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Simultaneously Intense and Peaceful
Citation:   homological. "Simultaneously Intense and Peaceful: An Experience with 2C-B (exp98884)". Erowid.org. Feb 2, 2016. erowid.org/exp/98884

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 3:00   repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 8:00   repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 8:00 300 ug   25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
First some background information, to give you the frame of mind I was in: I am a 5'10' 23 year old male that weighs 200 pounds. I have extensive experience with LSD, mushrooms, and DMT, and out of the research chemicals I've tried some NBOMEs, 2C-E twice, 2C-I once, and this was my first time
trying 2C-B. This account was written 3 days after the experience.

The setting was in an incredible cabin isolated in the woods, including a hot tub and a sauna, with wood panelling everywhere. I was with 12 close friends, all of whom I had known for at least 2 years.

After the first night in the cabin, most of us dosed around 1 pm. Myself and a friend, B, took 20 mg of 2C-B HCl. Both of us had already drank about 3 beers. My girlfriend M, and 4 others took 15 mg of 2C-I HCl. Two others took 1 hit of acid and 10 mg of 2C-B each. The rest took mushrooms. People took it in various methods, while I personally dissolved mine into orange juice and swallowed it.

My previous experience with the 2C-X family has taught me that I tend to be more sensitive to them than most. 15 mg of 2C-E and 15 mg of 2C-I in the past were both a strong +++ (Shulgin) that were very memorable trips, so I had been looking forward to trying 2C-B for awhile. I was accustomed to a slow come-up, with 2C-I taking a full 2 hours to feel much when I took it in a capsule. Taking 2C-E dissolved in water also took at least an hour and a half to start to feel its effects. But, once the effects start, they seem to rocket upwards towards the peak in a short amount of time, followed by a slow drift to baseline over many hours.

I was surprised when I got my first alert in only 15 minutes, which was a familiar head rush feeling. I meant to make lunch during the come up to be eaten later, but I could tell that that wasn't going to happen. I headed downstairs, where there was a pool table and a game already started. Lyrnyrd Skynrd was playing, and I quickly started to feel that it was absurd to be playing pool listening to Lynyrd Skynrd while the world was beginning to turn weird.

At 30 minutes, there wasn't much in the way of visuals yet other than some higher intensity of colors, but I was beginning to become extremely light-headed as I kept getting a head rush every few minutes. I thought it was a bad idea to stand up from the couch. Remembering that other 2C-X's came on fast and hard, I knew that the light-headedness would be gone in a matter of time and then I'd be able to stand. For about 15 minutes, I just rolled my head around, closing my eyes and seeing the first spots of color appear. Because of the light-headedness, I could not really pay any attention to what my friends were doing or saying. I thought it was interesting to note that B did not experience this light-headedness, nor have I read about it anywhere else.

By 50 minutes, I felt like I had gone most of the way to the peak.
By 50 minutes, I felt like I had gone most of the way to the peak.
The light-headedness cleared up quickly, and my mood began to improve. I was at a high ++, and slowly climbing. My body began to feel like it was floating, very similar to MDMA. Colors became very enhanced, and I would see shifting colors across different surfaces and people's faces. One friend has blues and greens running across his face, while B had oranges and reds running across him. It felt like I was looking at the world through several types of over-saturation and bloom filters in PhotoShop. It strongly reminded of the visuals on mushrooms, but with a strong focus on reds, yellows, and oranges. After this great enhancement of colors, things began moving more and more. The movement was relatively speedy - faster than LSD or 2C-I, but still slower than 2C-E. At the peak, the wood paneling everywhere looked like flowing rivers, with the grain in the wood quickly swaying back and forth like waves. There was also a lot of overt color shifting that I have not observed in any other psychedelic, being similar to 2C-E but very soft and fuzzy as opposed to angular and fractally.

From about the start of the first hour through the beginning of the second hour, it was hard to keep track of any thoughts for more than a few seconds at a time. As a result, it was impossible to get anxious about anything, and so I began to feel a great deal of peace. The peak hit at two hours. At this point, I started to be able to piece together thoughts that lasted more than a few seconds, so it seemed that my scatterbrained-ness was just part of the come-up. Conversation then came easily and without any social anxiety whatsoever. That part was also very reminiscent of MDMA. Almost everything that everyone said was hilarious, and there was a lot of laughter in every room all day long. I began to start drinking beer at the peak, mostly Icehouse, and so did my other friend on 2C-B.

