lacks charm, but is VERY empathic. Not very euphoric, certainly had an erotic component, but I don't think it would be very feasible for a sexual exploit because of the accompanied fatigue. I'm not too interested in trying this drug again, and prefer my DOC experience to this. DOC and DOB are the only two DOx I've personally experimented with but not the only two psychedelics. There weren't a lot of experience reports I could draw useful data from regarding DOB. If you want to try it, give it a shot. Just note it'll shoot up your tolerance and IMHO it isn't really worth it. I can see it being quite useful in a therapeutic setting, but I'd prefer a different drug for pretty much any related usage.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98881
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 9, 2013Views: 7,043
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DOB (19), Nitrous Oxide (40) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Sex Discussion (14), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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