Every time I changed rooms, I felt as though I were in a different geographic location entirely. The only people whose existence I was aware of were the ones in my room, and if they left I never had another thought about them. Because of this, every time I changed rooms I felt like it was an entirely different trip. Icehouse, a piss poor beer found in most of America that is very dear to my group of friends due to years of injokes, tasted absolutely divine. In fact, it tasted sweet! For the first time, I genuinely enjoyed the taste, and because of that I have no idea how many beers I drank during the time period, other than it was a lot. Sitting on the back porch with B and hearing people making a ruckus up top, I decided to insult them for not being down here where the Icehouse tasted better. The idea that something would change taste depending on location seemed hilarious at the time, and B and I spent several minutes in a laughing fit over it. Then I decided to test this theory, and indeed, it appeared that the Icehouse tasted better downstairs! I don't know if this was placebo or if I did have the power to alter my sense of taste in some sense. I also ate most of a bag of sour worms at some point, which were delicious, and kept a healthy appetite throughout the trip, something I am completely unaccustomed to when tripping.

Music sounded incredible for the entire duration of the trip. Every song sounded perfect for the moment it was being played, and I felt as if I was noticing every single detail. We had a small remote control helicopter that we played with, and playing with was very fun, as after a few minutes of getting used to the controls, the helicopter felt like an extension of the body. It was very fun to feel like I was able to control a flying object across the room, like telepathy.

This drug definitely was not very introspective. I might have dulled some of this aspect with alcohol, which has been my experience when combining alcohol with any other psychedelic. I'd rate it as being less introspective than 2C-E, 2C-I, LSD, or mushrooms, but still far ahead of 25C-NBOME and 25I-NBOME. It still felt like it had a lot of depth, though - only slightly less than 2C-I. I also felt quite creative, as I effortlessly came up with some fun wordplay and text art that I am still pleased by several days later.

The peak seemed to last until about 3.5 hours in, when I became to slowly climb back down for another 2.5 hours. Up until that point, I had felt like I was floating like a ghost, watching colors splash everywhere and having fun conversations with the people around me who I sort of remembered but sort of did not. I remember not being frightened at all by some things that might have done so on something like 2C-E. For example, one of my friends told me about the creepiest conspiracy theory he knew (creepy in the sense that it seems very possible), and I just laughed the whole way through. We also went into the woods and read aloud from HP Lovecraft and I remember feeling like a playful demon and it felt hilarious and fun.

I began smoking weed regularly around 3 hours in, which would briefly bring back peaks that lasted about 15 minutes. This was fun, but I felt too energetic to sit around smoking weed, and so did most other people. We generally had a blunt flying around the house, with people carrying it from one room to another and passing it around until The Great Magnet moved it to another room.

After about 8 hours, most of the effects had passed but a great euphoria and peace remained. Drinking while coming down from a trip is one of my favorite pleasures - I consider it almost as much fun as tripping itself. So we drank late into the night for another 6-8 hours. Me and a few others took 25C-NBOME at about 8 hours, though I only had half of a 600 microgram blotter that I just wanted to keep me awake and keep feeling a little surreal late into the night. This was plenty to keep me up until around 4:30 AM, when everyone finally went to sleep.

The complete peace I felt on 2C-B persisted for another 2 days.
The complete peace I felt on 2C-B persisted for another 2 days.
It also seemed to have cured some amount of the depression I had been going through. I realized that I was worrying about many things in my life way more than they deserved, and because of that I've been feeling very positive ever since. It was also one of the most spectacularly fun trips that I have ever had. LSD was my first psychedelic and has always been my favorite, but 2C-B has given it a run for its money in terms of sheer fun. I would have liked some more introspection, but I am planning on trying a 25 mg dose sometime this year and seeing if that achieves what I am looking for. I am also very excited to try combinations with 2C-B. I think it would complement acid very well, as well as MDMA. I am also curious to try it with 2C-C, though I have yet to try 2C-C at all so it might be awhile before that combination is attempted. I have never been so eager to try a psychedelic again in my life - usually my desire to trip is nonexistent for at least a month after a strong trip, but I'm already making plans to share it with some friends in a couple of weeks.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98884
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Feb 2, 2016Views: 1,893
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2C-B (52) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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